What to Watch on BBC iPlayer in UAE in 2023 [Simple Guide]

What-to-Watch-on-BBC-iPlayer-in UAE

Are you eager to know what to watch on BBC iPlayer? If so, prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime journey through a treasure trove of entertaining content that will satisfy all your entertainment needs.

However, BBC iPlayer is geo-blocked and unavailable in UAE. Therefore, you must use a quality VPN like ExpressVPN to watch BBC iPlayer in UAE.

Explore the fascinating realm of BBC iPlayer’s content, and you’ll find it opens up a world of possibilities. This hand-picked guide will help you find your way through the sea of streaming content, from heart-pounding thrillers to thought-provoking documentaries.

Get ready for an unforgettable viewing experience as you dive into a wide variety of genres, unearth hidden gems, and more. So without further ado, let’s start the adventure in the world of entertainment as we show you what to watch on BBC iPlayer in UAE.

What to Watch on BBC iPlayer in UAE in November 2023?

Here is a list of upcoming shows, films and live Sports events on BBC iPlayer 2023.

Name Release Date Genre Style IMDb Rating
The Adventures of Tintin series 21 September 2021 Series Action Adventure Mystery 7.3/10
Take That In Concert 25 November 2023 Music Concert N/A
Divergent 01 December 2023 Movie Adventure 6.6/10
Snow Dogs 18 December 2022 Movie Adventure 5.2/10
Seeds of Deceit 04 December 2023 Documentary Series Real-life Event N/A
Quentin Blake’s Box of Treasures 01 December 2023 Series Comedy N/A
Age of Outrage 09 January 2023 Series TV Comedy 6.1/1o
A House Through Time 07 September 2021 Series British History 8.1/1o
Berlin 1933 28 November 2023 Documentary History N/A
Dynasties 11 November 2018 Documentary Nature 9.1/1o
By The Grace Of God 10 December 2018 Movie Adventure 7.2/10
Baby Done 19 May 2023 Series Comedy 6.0/10
Panorama Putin and Ukraine’s Stolen Children 23 November 2023 Documentary Series N/A
I Can Do It, You Can Too 20 November 2023 Series Educational N/A
Glow Up Britain’s Next Make-Up Star series 5 22 May 2023 Series Competition 7.0/10
Secrets of the Aquarium 14 November 2023 Documentary Factual N/A
Planet Earth III Extremes 26 November 2023 Series Nature 9.5/10
Mayfair Witches 08 January 2023 Series Horror 6.2/10
Scrublands Series 1 18 November 2023 Series Thriller 7.3/10
The Extreme Hairdresser Our Lives 24 November 2023 Series Real Life Stories N/A
Spidey and His Amazing Friends 12 November 2023 Series Adventure 5.9/10
A Matter of Life and Death 18 November 2023 Movie Romance, Fantasy 8.0/10
Lagging Series 3 20 November 2023 Series Comedy Drama N/A
Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em 15 February 1973 Series Comedy-Sitcom 7.6/10
Talking Doctor Who 01 November 2023 Documentary Conversation N/A
Dog Squad 12 November 2023 Series Adventure N/A
I May Destroy You 08 June 2020 Series Psychological drama 8.1/10
Glasgow City v Rangers Women 19 November 2023 Sports SWPL N/A
BBC New Comedy Award Grand Final 15 November 2023 Award Show Comedy N/A
Live Session: Killer Mike 07 November 2023 Show Music N/A
Children in Need 2023 17 November 2023 Show Charity telethon N/A
Making Sense of Cancer with Hannah Fry 02 June 2022 Documentary Medical 7.4/10
The Crime I Can’t Forget 15 November 2023 Series Crime N/A
His Dark Materials 03 November 2019 Series Adventure 7.8/10
Episodes 30 March 2018 Series Comedy 7.8/10
Dog Days All Episodes 07 April 2023 Series Crime 9.2/10
Strictly Come Dancing Week 8 11 November 2023 Show Dance N/A
Nadiya Anxiety and Me 30 October 2023 Documentary Medical 6.7/10
The Beatles and the BBC 04 November 2023 Documentary Music N/A
Celebration Kitchen 05 November 2023 Show Cooking N/A
Talking Shakespeare 05 November 2023 Documentary Conversation N/A
Grime Kids 13 November 2023 Series Music 7.7/10
Hometown A Teenage Killing 09 October 2022 Documentary Murder N/A
Conviction 19 June 2018 Documentary Crime 6.9/10
The Sarah Jane Adventures 03 January 2011 Series Investigation 7.4/10
Louis Theroux Interviews 07 November 2023 Series Interviews 7.1/10
Monday Night Club 09 October 2023 Talk Show Sports N/A
Something Special 16 January 2023 Show Kids Show 7.8/10
Torchwood 15 September 2011 Series Science fiction 7.7/10
The Bold Type Series 4 23 January 2023 Series Comedy 7.8/10
Killed By My Boyfriend 25 October 2023 Series Reality-TV 6.7/10
Dame Helen Mirren Remembers As You Like It 29 October 2023 Documentary Shakespeare Comedy N/A
Rugby League Women’s International 04 November Sports Football N/A
Domino Day Early 2024 Series Comedy
Woman in Gold 10 April 2015 Biographical Movie 7.3/10
Autism: My Sporting Superpower 31 October 2023 Documentary Series N/A
Spooky Files 23 October 2023 Adventure Series 7.6/10
Saving Lives at Sea 28 September 2023 Documentary Series 8.8/10

