All Fast and Furious Villains Ranked from Worst to Best in 2022

All Fast and Furious Villains Ranked from Worst to Best in 2022

Do you like the Fast & Furious series? Do you believe that all of the villains are fantastic? Some, however, are not. Some of these should not even be there! But these were the greatest, and which will be avoided in the Fast and Furious franchise? Continue reading to know-how are the Fast and Furious Villains ranked.

The Fast and Furious film series is one of the most enjoyable, exhilarating, and unforgettable of all time. The series has seen numerous bad guys climb through the ranks, with each chapter demonstrating that our top favorite protagonists can still outrun new and old foes.

Here are the fast and furious movies in order and enjoy the story of the villains.

Fast and Furious Villains ranked according to Streamingrant

People do make mistakes, but all are mostly similar in this post, according to Streamingrant. Here is a list of all Fast and Furious villains ranked, graded from worst to finest. If you have any questions like who is the villain in Fast and Furious 2? or want to know Fast and Furious 8 villain name? All will be answered here:

10. Hernan Reyes – (Fast Five)

Joaquin-De-Almeida-as-Hernan-Reyes-in-Fast-Five (1)

The worst Fast and Furious 7 villain name is Arturo Braga’s Brazilian counterpart is Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida). The Fast Five adversary shares the same (unimpressive) characteristics that make Braga really a forgettable villain for this franchise: An unclear history involving Brian O’Conner, lousy motives, dull action scenes, and a terrible guy who is also a businessman.

The Fast Five antagonist has one of the franchise’s more thrilling and fascinating backstories (with Brian), and he and Hobbs form an adequate match. But its not enough to save him from being a mediocre villain by the standards of this series. So, now that you know the bad guy in Fast and Furious 5 start watching it.

9. Ramon Campos/Arturo Braga – (Fast & Furious)

Arturo (1)

Fast & Furious has the ability to be a fantastic film. It has all of the excellent, stand-alone Fast film elements: an amazing cast with great chemistry, innovative set-pieces, and an intriguing plot.

It lacked Riddick and Hobbs, though. And except for these 2 characters, the combat scenes are dull, the action sequences are uninspired, and the antagonists are forgettable.

Arturo Braga has the greatest screening timing of any Fast & Furious franchise nemesis to date, however, it isn’t enough to stop him from being such a disappointing antagonist by this franchise’s standards.

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8. Johnny Tran – (The Fast and the Furious)


The Fast & Furious series has never been known for its antagonists. It excels in practically every other aspect, but its villains are frequently, well, villainous.

John Tran is your spin, vengeful villain. He has an illogical background with Dom that appears out of nowhere, as well as a vengeance that the film attempts is building up without any great success.

The Fast and Furious Villains then embarks on the street for a rampage across Los Angeles, primarily due to his impatience, all in order to obtain those dang nitrous-boosted engines.

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7. Carter Verone – (2 Fast 2 Furious)

Carter (1)

2 Fast 2 Furious bad guy deserves far more praise than it has received. It will never be as amazing as the first picture (how could anyone beat Dom and Brian? ), but it does manage to expand out and build on some of the problems of the first film. Among them is its nemesis, Carter Verone, who is a really excellent villain.

This Fast and Furious Villains has comprehensible reasons, his existence in the movie feels dangerous, but he has an influence on the individuals in the sequel’s plot – all of which are admirable features in this franchise’s villains. While Verone himself isn’t very remarkable, his influence on the film more than compensates. These all are the cars villains.

6. Cipher – (The Fate of the Furious)

cipher (1)

Cipher known as Charlize Theron who is most likely the first Fast and Furious adversary that feels dangerous. She’s vicious, knowledgeable, and has an aura that makes her more energetic than any other villain in the franchise.

She is ideal the last boss for Dom & his team to compete against, even though she might feel a touch too strong at times.

Only one reason Cipher isn’t higher on my list is that she suffers from the same difficulties that have afflicted the majority of the franchise’s antagonists: weak motives and growth.

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5. Brixton – (Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw)

brixton (1)

Brixton Lore, while your standard revenge-driven bad guy, has the benefit of having a significant presence in Hobbs & Shaw. He also manages to further his feud with Deckard, trying to make him look more dangerous than the other Fast & Furious antagonists.

However, this hardly elevates him above the status of a forgettable villain in this genre. We can classify him as a medium-tier nasty character at best, maybe due to the function, he was assigned.

4. Mose Jakande – (Furious 7)

Mose (1)

Djimon Hounsou is the bad guy in Fast and Furious 7 who played Mose Jakande is a conventional evil guy with an interesting twist: he has links to Deckard Shaw. That revelation left him feeling more of a menace than he might have otherwise, but it isn’t enough to help him avoid being just another boring villain in this genre.

He wasn’t the worst, and he’s also not “the finest.” We can term him a middling villain, and it’s good not adding anything for him.

3. Takashi – (The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift)

takashi (1)

Another addition to the list of Fast and Furious Villains ranked is Takashi. Takashi has the honor of being among the most recognizable villains in this genre, but it’s not enough to elevate him to the level of greatness. There is also limited presence or influence on Sean or Han, which will not assist his argument.

Takashi was otherwise a conventional villain who is not really forgettable, but that will not be enough for making him the #1 bad guy in this franchise. He’s not the worst, either.

2. Owen Shaw – (Fast & Furious 6)

Owen (1)

Luke Evans known as Owen Shaw possesses 1 or 2 attributes that elevate him above the norm. He is intellectual, he has a significant presence across Fast and Furious 6’s plot, and his acts have an impact on the major characters – all of which are positive traits in this franchise’s villains.

Aside from that, Owen is a rather mediocre adversary for this series. His links to Deckard Shaw are the one thing that distinguishes him from the other terrible villains in this series. He isn’t horrible, but he’s also not ideal.

1. Deckard Shaw – (Furious 7)

shaw (1)

Deckard Shaw known as Jason Statham makes an excellent villain in Furious 7. Jason has comprehensible objectives that make him happy like a genuine character, and he has an influence on the film’s primary actor, particularly Dom.

His attitude throughout the film is also scarred. It gives him the appearance of a genuine warning for both of our protagonists and the other antagonists. As a result, he is a hazardous figure from the start. What do you think of this villain in our Fast and Furious villains ranked list?

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Here are the best Fast and Furious villains, sorted from worst to greatest, as per user evaluations on various platforms.

As you’ll see, a few of these top villains are superior to others, just as they can be in real. If you need you may stream the Fast and Furious movies and tell us what you think of our Fast and Furious villains ranked list by re-watching the Fast and Furious franchise to check whether the characters which are ranked are accurate.

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