How to Download and Watch BBC iPlayer on Android in Germany in 2024 [Easy Guide]


Navigating the digital landscape outside the UK can often mean missing out on your favorite BBC programs due to geo-restrictions. For British expats and international viewers alike, the desire to access BBC iPlayer on Android in Germany presents a unique set of challenges. I have found an effective tool to overcome these geographical barriers, and it’s called ExpressVPN.

This service provides a reliable and secure way to grant access to the iPlayer’s extensive library from in Germany. It is the answer to how to watch BBC iPlayer in Germany, ensuring you never miss out on your favorite shows. With ExpressVPN, viewers can enjoy seamless streaming of British TV content on their Android devices without worrying about geo-blocks.

In this blog, I’ll guide you through the steps to download and watch BBC iPlayer on Android in Germany, ensuring you’re well-equipped to keep up with your favorite shows anytime and anywhere.

How to Watch BBC iPlayer on Android Mobile [Easy Steps]

You can watch BBC iPlayer on Android in Germany on your smartphone by downloading it’s app from the Google Play Store. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Sign up for a trusted VPN. ExpressVPN comes highly recommended.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your Android device.
  3. Connect to the UK server. The Docklands server is the preferred server.
  4. Before proceeding, clear the cache and data for the Google Play Store.
  5. Set up a new Google account with the UK as the region to download the BBC iPlayer app.
  6. Install the app, sign in, and watch BBC iPlayer on Android devices.
  7. Enjoy streaming your favorite BBC iPlayer shows!

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How to Watch BBC iPlayer on Android TV?

Here are the quick steps to watch BBC iPlayer on Android in Germany on TV:

  1. On your Android TV, go to the Google Play Store.
    go-to-the-google-playstore (1)

    Open Google play store

  2. Click on the Play Store’s Search icon.

    click-on-the-search-icon (1)

  3. Enter BBC iPlayer and browse for it.
  4. From the search results, select the BBC iPlayer app.
  5. On the subsequent screen, select the Install option.
  6. Then, to access the BBC iPlayer app, click the Open button.
  7. Stream your preferred content.
  8. Login to access offline content and receive personalized notifications.

Watch BBC iPlayer on Android TV Through Web Browser

Follow these easy, quick steps to enjoy BBC iPlayer movies on Android TV while using a web browser:

  1. A web browser on your Android TV is required for this procedure.
  2. Install one of the finest web browsers for Android TV.
  3. First, open a web browser on Android TV, such as Firefox or Chrome.
  4. Browse the BBC iPlayer website.

    go-to-bbc-iplayer-website (1)

      Go to the BBC iPlayer website.
  5. Visit the app collection and select a topic to stream.
  6. To have customized access to BBC iPlayer, sign in to your account.

How to Install BBC iPlayer on Android TV in Germany?

Following these steps, you can stream BBC iPlayer on Android in Germany on TV.

It consists of the steps listed below.

Downloader Installation on Android TV

  1. On Android TV, you’ll need Downloader to install third-party apps. The app is available in the Google Play Store.
  2. Start by turning on your Android TV and then open the Google Play Store.
  3. Next, on the Play Store, hit the Search icon.
  4. Finally, in the search bar, input and search for Downloader.
  5. From the app search results, pick the Downloader app icon.


      Choose the Downloader icon.
  6. To install the Downloader app, select the Install button.
  7. Similarly, to browse the sideloaded APK files on your Android TV, download the Sideload Installer app from the Play Store.

Permit Unknown Sources

  1. You will now update the default settings on your TV so you can download third-party apps easily. Follow these directions attentively and complete the following tasks.
  2. Access the app Settings from the Android TV home screen.
  3. Select the Security & Restrictions tab.

    choose-security-restrictions-tab (1)

      Choose Security & Restrictions.
  4. After that, select Unknown Sources.
  5. Finally, click on the Downloader option and toggle it on.

Using Downloader, install BBC iPlayer

  1. To begin, open the new Downloader app on your Android TV.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions and then select Allow.
  3. Go to Downloader and input the AFTVnews plugin to download APK files.
  4. Enter the BBC iPlayer Android TV APK URL.
  5. Click the Go button to download the BBC iPlayer app’s APK file.
  6. Then, on your TV, install the BBC iPlayer APK.
  7. Finally, allow the installation to end before activating any VPNs on your Android TV.
  8. Now, open the BBC iPlayer Android TV, sign in with your details, and watch the stuff.

How to Cast BBC iPlayer on Android TV?

The BBC iPlayer app application for Android and iOS devices lets you cast its content on your TV. To cast the app application, follow these steps.

Cast BBC iPlayer on Android/iOS devices

Here are the quick steps on how to cast BBC iPlayer on Android/iOS devices:

  1. Link your smartphone and Android TV to the same WiFi network.
  2. Open your smartphone’s BBC iPlayer app. Install the app from the Play Store or App Store if you don’t already have it.
  3. Start the BBC iPlayer app and, if prompted, sign in with your account.
  4. In the top-right area of your screen, tap the Cast button.

    cast-on-bbc-iplayer (1)

      Choose the cast icon.
  5. Select your Android TV from the device list on the screen.
  6. Play any video from the BBC iPlayer app now.
  7. It will be streamed on your Android TV.
  8. To terminate the casting, hit the Cast icon and select Stop.