What to Watch on BBC iPlayer in UAE in October 2023?

Are you wondering about what to watch on BBC iPlayer in UAE in October? Here are some popular shows you might have missed on BBC iPlayer.

Name Release Date Genre Style IMDb Rating
True North 04 January 2023 Documentary Series 6.8/10
Borgen 02 June 2022 Political Drama 8.5/10
Newry City v Larne FC 28  October 2023 Sports NIFL N/A
Hungary Womens v Northern Ireland Womens 27 October 2023 Sports UEFA N/A
The Met 24 October 2023 Crime Series 8.3/10
Relic 30 October 2020 Horror Movie 6.0/1o
South Africa v New Zealand 28 October 2023 Sports RWC N/A
His House 30 September 2023 Horror Thriller Movie 6.5/10
Host 30 July 2022 Horror Movie 6.5/10
One Hot Summer 22 July 2018 Reality-TV Series N/A
Eternal Beauty 09 April 2023 Comedy Film 6.3/10
End Of Watch 08 September 2012 Crime Film 7.6/10
Radio 1 Live Lounge 02 October 2023 Music Show N/A
Murder in the Badlands 14 March 2022 Crime Series 6.5/10
The Repair Shop 22 March 2023 Reality-TV Series 8.7/10
New Zealand v Argentina 20 October 2023 Sports RWC N/A
The Fades 26 October 2011 Mystery Horror Series 7.0/10
Saving Lives in Leeds 01 March 2023 Health & Wellbeing Series 8.6/10
England vs Tonga 22 October 2023 Sports RWC N/A
Hearts Women Vs Motherwell Ladies SWPL 22 October 2023 Sports SWPL N/A
Life and Death Row 18 March 2018 Documentary Crime Series 7.4/10
The Diary Of The CEO 17 May 2023 Real Life Stories Podcast Series 8.2/10
DNA Family Secrets 27 September 2023 Documentary Series 7.0/10
Dickensian 25 December 2015 Drama TV Show 7.6/10
The Rap Game 15 September 2022 Reality-TV Series 7.1/1o
Love + Hate 29 October 2005 Comedy Drama 6.7/10
Big Hero 6 23 October 2014 Animation Movie 7.8/10
Monarch of the Glen 13 September 2023 Comedy Drama 7.7/10
The Capture 23 August 2022 Crime Series 7.9/10
Showtrial All Season 31 October 2021 Crime TV-Series 7.4/10
First Ladies of Hip-Hop 14 October 2023 Documentary Series
Versailles 01 June 2016 Historical drama Drama 7.9/10
Stargazing 03 January 2011 Astronomy Series 7.9/10
Storyville Made Of Steel Documentary 12 October 2023 Documentary Series
Rugby League Super League Play-Off Highlights 08 October 2023 Sports Sports 7.1/10
Jamie Johnson 11 October 2023 Children’s TV series Series 6.9/10
The Scotts 16 November 2022 Comedy show TV Show 7.1/10
Big Little Journeys 08 October 2023 Factual Documentary  N/A
Octonauts 04 October 2010 Animation TV Series 7.6/01
Some Girls 06 November 2012 Sitcom Series 7.6/10
Hidden Assets 08 October 2023 Crime Drama series TV Series 7.2/10
Topsy and Tim 11 November 2013 Action & Adventure Series 6.3/10
The Witchfinder 08 March 2022 Sitcom Series 6.6/10

