How to Watch the Tokyo Olympics 2021 in the UK [Updated Guide]


The Tokyo Olympics were delayed for a year due to the pandemic, but to all the sports enthusiasts’ delight, they’re finally here — they’re still officially called the Tokyo Olympics 2020, though.

In less than two weeks, the biggest sporting event in history will begin — where athletes from more than 200 countries will compete with each other in 33 different sporting events to make their country proud.

More than 370 British athletes will be participating in the Olympics in 28 different competitions; this is, by far, one of the biggest delegations. Follow this guide to learn how to watch the Tokyo Olympics 2021 in the UK and support your countrymen in the mega event.

How to Watch the Tokyo Olympics 2021 Live Stream in the UK

Sports lovers in Britain can watch all the games from the Tokyo Olympics live online through BBC iPlayer, a British OTT service that is accessible only in the UK created by the BBC and ITV. It costs $6.99/month; you can download its app for your device or you can even watch it via their website.

If you aren’t — or don’t want to be — subscribed to BBC iPlayer, you have the following options:

  • Go to the official Olympics website and watch the games live; you can also download its app for mobile and FireStick.
  • Other than this, services like Peacock, Sportsnet, SkySports, and Sling TV will be featuring the Tokyo Olympics live stream in 2021, but they are not available worldwide, as many of them are geo-restricted.

You can beat that barrier if you have ExpressVPN because it can help you access all relevant sports streaming services from UK. You can also unblock BT Sport in the UK and access BeIN sports in the UK with it.

Summer Olympics 2021 Host & Venue

Japan will host the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo but, as we said earlier, it’s still officially called Tokyo Olympics 2020 as it was initially scheduled for 2020;  since there was a pandemic situation and the whole world was on lockdown, the event was postponed for a year.

Tokyo’s National Stadium will be the venue for the Olympics, and both opening and closing ceremonies will be held in that stadium. Also, the Athletics events (track and field) and Women’s football events will be held in the National Stadium of Tokyo.

The Tokyo Japan Olympics will kick off on July 23, 2021, and will conclude on August 8, 2021. More than 11,000 athletes are expected to participate in this year’s Olympics.

Tokyo Olympics 2021 Events Schedule

You’re obviously wondering, “When are the Tokyo Olympics” so we’ve compiled all the Tokyo Olympics dates for you below:

Sport Discipline Dates
Aquatics Swimming July 24 (Saturday) – August 1 (Sunday)
Diving July 25 (Sunday) – July 28 (Wednesday), July 30 (Friday) – August 7 (Saturday)
Artistic Swimming August 2 (Monday) – August 4 (Wednesday), August 6 (Friday) – August 7 (Saturday)
Water Polo July 24 (Saturday) – August 8 (Sunday)
Marathon Swimming August 4 (Wednesday) – August 5 (Thursday)
Archery July 23 (Friday) – July 31 (Saturday)
Athletics Track & Field / Marathon July 30 (Friday) – August 8 (Sunday)
Race Walk July 30 (Friday), August 6 (Friday) – August 7 (Saturday)
Badminton July 24 (Saturday) – August 2 (Monday)
Baseball/Softball Baseball July 28 (Wednesday) – August 5 (Thursday), August 7 (Saturday)
Softball July 21 (Wednesday) – July 22 (Tuesday), July 24 (Saturday) – July 27 (Tuesday)
Basketball 3×3 Basketball July 24 (Saturday) – July 28 (Wednesday)
Basketball July 25 (Sunday) – August 8 (Sunday)
Boxing July 24 (Saturday) – August 1 (Sunday), August 3 (Tuesday) – August 8 (Sunday)
Canoe Slalom July 25 (Sunday) – July 30 (Friday)
Sprint August 2 (Monday) – August 7 (Saturday)
Cycling BMX Freestyle July 31 (Saturday) – August 1 (Sunday)
BMX Racing July 29 (Thursday) – July 30 (Friday)
Mountain Bike July 26 (Monday) – July 29 (Tuesday)
Road July 26 (Saturday) – July 25 (Sunday), July 28 (Wednesday)
Track August 2 (Monday) – August 8 (Sunday)
Equestrian Dressage July 24 (Saturday) – July 25 (Sunday), July 27 (Tuesday) – July 28 (Wednesday)
Eventing July 30 (Friday) – August 2 (Monday)
Jumping August 3 (Tuesday), August 6 (Wednesday), August 7 (Friday) – August 7 (Saturday)
Fencing July 24 (Saturday) – August 1 (Sunday)
Football July 21 (Wednesday) – July 22 (Thursday), July 24 (Saturday) – July 25 (Sunday), July 27 (Tuesday) – July 28 (Wednesday), July 30 (Friday) – July 31 (Saturday), August 2 (Monday) – August 3 (Tuesday), August 5 (Thursday) – August 7 (Saturday)
Golf July 29 (Thursday) – August 1 (Sunday), August 4 (Wednesday) – August 7 (Saturday)
Gymnastics Artistic July 24 (Saturday) – July 29 (Thursday), August 1 (Sunday) – August 3 (Tuesday)
Rhythmic August 6 (Friday) – August 8 (Sunday)
Trampoline July 30 (Friday) – July 31 (Saturday)
Handball July 24 (Saturday) – August 8 (Sunday)
Hockey July 24 (Saturday) – August 6 (Friday)
Judo July 24 (Saturday) – July 31 (Saturday)
Karate Kata, Kumite August 5 (Thursday)- August 7 (Saturday)
Modern Pentathlon August 5 (Thursday) – August 7 (Saturday)
Rowing July 23 (Friday) – July 30 (Friday)
Rugby July 26 (Monday) – July 31 (Saturday)
Sailing July 25 (Sunday) – August 4 (Wednesday)
Shooting Rifle and Pistol July 24 (Saturday) – July 25 (Sunday), July 27 (Tuesday), July 29 (Thursday) – August 2 (Monday)
Shotgun July 25 (Sunday) – July 26 (Monday), July 28 (Wednesday) – July 29 (Thursday), July 31 (Saturday)
Skateboarding Park August 4 (Wednesday) – August 5 (Thursday)
Street July 25 (Sunday) – July 26 (Monday)
Sport Climbing August 3 (Tuesday) – August 6 (Friday)
Surfing July 25 (Sunday) – August 1 (Sunday)
Table Tennis July 24 (Saturday) – July 30 (Friday), August 1 (Sunday) – August 6 (Friday)
Taekwondo July 24 (Saturday) – July 27 (Tuesday)
Tennis July 24 (Saturday) – August 1 (Sunday)
Triathlon July 26 (Monday) – July 27 (Tuesday), July 31 (Saturday)
Volleyball Beach Volleyball July 24 (Saturday) – August 7 (Saturday)
Volleyball July 24 (Saturday) – August 8 (Sunday)

List of Countries Participating in Tokyo Olympics 2021

Here’s a list of all the countries that will be participating in the Olympics 2021:

Afghanistan Georgia Oman
Albania Germany Pakistan
Algeria Ghana Palau
American Samoa Great Britain Palestine
Andorra Greece Panama
Angola Grenada Papua New Guinea
Antigua and Barbuda Guam Paraguay
Argentina Guatemala Peru
Armenia Guinea Philippines
Aruba Guinea-Bissau Poland
Australia Guyana Portugal
Austria Haiti Puerto Rico
Azerbaijan Honduras Qatar
Bahamas Hong Kong Refugee Olympic Team
Bahrain Hungary Republic of the Congo
Bangladesh Iceland Russian Olympic Committee
Barbados India Romania
Belarus Indonesia Rwanda
Belgium Iran Saint Kitts and Nevis
Belize Iraq Saint Lucia
Benin Ireland Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Bermuda Israel Samoa
Bhutan Italy San Marino
Bolivia Ivory Coast São Tomé and Príncipe
Bosnia and Herzegovina Jamaica Saudi Arabia
Botswana Japan (host) Senegal
Brazil Jordan Serbia
The British Virgin Islands Kazakhstan Seychelles
Brunei Kenya Sierra Leone
Bulgaria Kiribati Singapore
Burkina Faso Kosovo Slovakia
Burundi Kuwait Slovenia
Cambodia Kyrgyzstan Solomon Islands
Cameroon Laos Somalia
Canada Latvia South Africa
Cape Verde Lebanon South Korea
Cayman Islands Lesotho South Sudan
The central African Republic Liberia Spain
Chad Libya Sri Lanka
Chile Liechtenstein Sudan
China Lithuania Suriname
Colombia Luxembourg Sweden
Comoros Madagascar Switzerland
Cook Islands Malawi Syria
Costa Rica Malaysia Chinese Taipei
Croatia Maldives Tajikistan
Cuba Mali Tanzania
Cyprus Malta Thailand
Czech Republic Marshall Islands Togo
The Democratic Republic of the Congo Mauritius Tonga
Denmark Mexico Trinidad and Tobago
Djibouti Moldova Tunisia
Dominica Monaco Turkey
Dominican Republic Mongolia Turkmenistan
East Timor Montenegro Tuvalu
Ecuador Morocco Uganda
Egypt Mozambique Ukraine
El Salvador Myanmar United Arab Emirates
Equatorial Guinea Namibia United States
Eritrea Nauru Uruguay
Estonia Nepal Uzbekistan
Eswatini Netherlands Vanuatu
Ethiopia New Zealand Venezuela
Federated States of Micronesia Nicaragua Vietnam
Fiji Niger Virgin Islands
Finland Nigeria Yemen
France North Macedonia Zambia
Gabon Norway Zimbabwe
The Gambia

List of Sports in Tokyo Olympics 2021

Following Sports competitions will be held in the 2021 Olympics:

  1. Aquatics (including swimming, diving, and synchronized swimming, water polo)
  2. Archery
  3. Badminton
  4. Baseball and Softball
  5. Basketball (including 3×3 basketball)
  6. Boxing
  7. Canoe / Kayak
  8. Cycling — including Track, Road, Mountain Bike and BMX
  9. Equestrian
  10. Fencing
  11. Football (soccer)
  12. Golf
  13. Gymnastics (Artistic, Rhythmic, and Trampolining)
  14. Handball
  15. Hockey
  16. Judo
  17. Karate
  18. Modern Pentathlon
  19. Rowing
  20. Rugby 7s
  21. Sailing
  22. Shooting
  23. Skateboarding
  24. Sport Climbing
  25. Surfing
  26. Table Tennis
  27. Taekwondo
  28. Tennis
  29. Track & Field
  30. Triathlon
  31. Volleyball — indoor and beach volleyball
  32. Weightlifting
  33. Wrestling (Greco-Roman and Freestyle)


Yes, the 2020 Olympics were postponed due to the pandemic and later scheduled for 2021.

The Tokyo Olympics will start on July 23, 2021, and will end on August 8, 2021.

The 2020 Olympics were to be held in Tokyo, and even after being postponed for a year, the venue of the Olympics will remain the same.

Spectators were banned as the organizers dear a surge in Covid cases. To stay safe from any spread out, there will be no spectators in the stadium.

Olympics opening ceremony is on the 23rd of July in Tokyo National Stadium.

Yes, the Olympics Channel is a subscription-free OTT service. You can watch the games live on its website, “,” or you can download its app for mobile.

The management has taken strict steps for safeguarding Tokyo 2020 as they have restricted spectators and have also lined up strict monitoring of athletes’ health.


So, what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself for the mega event and mark your calendars. Subscribe to the streaming service that is broadcasting Tokyo Olympics 2021 in the UK.

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