How To Watch Chelsea vs Everton in India on Discovery Plus

Watch Chelsea vs Everton in India on Discovery Plus

Get ready for a heart-pumping UEFA Premier League spectacle as Chelsea and Everton gear up to face off in a match that’s more than just a game—it’s a celebration of English football at its finest. If you’re looking to watch Chelsea vs Everton in India on Discovery Plus, let ExpressVPN be your golden ticket to the front row on April 15, 2024.

Leveraging a VPN allows fans to dive deep into the excitement of the 2024 UEFA Premier League despite geo-restriction. This match is a display of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship that defines the apex of English football. Discover how to watch Discovery Plus in India and be transported right into the electrifying atmosphere of Stamford Bridge.

How to Watch Chelsea vs Everton in India on Discovery Plus? [Quick Steps]

Set yourself up to watch Chelsea vs Everton in India on Discovery Plus with these streamlined steps:

  • Join ExpressVPN for smooth, uninterrupted streaming.
  • Download Install ExpressVPN on your devices.
  • Select a UK server (Docklands) for peak performance.
  • Head over to Discovery Plus, and sign-in.
  • Immerse in the Chelsea vs Everton excitement, feeling every goal and tackle.

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Before diving in, review Discovery Plus price in India to pick the perfect plan.

Where to Watch Chelsea vs Everton in India?

Watch Chelsea vs Everton in India on Discovery Plus UK library. This eagerly awaited match, featuring two of the Premier League’s heavyweights, is a must-watch for any football fan looking for high-stakes competition and unparalleled skill.

Fans in India, especially those encountering geographical restrictions, should consider ExpressVPN as their solution. This powerful tool enables seamless access to make your own what to watch on Discovery Plus in India Wishlist, ensuring you stay entertained regardless of regional blocks.

Alternatives like Sky Sports or BT Sport will also feature the match, but Discovery Plus is the preferred platform for extensive Premier League coverage. Explore the best Discovery Plus sports in India, including exclusive Premier League matches like Chelsea vs Everton.

When is Chelsea vs Everton?

The Chelsea vs Everton date is April 15, 2024, a match that promises to be a highlight of the Premier League season. This anticipated game draws fans from around the globe, setting the stage for an unforgettable clash.

Discovery Plus offers a front-row seat to all the action live from Stamford Bridge. Consider using ExpressVPN to access the game, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of this epic showdown.

What is Chelsea vs Everton Start Time in India?

The match is scheduled for 16th April 2024 at 04:30:00 (UTC+5.5). Fans looking to catch this intense rivalry can tune in to Discovery Plus to keep up with Chelsea vs Everton live score.

To watch Chelsea vs Everton in India on Discovery Plus, using ExpressVPN is highly recommended. This will help bypass any geo-restrictions, offering seamless access to the game.

Where is Chelsea vs Everton Going to Be Held?

The iconic Stamford Bridge Stadium in London, England, is set to host this thrilling encounter between Chelsea and Everton. This historic venue, known for its electrifying atmosphere, will no doubt add to the intensity of the match.

Remember, leveraging ExpressVPN can help you watch Chelsea vs Everton in India on Discovery Plus.

How Much Does TNT Sports via Discovery Plus Cost?

Step into the elite world of sports broadcasting with TNT Sports on Discovery Plus, now available for INR ₹ 3,253.97 (£30.99). This plan is specifically designed for the discerning sports fan, offering a premium portal to watch Chelsea vs Everton 2024 in India.

The platform does offer a Discovery Plus free trial in India, giving new subscribers a glimpse into a broad spectrum of sports narratives. It’s crucial to understand that TNT Sports’ premium content is not included in this offer, underscoring its premium position.

The magnetic charm of the platform and the superior broadcasting quality of this channel is sure to vanish the thought to cancel Discovery Plus subscription in India.

What is the Predicted Lineup for Chelsea vs Everton?

For fans tuning in to watch Chelsea vs Everton in India on Discovery Plus, the anticipation builds as the match approaches.