What to Watch on BBC iPlayer in UAE in September 2023?

If you are wondering about what to watch on BBC iPlayer in UAE, we’ve got you covered.

Below, we’ve unveiled the must-watch lineup on BBC iPlayer. Including a wide range of exciting dramas, eye-opening documentaries, and hilarious comedies that will keep you wanting more.

Here is how BBC iPlayer planned for you in September 2023.

Name Release Date Genre Style IMDb Rating
Picasso The Beauty and The Beast 21 September 2023 Arts, Culture Media N/A
Ryder Cup 2023 29 September 2023 Sport Reality-TV N/A
Boiling Point 1 October 2023 Documentary Short Series N/A
Mandy 5 January 2022 Comedy TV Series 7.2/10
Newsround 20 September 2023 News Show Show 6.4/10
Shaun the Sheep 5 March 2007 Animation TV Series 8.2/10
Waffle the Wonder Dog 26 February 2018 Animation TV Series 5.1/10
The Hurt Locker 26 June 2009 War Thriller Film 7.6/10
Twirlywoos 23 February 2015 Animation & Family Series 7.3/10
Supertato 17 October 2022 Animation TV Series 7.5/10
Fraud Squad 18 September 2023 Crime Documentary Drama-Series 4.6/10
Living Next Door To Putin 12 September 2023 Documentary Series 5.8/10
Room on the Broom 25 December 2012 Animation Short Film 7/5/10
Silverpoint 17 May 2023 Sci-Fiction TV Series 9.4/10
The Two Faces of January 2 May 2022 Thrill Mystery Drama 6.2/10
Go Jetters 26 August 2019 Animation TV Series 7.8/10
The Royle Family 14 September 1998 Comedy Show 8.2/10
House of Games 3 February 2023 Game Show Show 7.8/10
Doctors 4 September 2023 Drama Series 4.6/10
Transformers Earthspark 12 September 2023 Animation TV Series 4.0/10
Sort Your Life out 7 September 2023 Reality TV TV Show 7.5/10
This Farming Life 18 August 2023 Documentary Series 9.2/10
Mastermind 29 August 2023 Game Show Show 6.3/10
Colourblocks 23 February 2023 Animation TV Series 8.2/0
The Dumping Ground 21 April 2023 Drama TV Series 6.9/10
The Newsreader 15 August 2021 News Show Series 7.7/10
Mercury Prize 2023 7th September Award Show Music N/A
Bad Behaviour 4th September Thrill Mystery Drama-Series 6.3/10
Mrs Brown’s Boys 8th September Comedy Series 7.1/10
Top Gear America 4th September Sport Reality-TV 5.8/10
Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing 3rd September Comedy Reality-TV 8.9/10

What to Watch on BBC iPlayer in UAE in August 2023?

