Rambo Movies in Order: The Right Order to Watch them in UK!


Talking about the Rambo movies in order in UK, let us give you a small brief of the character’s origin journey.

Sylvester Stallone brought John Rambo, the lead character, live into the screen for the first time in 1982. The movie was an hit due to its realistic fight scenes and an amalgamation of a strong story and emotional touch. Later, 4 more parts of Rambo were released between the years 1985 to 2019, with fantastic success.

We hope to see more sequels in the coming years. However, if you are a fan or have even come across Rambo movies for the first time, we suggest you take the experience of watching the film in chronological order.

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Well, now we present to you much-loved Rambo movies in their release order.

First Blood (1982)


Director: Ted Kotcheff
Writer: David Morrell
Cast: Richard Crenna, Sylvester Stallone
Genre: Adventure, Action
IMDb Rating: 7.7/10
Run Time: 1h 33m

Starting the Rambo movies in order in UK listing with the title: First Blood, which shows John Rambo as a US soldier in the Vietnam war. Though the war is over, he is not able to forget the memories of the brutal killings of people, families getting destroyed, and houses getting blown away.

He feels traumatized and wants to erase those memories. But, he realizes that his violent side is taking over him when he gets into a fight with a local sheriff. The incident makes him worried.

Rambo First Blood Part-II (1985)


Director: George P. Cosmatos
Writer: Kevin Jarre
Cast: Steven Berkoff, Sylvester Stallone
Genre: Adventure, Action
IMDb Rating: 6.5/10
Run Time: 1h 36m

John Rambo agrees to go on a top-secret mission led by the US government. This, in turn, will cut short his sentence term. He embarks on the journey where he has to go deep into Vietnam’s woods.

However, due to some events that he encounters in the woods, he decides not to follow the government’s orders anymore. The government abandons him, and now he has to survive using his combat skills. With this title among the other Rambo movies in order in UK list, get ready to see John Rambo’s survival skills that save him from dying.

Rambo III (1988)


Director: Peter MacDonald
Writer: Sheldon Lettich
Cast: Richard Crenna, Sylvester Stallone
Genre: Adventure, Action
IMDb Rating: 5.8/10
Run Time: 1h 42m

A former superior named Colonel Samuel contacts Rambo and requests him to come with them to Afghanistan on a special mission. It will be risky, and they need only skilled team members. Thus, Rambo was their 1st choice.

However, Rambo doesn’t agree to this, leading Colonel Samuel to leave his team without him. But, on hearing to news about Colonel Samuel being kept hostage and tortured, Rambo steps in.

The third title in the Rambo movies in chronological order lets viewers experience new dilemmas in the life of John Rambo.

Rambo IV (2008)


Director: Sylvester Stallone
Writer: Art Monterastelli
Cast: Julie Benz, Sylvester Stallone
Genre: War, Action
IMDb Rating: 7/10
Run Time: 1h 31m

A Christian missionary group wants to enter the village named Burma in order to help villagers who are suffering due to law and order by the government. It has stolen their right to live freely.

Rambo learns about it and helps them to enter the town. But soon, the Christian missionary group came under the hold of Burmese soldiers. Now, it’s all up to Rambo to set out on a rescue mission. It’s the most-appreciated film among all Rambo movies in order in UK.

Rambo: Last Blood (2019)


Director: Adrian Grunberg
Writer: Dan Gordon
Cast: Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Paz Vega, Sylvester Stallone
Genre: Thriller, Action
IMDb Rating: 6.1/10
Run Time: 1h 29m

After decades of fights and violence, John Rambo is finally living a peaceful life. But, it didn’t last for much longer when he learned about the disappearance of his pal’s granddaughter.

Her name is Gabriela, and she is nowhere to be found in Mexico. On investigation, they find that she has been kept hostage by some local cartels. This leads them to start a new mission of saving Gabriela and also taking revenge on her kidnappers.

With this title, we end the Rambo movies in order in the UK list. Once you finish watching these titles, Amazon Prime shows are fantastic for your other bing-watching session.

Wrapping up!

That is all; now you can enjoy the Rambo movies in order in UK without missing any part of the franchise. You can watch them on a few OTTs, like Amazon Prime. A free trial of Amazon Prime is offered for a month, and you can cancel your Prime subscription anytime without any additional charges.

So, go watch Sylvester Stallone, the legendary actor, play the iconic reel character through the years.

Make sure to use a VPN like Express VPN if your location is geo-restricted to access this movie. When using a VPN for streaming, don’t hesitate about legal matters as it is legal to use a VPN for streaming.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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