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The Little League World Series is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious sporting competitions. If you want to watch Little League Baseball World Series 2022 in UK, you’ve come to the perfect site.

The U.S. is inviting foreign teams to compete for the title of the best youth team in the entire globe. The event was postponed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will be held in 2021. Every contest from the first round on August 17 to the championship will be broadcast on ABC.

ABC cannot be utilized outside of the nation as it is a geo-restricted platform. You will use a VPN service like ExpressVPN in order to access the platform from outside the region.

So there’s no need to miss today’s little league games if you’re not in the United States. You can easily watch the Little League Baseball World Series 2022 on ABC in the UK using the method detailed below:

Easy Steps – Watch Little League Baseball World Series 2022 in UK

Here’s how to configure a VPN so you may watch Little League Baseball World Series 2022 in UK.

  • Enroll in a VPN service. We advise using ExpressVPN.
  • Install the app on your chosen device after downloading it.
  • Now establish a connection to a US-based server.
  • Access ABC by using your cable or satellite provider to log in.
  • The Little League Baseball World Series 2022 is now available to watch on ABC!

Where will the 2022 Little League World Series be played?

At the Little League complex in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, from August 17 to August 28, a youth baseball competition called the 2022 Little League World Series is being held.

What network is the Little League World Series on?

Every game of the Little League baseball World Series and eight games of the Little League softball World Series will be broadcast on the major networks ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC.

How much are tickets to a World Series game?

The average cost of a single World Series ticket has been close to $2,000 in recent years. In 2021, the Atlanta Braves’ stadium had an average ticket price of $699 for a Game 3 ticket, compared to Houston’s stadium’s average of $1,293.

In the same series, Houston had the lowest price of slightly over $400, while Atlanta had the lowest price of $699 for a Game 3 ticket.

How to watch Little League World Series for free?

To watch Little League World Series for free on ABC without cable streaming you must become a member of the streaming providers Sling TV or FuboTV in order to watch live TV online. These streaming services let you access the ABC Free trial, but they are geo-restricted.

Therefore, to get around geo-proxy bans, we advise utilizing ExpressVPN. Additionally, if there is nothing left to watch, you can pause ABC at any time.

What is Little League World Series about?

The Little League World Series is a yearly baseball competition for kids, usually boys, between the ages of 10 and 12, that takes place in the Eastern United States. The Major League Baseball World Series was once known as the National Little League Tournament.

2022 Little League World Series Schedule

Below is the schedule of Little League World Series 2022:

Thursday, Aug. 17
Latin America vs. Caribbean
Southeast vs. New England
Australia vs. Canada
West vs. Northwest
Thursday, Aug. 18
Europe-Africa vs. Asia-Pacific
Great Lakes vs. Midwest
Puerto Rico vs. Mexico
Mid-Atlantic vs. Southwest
 Friday, Aug. 19
Game 1 winner vs. Panama
Game 2 winner vs. Mountain
Game 3 winner vs. Japan
Game 4 winner vs. Metro
Saturday, Aug. 20
Game 3 loser vs. Game 5 loser
Game 4 loser vs. Game 6 loser
Game 1 loser vs. Game 7 loser
Game 2 loser vs. Game 8 loser
Sunday, Aug. 21
Game 9 loser vs. Game 13 winner
Game 10 loser vs. Game 14 winner
Game 11 loser vs. Game 15 winner
Game 12 loser vs. Game 16 winner
Monday, Aug. 22
Game 5 winner vs. Game 9 winner
Game 6 winner vs. Game 10 winner
Game 7 winner vs. Game 11 winner
Game 8 winner vs. Game 12 winner
Tuesday, Aug. 23
Game 21 loser vs. Game 19 winner
Game 22 loser vs. Game 20 winner
Game 23 loser vs. Game 17 winner
Game 24 loser vs. Game 18 winner
Wednesday Aug. 24
Game 21 winner vs. Game 23 winner
Game 22 winner vs. Game 24 winner
Game 25 winner vs. Game 27 winner
Game 26 winner vs. Game 28 winner
Thursday, Aug. 25
Game 29 loser vs. Game 31 winner
Game 30 loser vs. Game 32 winner
Saturday, Aug. 27
International final: Game 29 winner vs. Game 33 winner
U.S. final: Game 30 winner vs. Game 34 winner
Sunday, Aug. 28
Third-place game: Game 35 loser vs. Game 36 loser
Championship: Game 35 winner vs. Game 36 winner

How many teams are in the Little League World Series 2022?

There are eight international divisions, each of which contributes 10 teams to the tournament’s international bracket. This is because, on a yearly basis, two teams from each of Cuba, Panama, and Puerto Rico receive automatic invitations to the LLWS while the other team competes in its regional tournament.

How many games are in the Little League World Series?

The ESPN networks currently televise all 31 games in the United States. The Howard J. Lamade Stadium serves as the tournament’s primary venue. Little League Volunteer Stadium, a second venue, was inaugurated in 2001. At Carl E., the first 12 LLWS matches were held.

Where are the Little League teams from?

Little League World Series Teams are made up of eight international divisions listed below:

  1. Asia-Pacific and the Middle East
  2. Australia
  3. Canada
  4. Caribbean
  5. Europe and Africa
  6. Japan
  7. Latin America
  8. Mexico

Who won in Little League World Series 2021?

Michigan won the 2021 Little League World Series with a score of 5-2, and Ohio finished second. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the 2021 edition was exclusively held with teams from the United States.

What are the dates of the Little League World Series in 2022?

The 2022 Little League World Series is a youth baseball tournament that is taking place from August 17 to August 28 at the Little League facility in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Is Utah out of the Little League World Series?

Even though Utah fell 11-2, the coaching staff and parents made an effort to keep their players focused on the next few games and on having fun at the Little League World Series.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best ABC VPN to Watch Little League Baseball World Series in UK?

The best way to watch Little League Baseball World Series 2022 in UK is using ExpressVPN. The supplier has a reputation for offering incredible security features and speed. The provider’s description is available here:

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Little League Baseball World Series 2022 in UK

ExpressVPN, one of the finest VPNs on the market right now to Watch Little League Baseball World Series 2022 in UK. It offers the greatest level of encryption and the quickest browsing speeds. It is compatible with all major platforms, including Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, Xbox, and others.


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In addition to this, ExpressVPN helps you gain access to other streaming sites like Sling TV, Hulu, Disney Plus and Tubi TV, etc.


Due to rain the Little League World Series delayed.

Michigan wins the 2021 LLBWS title.

The Little League system, in which children aged 8 to 12 participate with all the trappings of the major leagues, is currently baseball’s fastest-growing development.

Wrap Up

With the help of our top suggestion, ExpressVPN, you now have the ideal solution to watch Little League Baseball World Series 2022 in UK. By doing this, you’ll be able to unblock US-only services like ABC and others.

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