Here is a list of upcoming shows, films and live Sports events on BBC iPlayer 2023. We will keep you updated;

Name Release Date Genre Style IMDb Rating
Reading and Leeds Festival 2023 25 to 27 August Musical Event Concert
The Hundred Women’s Final 27 August Sports Sports
The Hundred Men’s Final 27 August Sports Sports
World Athletics Championships 19-21 August Sports Sports
Expert Witness 21 August Crime TV Series
The Power of The Dog Psychological Drama Drama 6.8/10
Tommy Jessop Goes to Hollywood 21 August Real-life superhero flick Documentary 9.1
Sherlock All Seasons Crime TV Series 8.0/10
The Girl, The Ghost and The Gravestone 15 August Haunted TV Series 5.7/10
Ghosts US S2 Comedy Series 7.9/10
Casualty Medical Drama TV Drama 6.1/10
FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Final 20 August Sports Sports
FIFA Women’s World Cup Semi-Final 15 August – 16 August Sports Sports
Women’s Golf Open Highlights 9 – 13 August Sports Sports
Crazy Rich Agents 6 August Real Life Stories Reality-TV Show
FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 RO16 5 August – 8 August Sports Sports
FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Knockout Stage 5 August – 20 August Sports Sports
Rugby League Challenge Cup Final 12 August Sports Sports
Cycling World Championships 3 August – 13 August Sports Sports
Celebrity MasterChef 18th Series 2 August TV Show Cooking
The Hundred Cricket 2023 1 August 27 August Sports Sports
Netball World Cup 2023 28 July – 6 August Sports Sports
Death on the Tyne 19 July TV movies Comedy 5.9/10
The Power of Parker 28 July TV Series Comedy 6.7/10
The Night Manager TV Series Crime, Mystery 8/10
Wolf  31 July TV Series Crime 6.4/10
In the Dark TV Series Crime 6.9/10
Home Sweet Rome 24 July TV Series Comedy 8.9/10

What is Coming on BBC iPlayer in July 2023?

Here is a list of upcoming shows, films and live Sports events on BBC iPlayer 2023. We will keep you updated;

Name Release Date Genre Style IMDb Rating
Opening Ceremony FIFA Women’s World Cup 20 July 2023 Sports Live Cricket
FIFA Women’s World Cup 20 July 2023 Sports Live Cricket
Colombia Vs South Korea FIFA WWC 25 July 2023 Sports Live Cricket
Wimbledon 2023 3 July 2023 Tennis Live Sports
Awkwafina is Nora from Queens 5 July 2023 Comedy TV Series 7.5/10
We Hunt Together 27 May 2023 Crime Drama, Thrill TV Series 7/10
Rose Ayling-Ellis: Signs for Change 26 June 2023 Documentary
The Monkey Haters 20 June Documentary
Body on the Beach: What Happened to Annie 5 July 2023 Crime Documentary
Champion 1st July 2023 Music TV Drama 6.7/10
Drill On Trial 2nd July Music TV Drama
Red Dwarf 20 June 2023 Comedy TV Series 8.4/10
Ashes 2023 Jun – July 2023 Sports Live Cricket
TRNSMT 7 July 2023 TV Show Music
Murder on the Blackpool Express 12 July 2023 TV series Crime

What to Watch on BBC iPlayer in UAE in June 2023?

BBC iPlayer is a free streaming service that allows people to watch various dramas, documentaries, and live broadcasts. It’s a free streaming platform, which means, unlike other streaming platforms, there is no BBC iPlayer free trial.

The only BBC iPlayer subscription cost you’ll need to access BBC iPlayer is that of acquiring a UK TV license, which costs, £159/yr. In addition, you must have a BBC iPlayer account. If you delete BBC iPlayer account, all the data will be lost, and you must register afresh to reaccess iPlayer.

Just like that, you’ll be one click away from enjoying the best upcoming shows on BBC iPlayer in June 2023 on your screen.

Below is the list of shows appearing in June on BBC iPlayer.