Cast BBC iPlayer on PC

To cast BBC iPlayer on PC, here are the quick steps:

  1. Link your Android TV and Chrome browser installed on Windows or Mac to the same WiFi network.
  2. Launch the Chrome web browser on your desktop.
  3. In your browser, go to the BBC iPlayer website.
  4. Choose the Cast option by right-clicking on the screen.

    bbc-iplayer-on-android-tv (1)

      Choose the cast option.
  5. Pick your Android TV from the device list on your screen.
  6. Open the desired movie and enjoy it on the TV screen.

Availability of BBC iPlayer on Android Devices

BBC iPlayer offers an extensive range of content, from gripping dramas to informative documentaries, all available at your fingertips. However, it’s important to note that the availability of the BBC iPlayer app can vary depending on the device you are using. For users who prefer a larger screen experience, the BBC iPlayer app for Android TV is tailored for devices like Sony, Panasonic, and Philips Android TVs.

If you encounter the BBC iPlayer only works in the UK message, remember that this is due to geographical restrictions. Using a VPN can help you overcome this hurdle. Ensure that the VPN you choose is reliable and capable of evading BBC iPlayer’s VPN detection, as some users have reported issues such as BBC iPlayer detecting VPN or a VPN service not working with BBC iPlayer.

For the best user experience, always look for the latest version of the BBC iPlayer app in the Google Play Store and watch for any updates that could enhance performance and compatibility.

Accessing BBC iPlayer on Multiple Devices with DNS Services

DNS services provide a viable solution when you’re eager to access BBC iPlayer on multiple devices, including those not typically supported by VPN apps. By configuring your network with a Smart DNS, you can enjoy BBC iPlayer content on various devices, such as gaming consoles like PS4/PS5, Smart TVs, and streaming sticks like FireStick without individual VPN installations.

Here’s how you can set up DNS services to stream BBC iPlayer on multiple devices:

  1. Choose a DNS service known for reliably unblocking BBC iPlayer.
  2. Follow the provider’s setup guides to adjust the DNS settings on each device.
  3. Connect all devices to the network that’s configured with the DNS settings.

It’s important to remember that while DNS services can help bypass geographical restrictions, they don’t offer the same level of encryption as VPNs. Therefore, if privacy is a concern, especially when dealing with issues like BBC iPlayer VPN not working or iPlayer not working with VPN, a VPN might still be the preferred choice.

What to Watch on BBC iPlayer on Your Android Device?

The BBC iPlayer catalog boasts an impressive array of TV series, cartoons, popular movies, and sports programs. If you’re using an Android device to access BBC iPlayer, explore the table below to discover the range of movies, shows, and live sports available for streaming.


To install BBC iPlayer, you must first need a reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN which will help you change the region of your Play Store because BBC iPlayer is only available in the UK Play Store. After changing your IP address to the UK region, you can easily install BBC iPlayer and enjoy.

To access the BBC iPlayer app or website, your preferred device must have Android 5.0 or higher or Fire OS 5 or higher. You can update it if it’s running an older Android or Fire OS version.

If you are looking to solve BBC iPlayer not working on Android issue, this might happen due to multiple reasons like clock time error, or clear cache. Here’s how to find it out:

  • Verify the time on your system clock.
  • If your device time isn’t exactly right (and doesn’t match what I think the time is right now), BBC iPlayer may have trouble playing content.
  • On Android, delete the app cache and data.
  • Choose the Clear Cache option by clicking in Settings > Apps > BBC iPlayer.
  • On the same page, select Erase Data to clear the app data completely.
  • Afterward, sign in again and attempt to watch a program.

Yes! It is free to download. Before you begin, you must download and install the BBC iPlayer downloads app.

Yes, the BBC iPlayer app is designed to work on Android smartphones and tablets. Ensure your tablet runs on an Android version that supports the app, download it via the Google Play Store or APK file, and use a VPN if you’re accessing it from outside the UK.

Yes, you can download content from BBC iPlayer to watch offline on your Android devices. Just ensure you have the latest version of the app installed, sufficient storage space, and remain within the UK or connected to a reliable VPN if you’re in Germany.


Accessing BBC iPlayer on Android in Germany can be a smooth and hassle-free experience with the right tools and know-how. By using a VPN like ExpressVPN, you can bypass geographical restrictions and enjoy a plethora of BBC content from your Android device, regardless of where you are.

Remember, staying up-to-date with the latest versions of your Android OS and the BBC iPlayer app is crucial for optimal performance and access to the freshest content. If you ever encounter any hiccups with the app, quickly checking your connection or a simple cache can often resolve these issues promptly.

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