How to Watch The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 in UK

How to Watch The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 in UK

Follow the lives of four 18-year-old girls as they navigate their lives in their college journey at Essex College by learning how to watch The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 in UK. The television series premieres its second season on November 17, 2022, on HBO Max.

With the licensing policies, HBO Max has imposed a geo-restriction rule on all streamers with IP addresses in UK. This means that those streamers with IP addresses not belonging to the US are blocked from streaming the television series on HBO Max in UK.

To fix this hindrance, you must change your IP address you a US one. And you can only do that with the assistance of a VPN.

Here’s how:

Watch The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 in UK – [Quick Steps]

Listed below are five simple steps you should follow to watch The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 UK:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN. (The most trusted VPN provider.)
  2. Download the ExpressVPN app.
  3. Connect to a server found in the US.
  4. Download the HBO Max app.
  5. Open the app, and watch The Sex Lives of College Girls UK Season 2.

Is there a trailer for The Sex Lives of College Girls Seasons 2?

Yes, The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 trailer was uploaded by HBO Max on its official YouTube account. The trailer showed scenes of the four 18-year-old girls being back together in Essex College after the Thanksgiving break.

Where can I watch The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2?

If you’re wondering where to watch The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 UK then it is available on HBO Max’s official website or app. Either of the two allows you to watch the television series. Take note that this television series is an HBO Original; hence, you will be able to watch this on HBO-owned platforms.

What is The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 release date?

The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 release date UK is November 17, 2022, on HBO Max. According to the review website Rotten Tomatoes, this television series is dropping two episodes on its premiere date and the following weeks.

Who is in The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 cast?

The actors and actresses who belong to The Sex Lives of College Girls’ cast are the following:

Actor/Actress Character Portrayed
Pauline Chalamet Kimberly
Amrit Kaur Bela
Reneé Rapp Leighton
Alyah Channelle Scott Whitney
Chris Meyer Canaan
Ilia Isorelýs Paulino Lila
Lolo Spencer Jocelyn
Midori Francis Alicia
Mitchell Slaggert Jackson

What is the Plot of The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2?

The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 continues the story of four 18-year-old freshman roommates as they returned to their dorms after the Thanksgiving break.

The comedic series appears to begin with the Essex chapter where Season 1 left off. Kimberly, who is portrayed by Chalamet, lost her scholarship when she is caught cheating on her final exams. And because of the lavish atmosphere, she finds it difficult to survive in Essex throughout the entire series. Kimberly also has troubles in her relationship with Leighton’s brother, Nico. Viewers are keen to know about the turnout of the relationship in the upcoming season since Leatherwood’s departure.

Characters at the conclusion of the previous season, Bela and Leighton are also attempting to survive. Rapp’s character Leighton is having a hard time figuring out her sexuality. After leaving the university comedy club, Kaur, who portrays Bela, is deciding what to do next. Despite experiencing a difficult semester, Scott, who plays the group’s final character Whitney, concludes the season on a positive note.

With 10 episodes of raunchiness and unlimited laughs, the new season brings the four girls into new adventures, relationships, and people to meet.

Season 2 Episodes Briefing (1-10)/Recap Details

The last season of the show had 10 episodes, and the current season also has 10 episodes.

