How much is CraveTV in India? All Plans & Price Included


Most of us wonder how much does CraveTV cost in India? Well, the cost of Crave Total Plan is 15.92 USD (1314.55 INR) per month and the cost of Crave Mobile plan is 7.96 USD (657.27 INR) per month.

Crave Total Plan allows the best streaming quality and multiple device logins, and you can also download the shows and movies for offline watching. The Crave Mobile plan includes high-quality streaming, no downloads, and just one device. Now you know well how much is CraveTV in India.

CraveTV is a Canadian-based streaming platform that is owned by Bell Media. It has an amazing collection of movies and TV shows like We Own This City, Tokyo Vice, and The Time Traveler’s Wife.

CraveTV cannot accessed in India because of geo-restriction. However, if you want to access the vast content of Crave library you can use a VPN like ExpressVPN to bypass the geo-restriction and can watch CraveTV in India.

Without any further ado, let’s find out the details about how much is CraveTV in India and what you will get with the Crave subscription cost in India!

How Much is CraveTV in India? [Simple Guide]

Crave currently has two subscription plans. You will have access to the same content library with both of the CraveTV pricing plans. However, with Crave Total you can watch the content on 4 devices.

Crave Mobile is 7.96 USD (657.27 INR) per month, while Crave Total is 15.92 USD (1314.55 INR) per month. You can also add Starz to your CraveTV plan. Here is our comprehensive guide on how much is CraveTV in India!

Plan Price Devices Video Quality
Total Plan 15.92 USD (1314.55 INR) 4 1080p
Mobile Plan 7.96 USD (657.27 INR) 1 720p

Now you have a clear idea about how much is CraveTV in India and which plan is best for your needs and wants.

What Do I Get With Each CraveTV Plan in India?

All Crave content is now available with all Crave membership plans from October 26, 2021. Thousands of hours of the top shows, movies, and more are available from HBO Max, HBO, Crave Originals, Showtime, and more, regardless of the plan you choose. Crave users can watch Crave content in both French and English.

Crave Mobile allows you to watch Crave shows and movies on either your mobile device or your PC/Mac in India, but only on one device at a time. Through Crave Mobile, you can get a high-resolution video, which should be sufficient for a smaller screen (up to 720p). One drawback is that you can’t download content or cast it on a TV from your smartphone.

Crave Total, on the other hand, offers better video quality (1080p), allows you to cast content on your big screen, download it to view later, and watch up to four streams at once.

The Starz add-on gives you access to STARZ’s bold original series, as well as a larger selection of movies, including a vast collection of modern classics like The Gaslit, as well as two Starz live channels.

How Much Does CraveTV Cost a Month in India?

Crave is expensive as compared to other streaming platforms like Hulu and ESPN. The Crave Total Plan, which includes the finest quality streaming, downloads, and multiple devices, costs 15.92 USD(1314.55 INR) per month and for 7.96 USD (657.27 INR) per month, you may get the Crave Mobile plan, which includes high-quality streaming, no downloads, and just one device.

CraveTV lovers are curious to know is Crave free in India to watch? No, CraveTV is not free in India. But you can get a free trial if you sign up directly from Crave. This offer is only valid for new subscribers.

Well, now you know how much is Crave per month in India, and to watch the content offered by that streaming platform you have to pay to Crave monthly fee just like to watch Paramount shows you have to pay for a Paramount+ subscription.

Due to the high Crave price in India we often hear questions like is Crave worth it? Yes, the high Crave cost in India is worth it because CraveTV has blockbuster movies including HBO and Showtime series. The Crave Total plans allow the downloads, best quality streaming, and multiple devices.

What is Crave?

CraveTV is a Canadian-based streaming platform, which is owned by Bell Media. The platform competes directly with other subscription-based streaming services operating such as Netflix, Paramount+, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and, Apple TV+.

Most of us wondered is CraveTV free with Bell? Yes, CraveTV is free with Bell. CraveTV is available to all Bell and Bell Aliant subscribers with The Movie NetworkTM (TMN) at no additional cost.

Crave has a large catalog that includes HBO Max classics and Showtime hits, as well as shows from other providers. The platform has also made an investment in original programming in order to compete with Netflix.

With Carve subscription, you can watch all the best HBO Max movies and shows in India. So, stop wondering how much is CraveTV in India and go get your subscription now.

A 7-day free trial will be available to everyone who signs up for Crave for the first time just like Paramount+ free trial. That way, you can decide if the service is right for you and whether or not you want to pay for a subscription.

What Shows does Crave TV Offer in India in 2024?

The streaming site offers an exciting catalog of TV shows from legendary channels like HBO and Showtime. We have shortlisted some of the best shows on Crave TV to watch in 2023:

The Crave mobile subscription will cost you only 7.96 USD(657.27 INR) in India. Subscribers can only use one device at a time to access the entire Crave content catalogue on the web or on a mobile device.

The Crave Total subscription cost only 15.92 USD(1314.55 INR) in India . You get the same broader selection of HBO series, some HBO Max episodes, Showtime, and current movies.

Yes, Crave has yearly subscription in India. Crave charges 125.90 USD(10395.81 INR) per year for the Crave Mobile plan and 251.69 USD(20782.55 INR) per year for the Crave Total plan, which includes two free months.

No, you don’t have to pay for Crave on Roku in India. If you subscribe via Roku, you’ll be able to watch Crave for the duration of your prepaid membership period.


We hope that our guide on how much is CraveTV in India is helpful for you and now you have a clear idea about CraveTV subscription plans and prices.

You can watch Crave on Roku in India for the duration of your prepaid membership period if you wondered how much is CraveTV on Roku in India.

To get an uninterrupted streaming experience and to access the extensive content library of CraveTV in India you can use the best VPN for streaming.

If you have any further questions related to how much is Crave a month do let us know in the comment section below.

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