While specific Chelsea vs Everton lineups are subject to final decisions by the team managers, here are the predicted lineup.

Chelsea F.C.(4-2-3-1 Formation)

Position Player Name Number
GK D. Petrovic 28
RB M. Gusto 27
CB A. Disasi 2
CB B. Badiashile 5
LB M. Cucurella 3
CDM M. Caicedo 25
CDM E. Fernandez 8
RW C. Palmer 20
CAM C. Gallagher 23
LW M. Mudryk 10
ST N. Jackson (Beto) 15

Everton F.C. (4-4-1-1 Formation)

Position Player Name Number
GK J. Pickford 7
RB B. Godfrey 22
CB J. Tarkowski 6
CB J. Branthwaite 32
LB V. Mykolenko 19
RM D. McNeil 7
CM A. Doucoure 16
CM I. Gueye 27
LM A. Young 18
CAM A. Onana 8
ST J. Pickford (assumed duplicate, actual player not shown) 7 (assumed duplicate)

What is the Chelsea vs Everton Head-To-Head Record?

The rivalry between the teams has given fans numerous memorable matches over the years. Here’s a look at Chelsea vs Everton’s H2H record to provide insights into how evenly matched these teams are.

Chelsea vs Everton Head to Head:

Team Premier League Form Overall Form
Chelsea D W D D W D W D W W
Everton D L L D D D L L D D

This historical matchup data suggests that games between Everton F.C. vs Chelsea F.C. are always closely contested, offering fans high drama and competitive football.

What is the Recent Form of Chelsea vs Everton?

Understanding the recent form of both teams can offer insights into their upcoming clash. Here’s how both teams performed in Chelsea vs Everton’s last 5 games matches:

Chelsea’s Recent Form

Date Opponent Result Goals For Goals Against
5 Apr 24 Manchester United W 4 3
30 Mar 24 Burnley D 2 2
17 Mar 24 Leicester W 4 2
12 Mar 24 Newcastle W 3 2
2 Mar 24 Brentford D 2 2

Everton’s Recent Form

Date Opponent Result Goals For Goals Against
2 Apr 24 Newcastle D 1 1
30 Mar 24 Bournemouth L 1 2
9 Mar 24 Manchester City L 0 2
2 Mar 24 West Ham L 1 3
24 Feb 24 Brighton D 1 1

Additional Chelsea vs Everton Stats:

  • Chelsea: 15 goals scored, 11 conceded; 5/5 games over 2.5 goals; both teams scored in 5/5 recent games.
  • Everton: 4 goals scored, 9 conceded; 2/5 games over 2.5 goals; both teams scored in 4/5 recent games.

What are the Standings of Chelsea vs Everton?

As the Premier League season progresses, the standings offer a clear picture of how teams are performing.

Chelsea vs Everton Standings:

Position Team Played Won Drawn Lost Goals Last 5 Games Points
10 Chelsea 30 11 10 9 51:46 D L W L D 43
16 Everton 30 8 8 14 31:42 D L L L D 26

What are the Predictions for Chelsea vs Everton?

Chelsea vs Everton predictions suggest a strong likelihood of a Chelsea victory at 64.97%, while a draw stands at 18.68% and an Everton win trails with a 16.35% chance. The predicted score line tilts in Chelsea’s favor with a potential 2-1 win pegged at a 9.7% probability.

Goals are expected, with over 2.5 goals in the match at 66.06% likelihood, indicating an action-packed encounter.

What is the Ticket Price for Chelsea vs Everton?

Attending a match between Chelsea vs Everton live is an experience like no other, offering fans the chance to witness live Premier League action. Ticket prices can vary widely based on factors such as seat location, match significance, and purchase timing.

