Chris Evans Surprises Hospital Kids with a Special Screening of ‘Lightyear’

Chris Evans

Chris Evans, widely known for his role as Captain America in Marvel movies, is voicing Buzz Lightyear in Disney and Pixar’s new animated film. He made a surprise appearance at a special screening recently.

Evans’ film Lightyear is set to release in the UK this week. The actor showed up at MediCinema where a special screening was taking place for the patients of a children’s ward in London yesterday.

The 40-year-old actor is voicing Buzz Lightyear who’s a fictional pilot and action figure belonging to the Toy Story franchise.

Although the film’s set to release on Friday, June 17th, a pre-release screening was held for patients and their families at Chelsea Westminster Hospital in London yesterday.

Evans surprised the audience at the cinema by showing up at the screening and greeting the patients and their families warmly.

Apparently, the actor was headed to the London premiere the same evening but decided to spend some time with the young patients. He graciously signed posters and chatted to the patients and their families alike. 

CW+ MediCinema held the screening, which is one of the six in-hospital cinemas in the UK. After spending time with the patients and their families, the actor introduced the movie for the audience to enjoy, shortly after which he left for the UK premiere. 

While talking to the Press Association, Milena, mother of a patient, Michael, said the experience was something that her son “will never forget.”

 Michael and Melina

She recalled the scene when Chris walked into the screening and the “surprise and joy” on her son’s face. She stated that it was a moment she will never forget, nor her son Michael will.

She said:

“Michael is a huge film fan and has been a regular at the MediCinema which has helped him so much when he’s been in hospital. For him to meet and speak to one of his heroes has been out of this world.”

There will be more special screenings of Lightyear at MediCinema sites across the country.

@Shrabani22 shared a picture exclusively from the MediCinema screening featuring the patients with Chris Evans:

Chief Executive of MediCinema, Colin Lawrence said:

“Our young patients have had such a wonderful day – to meet Chris Evans and see this special screening of Lightyear at the CW+ MediCinema lit up so many faces, and I’m sure they will treasure this experience.” 

He specifically stated that “life has been very hard for patients in hospital,” especially in the last few years so such a memorable experience ought to have made “a real difference to their stay.”


Chief Executive of hospital charity CW+ said:

“We were thrilled to welcome Chris Evans on this very special visit, which brought fun and excitement. Our CW+ MediCinema provides magic and escapism, comforting patients and loved ones who are going through a difficult time. This visit was such a boost for them.”

He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the people who helped in organizing the screening by saying:

“We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Chris and Disney, everyone had a fantastic time.”

MediCinema charity was founded in 1999 and since then it has provided more than 300,000 memorable experiences and has contributed to the well-being and quality of life of NHS patients and their families. 

Evans’ Lightyear features the story of Buzz Lightyear as he embarks on an intergalactic mission along with his new recruits and robot side-kick. 

@MamasGeeky reviewed the movie:  

Catch the movie in theatres from Friday, June 17th, and very soon on Disney Plus. 

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