How to Watch The Long Shadow in UAE on YouTube TV


“The Long Shadow” chronicles the intense and prolonged manhunt for Peter Sutcliffe, infamously known as the Yorkshire Ripper. You can watch The Long Shadow in UAE on YouTube TV starting 21 March with ExpressVPN.

For anyone who wonders how to watch YouTube TV in UAE, the solution lies in utilizing a reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN helps you bypass geographical restrictions by masking your real location and providing you with an IP address in the USA. Let’s see how to watch this amazing show with a VPN.

How to Watch The Long Shadow in UAE on YouTube TV? [Quick Steps]

Here’s how to watch The Long Shadow in UAE on YouTube TV:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  2. Choose a server in the US, preferably New York.
  3. Go to YouTube TV‘s website.
  4. Search for The Long Shadow.
  5. Enjoy the show!

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The YouTube TV price in UAE is a crucial factor for expats who want to keep up with their favorite shows without breaking the bank.

Where to Watch The Long Shadow in UAE?

To watch The Long Shadow in UAE, YouTube TV is your primary destination, featuring some of the best shows in UAE on YouTube TV.

Viewers in regions beyond the United States, looking for what to watch on YouTube TV in UAE, may encounter geo-restrictions. Utilizing ExpressVPN enables these audiences to seamlessly access YouTube TV and immerse themselves in The Long Shadow, along with a vast selection of other captivating content.

While Sundance Now also presents this series, YouTube TV is the go-to channel for watching The Long Shadow. This choice ensures that viewers are privy to a rich content selection, making YouTube TV the premier choice for this event.

What is the Release Date of The Long Shadow on YouTube TV?

The Long Shadow is set to premiere on YouTube TV on 21 March 2024, offering audiences a captivating viewing experience.

Regardless of your location in UAE, by using a reliable VPN, you can tune in on this date to catch every moment of this much-anticipated series, ensuring you’re part of the global audience engaged in the unfolding drama.

How to Watch The Long Shadow in UAE on YouTube TV for Free?

Viewers eager to watch The Long Shadow for free can take advantage of YouTube TV Free Trial in UAE. By connecting through a VPN, international audiences can access this offer, allowing them to delve into the series without incurring costs.

What is the Storyline of The Long Shadow?

The Long Shadow is a riveting ITV drama that chronicles the intensive five-year manhunt for Peter Sutcliffe, infamously known as the Yorkshire Ripper.

Set between 1975 and 1980, the series delves into the grim reality of Sutcliffe’s crimes, including the murder of 13 women and the attempted murder of seven others, painting a chilling picture of one of the most notorious serial killers in British history.

At its core, The Long Shadow places a significant focus on the police’s relentless pursuit to bring Sutcliffe to justice.

More importantly, it honors the victims, their families, and the survivors, offering a respectful and thought-provoking look into their stories. This narrative choice shifts the spotlight from the killer to the profound impact of his crimes, highlighting the series’ depth and sensitivity towards the real-life tragedies it represents.

What is the Cast & Crew of The Long Shadow?

The Long Shadow boasts a stellar cast, including Toby Jones, David Morrissey, and Michael McElhatton, who bring to life the harrowing tale of the hunt for Peter Sutcliffe, known as the Yorkshire Ripper.

How Many Episodes Does The Long Shadow Have?

The Long Shadow consists of seven gripping episodes that intricately detail the investigation into the Yorkshire Ripper case:

Episode Release Date Overview
1.1 Mar 21, 2024 In Leeds, the police tackle the murder of a woman, initiating the series’ intense investigation.
1.2 Oct 1, 2023 The police face the reality of a serial killer after more murders, with a survivor’s testimony offering potential breakthroughs.
1.3 Oct 8, 2023 The focus shifts to Bradford, highlighting another murder and the perilous undercover work of a female officer.
1.4 Dec 7, 2023 Detectives find hope in catching the killer after a woman survives an attack, focusing on a suspect in Leeds.
1.5 Oct 10, 2023 The investigation revisits past attacks to identify more victims, spurred by a letter from the killer.
1.6 Oct 10, 2023 The police’s public appeal aims to find the killer amidst growing concerns about the investigation’s direction.
1.7 Oct 10, 2023 The killer’s arrest and trial reveal the investigative failures, providing a somber reflection on the case.

Where Can I Find The Trailer of The Long Shadow?

Discover the gripping trailer of The Long Shadow, giving you a sneak peek into the intense drama awaiting you. For those curious about how to watch YouTube TV in UAE, this trailer offers a glimpse of the compelling content available on the platform.

Social Media Buzz of The Long Shadow

The Long Shadow is generating significant buzz on social media, capturing the attention of audiences worldwide. For viewers exploring how to watch YouTube TV in UAE, the conversation around this series on platforms like Twitter is a testament to its global appeal.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch The Long Shadow in UAE on YouTube TV

ExpressVPN is renowned as the best YouTube TV VPN in UAE, boasting speeds reaching up to 89 Mbps. This exceptional performance ensures viewers can watch The Long Shadow in UAE on YouTube TV seamlessly and free from buffering interruptions.

ExpressVPN’s expansive server network in 105 countries includes specialized servers for various regions, making it highly effective at accessing YouTube TV. This extensive server availability is crucial for audiences aiming to watch The Long Shadow in UAE on YouTube TV, providing consistent and reliable access.


How to Watch The Long Shadow in UAE on YouTube TV with ExpressVPN

Recommended Server: New York

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The Long Shadow

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Yes, The Long Shadow is based on the true story of the Yorkshire Ripper, depicting the extensive manhunt for serial killer Peter Sutcliffe.

The Long Shadow is a gripping drama that narrates the intense and prolonged pursuit of Peter Sutcliffe, known as the Yorkshire Ripper, who terrorized the north of England in the late 1970s.

The Long Shadow unfolds its chilling narrative across seven meticulously crafted episodes, each delving deeper into the investigation and its impacts.

To watch The Long Shadow on YouTube TV in UAE, use ExpressVPN to access the channel, ensuring you don’t miss this compelling series regardless of your location.

Using a VPN like ExpressVPN to watch shows like The Long Shadow in UAE is legal in most countires, but always ensure you’re complying with YouTube TV’s terms of service and the laws of your.

Wrapping Up

The Long Shadow, set to air on March 21, 2024, offers a deep dive into one of Britain’s most notorious criminal cases. Don’t miss out on this intense drama and ensure you’re all set to watch The Long Shadow in UAE on YouTube TV.

To access The Long Shadow from in UAE, ExpressVPN is essential. It helps you overcome geo-blocking, ensuring you can stream the series on YouTube TV no matter where you are.

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