Name Release Date Genre Style IMDb Rating
Trooping the Colour Jun 17, 2023 Event The King’s Parade
Men’s Scottish Cup Final Jun 3, 2023 Sports Football Highlights
MOTD Live: FA Cup Final Jun 3, 2023 Sport Final Highlights: Man City v Man United
BBC Cardiff Singer of the World Competition 2023 June 10, 2023 Music Music Competition
River City September 24, 2002 Drama Series 5.5/10
Hidden Treasures of the National Trust May 12, 2023 Documentary Series 7.7/10
Rugby Challenge Cup 2023 Quarter Final June 17-18 Sports Challenge Cup
Our Flag Means Death 4 Jan 2023 Action-Adventure Series 7.8/10
Glastonbury Festival 2023 21, June 2023 Music Live Concert 9.0/10
Tennis: Eastbourne 2023 26, June 2023 Tennis Live Sports
George Michael 25, June 2023 Music Live Music
Royal Ascot 2023 20, June 2023 Horse Race Live Sports
Pirelli Grand Prix DU Canada 2023 16, June 2023 F1 Race Live Sports
Gods of Tennis 4, June 2023 Documentary Sports
NBA Finals 2023 18, June 2023 Basketball Sports
Manchester United vs Manchester City 2023 3, June 2023 Men FA Cup Sports

What to Watch on BBC iPlayer in UAE in May 2023?

On BBC iPlayer in May 2023, you could have been in for a treat. The month was full of a fascinating mix of dramas, documentaries, and comedies from around the world. Below is the entertaining content that was available on BBC iPlayer on May.

Name Release Date Genre Style IMDb Rating
Murderville 17 April 2023 Comedy Series 6.9/10
King Charles’s Coronation 6 May 2023 Event Coronation Concert
Colin from Accounts 11 April 2023 Comedy Series 8.2/10
Inside No 9 3 Feb 2014 Comedy Series 8.5/10
Guilt 24 Oct 2019 Comedy-Crime-Drama Series 7.4/10
Stacey Dooley: Ready for War 12 Apr 2023 Documentary Film
Mysterious Mr Lagerfeld 26 Apr 2023 Documentary Film 7.0/10
MasterChef UK 10 Apr 2023 Food Reality-TV
Our Changing Planet Apr 24, 2022 Nature Series 6.7/10
Superworm Dec 25, 2021 Animation Film 6.5/10
Deborah James 17 Apr 2023 Documentary Film
Out of the Shadows Apr 19, 2023 Documentary Film
Women Scottish Cup 2023 Final May 14, 2023 Sports Football
The Snail and the Whale 25 Dec 2019 Animation Film 7.3/10
British Cult 5 Apr 2023 Documentary Film 7.1/10
Inside the Factory April 4, 2023 Food Series 7.9/10
Gordon Ramsays Future Food stars final 31 Mar 2022 Food Series 6.0/10
Annika 20 May 2023 Crime-Drama Series 7.1/10
Ride London 26 May 2023 Sport Cycling
Prime Minister’s Questions 17 May 2023 Live Show
Steeltown Murders 15 May 2023 Crime-Drama Series 7.2/10
Waterloo Roads 9 Mar 2006 Drama-Romance Series 7.1/10
Bellator MMA 296 April 2, 2021 Sport Series 7.7/10
Women’s FA Cup 2023 May 14, 2023 Sport Football

What to Watch on BBC iPlayer in UAE in April 2023?

If you are wondering about what to watch on BBC iPlayer in UAE, we’ve got you covered.

Below, we’ve unveiled the must-watch lineup on BBC iPlayer. Including a wide range of exciting dramas, eye-opening documentaries, and hilarious comedies that will keep you wanting more.

Here is how BBC iPlayer planned for you in April 2023.

Name Release Date Genre Style IMDb Rating
Snooker World Championship 2023 15 Apr 2023 Sport Snooker
Dog Days First shown7 Apr 2023 Crime-Drama Series 8.8/10
Mood 1 Mar 2022 Drama-Music Series 6.2/10
Project Icon 26 Mar 2023 Reality-TV Series 6.6/10
Blue Lights 27 Mar 2023 Crime-Drama Series 8.2/10
Highland Cops 2 Apr 2023 Documentary Series 7.7/10
Rain Dogs 4 Apr 2023 Comedy-Drama Series 7.0/10
Control Room 17 Jul 2022 Drama Series 5.6/10
The Cleaner 10 Sep 2021 Comedy Series 7.1/10
FBoy Island NZ 24 Mar 2023 Reality TV Series

What to Watch on BBC iPlayer in UAE in March 2023?

