SonyLIV Not Working with VPN in Germany? How to Fix it [2023 Updated]

Is SonyLiv not working with VPN in Germany? Don’t worry and read this guide as we provide you with different solutions to fix this issue.

SonyLIV is a famous OTT streaming platform, thus watching it outside of India may be difficult because of the geo-restrictions.  Our research shows that with a reliable VPN, you can stream SonyLIV in Germany or from anywhere in the world.

But what if you already have your own VPN app and it’s still not working in Germany?

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With our assistance, you will be able to watch SonyLIV app episodes without being distracted by error notifications. If your best VPN for streaming isn’t cooperating, it’s safe to suppose that SonyLIV has blocked the VPN servers (located in India) with which you’re attempting to connect. In the end, this implies you won’t be able to access your account until you return to India.

Why SonyLIV Doesn’t Work with My VPN in Germany?

If the SonyLIV detects that you are attempting to access the platform from a restrictive territory (i.e. outside of India), it will immediately block you. Certain regions will block access to SonyLIV owing to licensing rules or legislation in that country that oppose premium VPN use.

In reality, if we attempt to unblock SonyLIV website from the United States, we won’t get that far. Therefore, we have discussed some quick fixes in this guide just for you. You can also see the quick fixes for Disney Plus and Kayo Sports not Working.

Quick Fixes to Troubleshoot SonyLIV Not Working with VPN in Germany

Are you worried because your VPN is not properly unblocking SonyLiv the Indian largest OTT entertainment platform? Brace yourselves! Below we have discussed the quick fixes in detail to overcome your problem.

However, do keep in mind that sometimes VPNs fail to unblock the platforms. For that, see the quick fixes for NordVPN if it is not working on your side even being one of the best VPN providers.

And without further ado, here are the quick fixes if your SonyLIV not working with VPN in Germany do these fixing and watch Sonyliv without any hassle:

Delete your browser cookies

Cookies placed on your devices assist the websites in determining where you are accessing SonyLIV content from. The SonyLIV platform will no longer understand your prior IP address if you remove your cookies. In other words, you can reconnect as a “new” customer to resolve the issue of SonyLIV not working with VPN in Germany.

Try connecting to a different VPN server

If your SonyLIV not working with VPN it’s possible that the VPN (Virtual Private Network) service you’re attempting to use for SonyLIV broadcasting is operating slowly or even not. To fix this, try connecting to a new server in India to see whether it resolves your issue.

Contact your VPN’s support team

Based on the VPN service you’re using, you could be able to contact the team directly to ask them questions about why SonyLIV isn’t working. Many quality VPN service providers offer 24/7 customer support that can significantly help you fix this issue once and for all.

Uninstall and reinstall your VPN software

In rare circumstances, resetting your VPN services can resolve connectivity issues and allow you to access SonyLIV.

If you’ve exhausted all of the probable solutions listed above and are still experiencing trouble, you’re definitely better off paying up for a better VPN. Use a VPN to watch Sonyliv without any issues.

How is SonyLIV Detecting My VPN in Germany?

If your VPN service isn’t very effective and doesn’t conceal your true location, SonyLIV will block the server you’re using, rendering your VPN ineffective. Poor VPNs take a long time to change those banned servers, leaving you without a connection to fix SonyLIV in Germany.

The right VPNs however do an excellent job of substituting blocked servers. That means that if SonyLIV disables a particular server you’re using, a substitute will be up and running relatively soon.

Sonyliv Not Working on Browser  in Germany– How to Fix?

To stream SonyLiv on your browser, clear the app data and cache and try again. It should resolve the problem.

Furthermore, follow the troubleshooting instructions for the Chrome browser listed below:

Chrome (Google): Go to chrome:/settings/content/cookies and uncheck Block third-party cookies.

Facing issues with other streaming services too like Amazon Prime? Here are our quick fixes for Amazon Prime in Germany.


Now you must have got the solution of SonyLIV not working with VPN in Germany connection. Try one of our provided fixes above to watch India’s largest OTT entertainment platform which streams amazing content like Gulak and Piku.

If you like India’s content you can also read our quick guide on how to watch Disney+ Hotstar in Germany, and also Voot in Germany. Moreover, if you live in Germany and face issues in Jadoo, we have a guide for you – Jadoo not working.

If you find any difficulty or have any queries please let us know in the comment box and we’ll be glad to assist you! Happy Streaming!

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