The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 – Whole Season Recap
Episode No. Episode’s Title Episode’s Description Release Date Episode Duration
1 Winter Is Coming Bela establishes a humor journal for females, Kimberly tries to locate money with Leighton’s unexpected help as the characters come to terms with their new status on campus and Whitney copes with the off-season. 17 November 2022 28 Minutes
2 Frat Problems Leighton and Bella plan a fundraiser to assist Zeta to back to their parties. Kimberly looks for security to back up her loan while Canaan’s new partner frightens Whitney. 17 November 2022 24 Minutes
3 The Short King Bela focuses on a short king while Leighton enjoys the advantages of being out. Whitney enrolls in a hard task in an effort to extend her horizons and Kimberly thinks of developing a fresh solution for her financial problems. 24 November 2022 22 Minutes
4 Will You Be My Girlfriend? Bela makes a lot of effort to grow the audience for the released Foxy. Jackson invites Kimberly to a study session. Leighton is criticized. Canaan goes up to Whitney to ask her out on a date while Whitney assumed that they were already dating. 24 November 2022 25 Minutes
5 Taking Shots Leighton injects Kimberly’s hormones to help her. While Catullan and Bela have disagreements, Whitney muses on how to respond when people mistake her for being the only Black student in the class frequently.  1 December 2022 27 Minutes
6 Doppelbanger Bela seizes the opportunity when a late-night comedian visits the campus. Kimberly tries to prove that she hasn’t been “med-zoned” by Jackson. Whitney finds it difficult to take part in group projects while Leighton pursues a junior who causes her to think about herself.  1 December 2022 27 Minutes
7 The Essex College Food Workers’ Strike Whitney requests support with the food workers’ strike, Whitney aims to succeed on her exam, and Bela experiences fallout from a mistake. 8 December 2022 27 Minutes
8 Pre-Frosh Weekend Whitney and her lab partner develop chemistry, Leighton prepares to come out to her dad, and Priya, who is a childhood friend of Bela is hosted by her. 8 December 2022 22 Minutes
9 Sex & Basketball Leighton visits the women’s center while Kimberly accompanies Canaan, and Bela over-curates The Foxy’s spotlight. 8 December 2022 25 Minutes
10 The Rooming Lottery Kappa selects Leighton to serve as the social chair for the following year and the other roommates now must decide on their sophomore housing. Kimberly feels reluctant to share her sentiments with Cannan, whereas Whitney goes for her true goals. 15 December 2022 29 Minutes

Will there be new characters?

Mitchell Slaggert is joining the cast of The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 as a French tutor named Jackson. As there is a new character, there is also a character who left.

Gavin Leatherwood, who plays Nico, Kimberly’s love interest and Leighton’s older brother, decided to leave and not return for Season 2. This means that Nico and Kimberly’s love story is finished.

What is the rating of The Sex Lives of College Girls IMDB?

The Sex Life of College Girls IMDb page shows that the television series has an average rating of 7.8/10 from over sixteen thousand voters. The series was down 34 spots on the popularity ranking and currently sits at rank 209. These numbers will likely increase as the second season premiere on November 17, 2022.

What is the Best VPN to Watch The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 in UK because it offers amazing security features and has proven its worth with the mentioned attributes and so much more.

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The Sex Life of College Girls Mindy Kaling, her reason for Stardom?

Vera Mindy Chokalingam, better known by her stage name Mindy Kaling, was born on June 24, 1979, and she is a well-known American actress, comedian, screenwriter, and producer.

Her role as Kelly Kapoor on the NBC comedy series The Office (2005–2013), for which she also wrote, produced, and directed episodes, is where she first gained widespread recognition. For her efforts on the show, she received five Primetime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series.

What is the Age Restriction for The Sex Lives of College Girls?

There is no official age restriction for The Sex Lives of College Girls. However, we suggest an age rating of 17+ for the sexual content, adult language, and use of substance throughout the series.


The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 has 10 episodes, with a runtime of 30 minutes per episode without commercials. Season 1 also had the same number of episodes. Overall, there are 20 episodes in total.

Nico and Kimberly got together only in Season 1, as Nico left the series in Season 2.

Yes, she does. Bela got into the prestigious comedy publication in Essex College called “The Catullan”.

You cannot watch The Sex Lives of College Girls for free in the UK. The show is available on HBO Max which is a US-based streaming platform. However, viewers in the UK can connect to a US server using ExpressVPN to watch TSLOCG either on HBO Max’s website or the app.

No, The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2 is not available on Netflix. However, you can watch it on HBO Max as the show finally returns to the platform with a second season on 17 November 2022.

You can watch all seasons of The Sex Lives of College Girls on HBO Max. The platform is not available in the UK but you can use a top-tier VPN like ExpressVPN to get easy access to the platform.

HBO Max is not accessible in the UK because of licensing agreements. Warner Bros., who is the owner of HBO Max is on licensing terms with Bell Media, that only allow HBO Max to broadcast in the United States region.


Watch how Kimberly, Bela, Whitney, Leighton, and the whole campus of Essex College navigate a new adventure in Essex College when you watch The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2 in UK. And now that ExpressVPN assists you in avoiding HBO Max’s geo-restriction, you may now watch the series comfortably in the UK.

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