Were you wondering about what to watch on BBC iPlayer in UAE in March? Here are some you might have missed on BBC iPlayer.

Name Release Date Genre Style IMDb Rating
Top Gear 20 Oct 2002 Adventure-Comedy Series 8.7/10
In The Night Garden 20 Mar 2007 Animation Series 6.6/10
Vigil 29 Aug 2021 Crime-Drama Series 7.4/10
Killing Eve 15 Sep 2018 Action-Adventure Series 8.1/10
Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars May 24, 2023 RealityTV Game-Show 6.4/10
An Irish Goodbye Mar 4, 2022 Drama Short Comedy Film 7.2/10
Great Expectations 26 Mar 2023 Drama Series 5.2/10
Formula 1 2023 19 March 2023 Sport Formula 1
Phoenix Rise 21 Mar 2023 Drama Series 8.2/10
Race Across the world 3 Mar 2019 Documentary Series 8.3/10
Red Nose Day 15 Aug 2022 Drama-Horror Series 6.4/10
Bellator MMA March 10, 2023 Sport MMA
Beyond Paradise 24 Feb 2023 Crime-Drama Series 7.4/10
Interior Design 2 Feb 2021 Game-Show Series 6.5/10

What are the Most Popular Shows and Films to Stream on BBC iPlayer in 2023?

Find out the best entertainment on BBC iPlayer in 2023 as we look at the most popular shows and movies people want to watch. Here is what BBC iPlayer has in store for you.

BBC Popular Shows, Movies and Sports

EastEnders Six Nations 2023
Nighty Night Mum
Phillip Schofield: The Interview BAFTA Awards 2023
Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star
The Gold Bluey
Have I Got News for You Match of the Day
The Gallows Pole Staged
Better FA Women Super League 2023
The Great British Sewing Bee Queen of Oz
Question Time Ten Pound Poms
Coronation Tailors: Fit for a King Black Ops
Steeltown Murders Fleabag
Who Do You Think You Are? Clive Myrie’s Italian Road Trip
Handover and Allocation Draw Have I Got a Bit More News for You
Northern Irish Premier League 2022/23 Gardeners’ World
Dragons’ Den Super Bowl LVII
FA Cup 2023 The Responder
Spy in the Ocean Once Upon a Time in Northern Ireland
Lost: Those Who Kill Lionel Messi: Destiny

FAQs – What to Watch on BBC iPlayer in 2023

Doctor Who is the most-watched show on BBC iPlayer with 56,100,000 views, followed by Peaky Blinders with 55,609,000. Regarding events, FIFA World Cup is the most watched, with 92,267,000 views.

To watch BBC online in UAE free, you must use a quality VPN service like ExpressVPN. With such a quality VPN, you only need to connect to a server in the UK. By doing so, your IP address will be masked to that of the UK. Therefore allowing you to access BBC iPlayer in UAE for free.

The best VPN that works well with BBC iPlayer is ExpressVPN. It has a large server network of over 3000 in 94 countries, including five in the UK.

Wrap Up

There is a wealth of fascinating material waiting to whisk us away to new and familiar places in the ever-expanding world of digital entertainment. BBC iPlayer’s wide variety of family shows, documentaries, Oscar nominees and romantic films has made it a standout among the many streaming services available today.

BBC iPlayer, however, is only accessible in the UK. Therefore, you will need a VPN which is ExpressVPN to watch BBC iPlayer in UAE.

There is a lot of content available for streaming on BBC iPlayer. Therefore, there is no need to wonder what to watch on BBC iPlayer in 2023 in UAE for there is something for everyone.

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