How to Install JioCinema on Samsung Smart TV Outside India? [Unleash Seamless Entertainment]

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What is JioCinema and how to get JioCinema on Samsung Smart TV outside India? It is not that complicated if you have the proper guidance to do so. It is a streaming platform only available in India but with the right VPN, which is none other than ExpressVPNyou can enjoy its streaming.

With this VPN help, you can easily watch JioCinema from anywhere. It gives you access to countless TV shows, even the new ones like The House of the Dragon along with newly released movies to watch such as Shazam or Bigg Boss Kannada Season 10.

Along with above mention shows, you can now watch Bigg Boss Season 17 outside India on JioCinema starting from 15th October 2023.

Also, there is hype regarding the IPL matches and you must be wondering, how to watch IPL on a Samsung Smart TV. Well, installing the JioCinema on Samsung Smart TV is as easy as it is to download and install any other app.

Wondering about what features are available on a Samsung Smart TV with JioCinema? Worry not, because we’ve got your back! Also, if you are facing any error like JioCinema Samsung TV unavailable then you need to make sure that the model of your Smart TV is compatible with the application.

There is an alternative to that as well: the JioCinema Samsung TV apk application that you can use on any Android app-supported TV. Read this guide to learn more about it in detail.

How to Install JioCinema on Samsung Smart TV Outside India [Easy Steps]

Watch JioCinema on Samsung Smart TV free without the need for a subscription. If you are not in India, you can still get the JioCinema app for Smart TV. Here’s how you can get it:

  • Get the ExpressVPN subscription.
  • Connect to the Indian server.
  • Locate the JioCinema Application in either the “Video” app or the “Editor’s Choice” category.
  • After finding the JioCinema App, press the “Install” button.
  • Use your JioCinema login.
  • That’s it. you can easily open the JioCinema on Samsung Smart TV outside India and enjoy.

With the assistance of the JioCinema App for Smart TV, you can explore different entertainment collections in countless regional languages. And if you are wondering how to update JioCinema on Samsung Smart TV?

It is just like any other application. Open the applications downloaded list and click “Update”

How Do you log into JioCinema on Samsung Smart TV Outside India?

These are the steps to learn how to log in JioCinema on Smart TV?  Using them, JioCinema on Samsung Smart TV sign-in will not be difficult for you, even from outside India. Check them below:

  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  • Install the App and connect to the Indian server.
  • Open JioCinema from your Samsung TV’s application menu.
  • ChooseSettings.” Scroll down and then click on “Log in.”
  • Click on “Log in with Mobile,” then, type in your mobile number, and then “Continue.”
  • Enter the one-time password and then click “Continue.”

Congratulations, you are successfully logged in to JioCinema on Samsung Smart TV! Now, you can enjoy the movies and best Shows on JioCinema.

What Features Are Available on a Samsung Smart TV with JioCinema?

There are a lot of features that are available on a Samsung Smart TV with the JioCinema App. However, you can also access JioCinema worldwide using ExpressVPN, which offers a variety of servers as well as a safe surfing option. Check out some of its features below:

  • Watch List: You can easily create a watch list that will include your favorite shows or movies if you want to watch something later.
  • Download: You can easily download anything you want to watch offline.
  • Auto Play: The next episode of a TV show will play automatically after the previous one.
  • Voice Search: You can search for TV shows or movies without any hassle just by using your voice.
  • Resume Watching: You can continue watching the movie or the TV show from the point that you left it off the next time you want to watch it.
  • Bitrate Selection: You can select the quality of the video according to your internet connection speed.
  • Dock Player: If you want to browse other stuff, you can easily do that while you are watching a movie or a show on the Jio app.

Other than that, you can get certain benefits with the premium subscription as well such as:

  • Access to lots of TV shows and Bollywood/Hollywood movies.
  • High-quality streaming for both audio and video.
  • You can watch JioCinema on 4 devices at the same time.
  • Ad-free content.

And if you reside in a region other than India, then the best VPN for JioCinema like ExpressVPN will help you unblock the streaming of it.

Alternatives to Get JioCinema on Samsung Smart TV:


Watch JioCinema on Samsung Smart TV Outside India with ExpressVPN

If your Samsung TV is older or you can’t find the app in the App Store, don’t worry about how to use JioCinema on Samsung Smart TV. You can try these different ways to still watch JioCinema. Let’s look at the two alternative methods to bring JioCinema to your Samsung Smart TV.

