Pluto TV Adds 6 New Channels to Its Free Streaming Service

Pluto TV Adds 6 New Channels to Its Free Streaming Service

Pluto TV seems to be ever-growing its channel listings, providing users with an even extensive variety of programs. The channel welcomed six more additions to its service recently. Whether you love R&B style or are a die-hard K-pop fan, you can always find something to your taste in the collection of Pluto TV. Go to Pluto TV now and start streaming the newest channels round-the-clock, free of cost by using ExpressVPN.

Following are the new channels added to Pluto TV’s library:

Pluto TV is a perfect option for binge-watching cord-cutters who want to enjoy live TV and on-demand shows online. This platform is free to access without any sign-in procedures and lock-in agreements. However, there’s a catch! Pluto TV is exclusively available in the USA and you can’t access it if you are living outside the boundaries of the states.

However, with any premium VPN app, you can access Pluto TV in UK from literally anywhere. A VPN can mask your real IP address and virtually relocate you to a location of your choice.

K-Content by CJ ENM:

K-Content by CJ ENM offers round-the-clock access to must-watch Korean showbiz and K-pop, including everything from blockbusters to award-winning series featuring the biggest stars. Enjoy 24/7 online streaming of the top Korean entertainment shows and K-pop. K-Content by CJ ENM brings you TV series, blockbusters, and much more.

Fuse Beat:

Fuse Beat covers the Black culture, lifestyle, and entertainment featuring several big films and renowned stars. Some of the biggest hits and stars in Black culture are presented on Fuse Beat. You will definitely enjoy the lifestyle, entertainment, and other related content on Fuse Beat.

Pluto TV Reaction:

Pluto TV Reaction is an amalgamation of action-packed movies, nail-biting thrillers, and cutting-edge sci-fi titles. This platform offers you more of the adrenaline-filled movies you want, anytime, 24/7. Want to watch movies packed with high-intensity scenes, go to Pluto TV Reaction, and you will find a never-ending library of all of your favourite sci-fi and action movies.

Real Madrid TV:

Real Madrid TV offers one of the most competitive and successful football clubs in Europe to Pluto TV. Right from the training center of Real Madrid, this channel takes you on the pitch with one of the most historical footballing empires in the world. If you’re a die-hard Real Madrid fan, this channel is for you to pin on your browser.

Bounce XL:

Bounce XL is an energetic extension of one of TV’s most popular brands. You can stream the best in Black TV, including original programs and specials, hilarious sitcoms and dramas, and everything else that makes Bounce XL a must-have channel on your list.

Black Throwbacks:

Throwback to the era when R&B reigned the radio and low-rise jeans were a must-have in your fashion wardrobe. Black Throwbacks includes some of the best comedies from the past. You can revisit the best comedies of the R&B era with your favourite Black actors, producers, and comics, streaming 24/7. 

Pluto TV is one of the biggest streaming channels networks that gives you access to over 250 live TV channels including thousands of movies and TV shows with higher demand as well. Pluto TV increased the list of the channels available by adding a total of 15 new channels last month to its lineup. It also added a slate of holiday programming to the list. In the future, Pluto TV has the agenda to continue offering channels that will be according to everybody’s likeness, while zoning in its “passionate fan bases.” Now you can watch Pluto TV in UK with the help of highly recommended ExpressVPN and can enjoy all the latest channels that are introduced by Pluto TV. 

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