SonyLIV Subscription Plans and Prices [Updated Guide – 2023]

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SonyLIV is one of the most popular streaming services available for users. It offers full access to all of the most recent movies, TV shows, and series. However, in order to watch the content library, you need a SonyLIV subscription.

WWE and Premium are the two tiers of SonyLIV subscription plans. They both have diverse content catalogues and are priced accordingly.

If you want to enjoy the vast content library of SonyLIV, you will need a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN. With a VPN you can bypass the geo-restriction and can enjoy SonyLIV in India.

SonyLIV, which was launched in 2013, allows viewers to explore a diverse range of content from Sony Pictures. It also offers a diverse selection of movies, sports events, music, and TV shows like Story of Things, as well as unique and exclusive premium content.

Here’s a quick look at what SonyLIV subscription offers and the cost of each plan.

What are the Different SonyLIV Subscription Plans?

There are 2 subscription plans offered by SonyLIV

  1. SonyLIV Premium Plan
  2. SonyLIV WWE Network

SonyLIV has an amazing content library just like other Indian streaming platforms like Voot. You can watch Indian movies and TV series, SAB and Sony TV shows, and American TV series.

An extensive collection of sports including the telecasts of WWE, the UEFA Champions League, UFC, and other sporting games are all included in the SonyLIV subscription plan.

Here’s a quick rundown of the plans’ prices and their specifications:

LIV Premium


Get a SonyLIV Premium plan and watch the amazing content library.

Monthly, half-yearly, and yearly subscription plans are offered by the SonyLIV Premium plan. A Sony LIV Premium subscription costs 3.83 USD (299 INR) per month, 8.96 USD (699 INR) for six months, and 12.80 USD (999 INR) for twelve months.

In terms of the feature, the pack gives you access to all of LIV’s original material and movies. You may also watch Live TV stations, as well as Sony and SAB shows. With SonyLIV Premium memberships, you may now watch foreign series and Hollywood blockbusters.

The six-month and yearly memberships support two displays at once, whereas the SonyLIV Premium monthly membership only supports one screen. Offline downloads, on five profiles, and no advertisements are included with the plan (except for live streams).

Plan Cost Number of Screens Offline Downloads Ad-Free
Monthly Plan 3.83 USD (299 INR) 1 Available (On 5 devices) yes
Half Yearly Plan 8.96 USD (699 INR) 2 Available (On 5 devices) yes
Yearly Plan 12.80 USD (999 INR) 2 Available (On 5 devices) yes

WWE Live


With SonyLIV WWE Network you can watch all the latest WWE events and games.

The plan is designed just for WWE lovers, as the title suggests. The SonyLIV WWE network service, which costs 5.11 USD (399 INR) per year, includes NXT, live WWE events, PPVs, unlimited access to the WWE content, exclusive WWE shows, biographies, and documentaries.

Plan Cost Number of Screens Offline download Ad-Free
WWE Plan 5.11 USD (399 INR) 1 Available No (Ad will display during live events)

Can I Upgrade My SonyLIV Subscription?

Yes, you can upgrade your SonyLIV plan from WWE, Special (monthly plan), or Special+ (six-month plan) to Premium (yearly plan) by paying the difference between your prior subscription plan’s price and the Premium plan’s price.

In addition to the Premium and WWE subscriptions, there is a SonyLIV free subscription that allows you to watch some movies and TV shows from Indian channels on the website or the SonyLIV app without registering, such as TMKOC and The Kapil Sharma Show.

What are the Top Picks on SonyLIV?

Here are some of the top and most popular content to view on SonyLIV:

SonyLIV Subscription- FAQs

Yes, SonyLIV offers a subscription plan that is completely free with limited access to the content library of SonyLIV. In addition to this customers can choose from the other three different subscription plans offered by SonyLIV. The monthly subscriptions cost 3.83 USD (299 INR), the six-month subscription costs 8.96 USD (699 INR), and the 12-month subscription costs 12.80 USD (999 INR).

The SonyLIV Premium plan is the best. The plan is available for monthly, half-yearly, and yearly subscription models so that you can choose according to your pocket. With this plan, you can access the whole content library of SonyLIV.

Yes, SonyLIV is worth paying. With the free plan, you can explore the content library of this streaming platform. The Premium plan is affordable giving you access to the whole content library of SonyLIV.

Wrapping Up!

With a SonyLIV subscription, you can enjoy exclusive content that is only available on this streaming platform.

We hope that now you have a clear idea about the different plans and the SonyLIV subscription price allowing you to select your desired membership according to your needs and wants.

You can use the best VPN for streaming to get an uninterrupted streaming experience allowing you to enjoy SonyLIV content to the fullest.

If you have any further questions do let us know in the comment section below.

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