Chelsea vs Everton Tickets:

Section Number of Tickets Price Each Rating
EU1 2 $98 Great Deal · 3.5
EU7 6 $98 Great Deal · 3.5
East Stand Upper 8 $98 Great Deal · 3.5
East Stand Upper 9 $98 Great Deal · 3.5
East Stand Upper 6 $98 Great Deal · 3.5
East Stand Upper 5 $98 Great Deal · 3.5
Longside Upper 2 $98 Great Deal · 3.5
East Stand Upper 6 $98 Great Deal · 3.5
EU1 2 $98 Great Deal · 3.5

To purchase tickets, visit the official Chelsea or Everton websites or authorized ticketing partners. It’s advisable to book early as high-profile matches tend to sell out quickly. Be sure to check for any special offers or discounts that may apply.

Double Agents? The Curious Case of Managers and Loyalty

Both Chelsea and Everton have interesting connections to each other’s current managers:

  • Chelsea Manager: Thomas Tuchel, the current manager of Chelsea, previously managed Everton’s city rivals, Liverpool. There might be some extra motivation for Tuchel to prove himself against a team with a Merseyside connection.
  • Everton Manager: Frank Lampard, the current manager of Everton, is a Chelsea legend. He spent a glorious 13 seasons playing for Chelsea, winning numerous trophies. This match will be a unique test of loyalty for Lampard, managing against his former club where fans still revere him.

Will Tuchel use his experience against a Merseyside team, or will Lampard’s Chelsea connection give Everton a mental edge? This unique managerial situation adds another layer of intrigue to the Chelsea F.C. vs Everton F.C. 2024 clash!

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Chelsea vs Everton in India on Discovery Plus

Elevate your sports streaming experience to legendary status and fortify your digital life with ExpressVPN, the best Discovery Plus VPN in India. Imagine diving into the action with streaming speeds that defy expectations, boasting downloads of up to 92 Mbps and uploads flirting with 89 Mbps.

Spanning an impressive 105 countries, ExpressVPN acts as your magic portal, effortlessly tearing down geo-blocks to watch Chelsea vs Everton in India on Discovery Plus.


Watch Chelsea vs Everton in India on Discovery Plus with ExpressVPN!

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But ExpressVPN isn’t just about unparalleled sports viewing; it’s your digital guardian. Wrapping your online presence in the impenetrable armor of AES-256 encryption, it shields your privacy across all online activities, from binge-watching to secure shopping.

The Smart Location feature is like having a personal online concierge, automatically selecting the optimum server for you. It ensures your Discovery Plus sessions are not just seamless but sublimely smooth, enhancing every tackle, goal, and victory cheer of the match.

Extend the realm of ExpressVPN’s protection with the MediaStreamer service, allowing even traditionally VPN-incompatible devices like Chromecast, Roku, Xfinity, and Smart TVs to join in on the action. Now, every device in your home can check the Chelsea vs Everton results.

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Chelsea vs Everton

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Liverpool holds the record for defeating Chelsea the most, with a total of 71 victories in 162 encounters. This rivalry showcases the competitive spirit and history shared between these two iconic English football clubs.

Everton faced a deduction of points due to breaching the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules. This significant penalty moved Everton closer to the relegation zone, emphasizing the league’s strict financial regulations to ensure fair play among clubs.

Everton has been relegated from the top flight on two occasions but has maintained its Premier League status since the 1954-55 season. The club’s resilience and commitment to excellence have kept it competing at the highest level of English football for decades.

Yes, you can use a free VPN for Chelsea vs Everton live streaming in India on Discovery Plus but its not ideal due to security issues and slow servers. For a seamless experience, ExpressVPN is recommended, offering fast speeds and reliable access.

A VPN is essential to watch Chelsea vs Everton in India on Discovery Plus because the match is exclusive to the UK library. ExpressVPN enables viewers to bypass geographical restrictions.

Wrapping Up

Due to geo-restrictions, securing ExpressVPN is crucial to fully enjoying the Chelsea vs Everton Europa League match in India on Discovery Plus. This match, exclusive to the UK library, necessitates the use of a robust VPN to ensure fans don’t miss a single moment of this thrilling encounter.

The highly anticipated Chelsea vs. Everton highlights will take place on April 15, 2024, showcasing a pivotal moment in the Premier League. Fans across the globe are eager to watch Chelsea vs Everton in India on Discovery Plus, marking a key event in the sports calendar.

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