Using Chromecast:

You can easily download the App on your smartphone so you can watch JioCinema on Samsung Smart TV outside India using Chromecast. Below are the steps to get JioCinema on Chromecast:

  • Enable ExpressVPN and connect to the Indian server.
  • Connect the Chromecast device to your TV properly.
  • Make sure that your phone and the TV are on the same internet connection.
  • Download JioCinema from the Play Store.
  • Play any video you will see the “cast” icon.
  • Select it and you will see a list of the devices that are available.
  • Select the Samsung Smart TV and enjoy streaming on big screen.

Note: If you want to try out a premium subscription, then there is also JioCinema free trial for 7 days. Also, you can enjoy Jio TV on Samsung Smart TV with the same steps. If you’re looking to watch Bajirao Mastani outside India or watch Crackdown Season 2 outside India, this service could be an excellent option for you.

Using Web Browser:

You can also use your web browser on your Smart TV if you want to access JioCinema on Samsung Smart TV outside India. Below are the steps that you can follow:

  • Enable ExpressVPN and connect to the Indian server.
  • On the Home Page, you can find the Web Browser.
  • Visit the JioCinema website on the TV. Get done with the login procedure properly.
  • Once it is done, you can choose any movie or TV show.
  • You can now easily watch JioCinema on Samsung Smart TV using the browser.

Note: Similar steps can be used to access Jiocinema on Firestick.

How to Fix JioCinema Not Working on Samsung Smart TV Outside India?

Like any App, issues can arise, particularly with JioCinema not working on Smart TV. If you’re facing problems with the app, several factors might be causing the disruptions. But, you guys have nothing to worry about because the solutions for Jiocinema on Samsung Smart TV not working outside India are:

  1. Check Jio Server Status: Check if the servers are running or not. Sometimes, JioCinema not working issue happens because of the server being down.
  2. Clear Cache Memory: Consider attempting to resolve issues by clearing the cache memory in either your browser or the JioCinema app.
  3. Update JioCinema Application: Consider resolving the problem by updating the app through the respective app stores. JioCinema on Samsung Smart TV update is necessary to keep the run smooth.
  4. Power Cycle Devices: Power down your device for a brief period, then restart it. Open the app and verify if the problem has been resolved.
  5. Uninstall and Reinstall the Application: If all else fails, you can consider uninstalling the app from your device and then reinstalling it as a final option.
  6. Contact JioCinema support: If the previously mentioned methods do not prove effective, it’s advisable to reach out to JioCinema’s customer support for further assistance in resolving the issue instead of thinking of JioCinema on Samsung Smart TV cancel subscription.

That is how you can effectively address the issue of JioCinema not working on Samsung Smart TV! these steps will certainly help you and you won’t feel the need to delete JioCinema account.  

Amazing Shows and Movies on JioCinema:


Trending Movies and Shows Outside India on JioCinema

JioCinema on Samsung Smart TV provides a variety of content that you can enjoy without paying. Here is a list of some of the best movies on JioCinema along with shows:

However, if you want to watch movies or shows from HBO, Warner Bros, and other sources, you’ll need a premium subscription. Now the question raised here is how much is JioCinema subscription?

Latest Updates: Now you can watch Bigg Boss Season 17 grand premiere outside India on JioCinema on 15th October 2023 and find the Bigg Boss Season 17 contestants list here.

Watch Sports Events on JioCinema For Free

JioCinema on Samsung Smart TV – FAQs

Yes! Jiocinema on Samsung Smart TV is available, providing an exciting range of entertainment options, including movies, web series, live sports streaming, and live news channel streaming from the Viacom 18 network.

To activate Jiocinema on Samsung Smart TV outside India or any other TV, Make sure your TV is a smart TV that can download and install apps. Furthermore, follow the simple instructions given below:

  • Look for the JioCinema app on the App Store and download it.
  • When the installation is complete, you have to log in using your Jio Credentials.
  • Open any browser on your phone and type
  • Type the exact code that is on your Smart TV’s screen.
  • Close the browser, and enjoy Jiocinema on your TV!

Yes. The answer to the question, is Jiocinema free on smart TV is yes. The JioCinema app is available for Android, iOS, Apple TV, Android TV OS, Tizen OS (smart TV), and Fire TV OS for free.

To enable JioCinema on your Samsung Smart TV or other compatible TVs, ensure that your television supports app installation. Then, follow these straightforward steps:

  • Locate the JioCinema app on the TV’s App Store and install it.
  • After installation, log in using your Jio credentials.
  • On your mobile phone’s browser, navigate to
  • Enter the precise code displayed on your Smart TV’s screen.
  • Close the browser and start enjoying JioCinema on your TV!


This guide is enough for you to set up JioCinema on Samsung Smart TV. There are also alternative ways to set up JioCinema on your Smart TV using a web browser or Chromecast.

However, if you are not in India, you can still access the app using a secure VPN like ExpressVPN which offers tons of secure servers along with safe surfing on the internet!

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