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Unit 42 is a television series created by RTBF that reveals human faces and continuously brings us suspense. After the success of season1, season 2 was also released on RTBF in November 2019 and is now coming on Netflix in Italy. So, how to watch Unit 42 Season 2 in Italy?

Unit 42 is a Belgian cyber crime genre TV show, season 1 of which was aired in 2017 in Belgium. Many foreign broadcasters have bought Unit 42 since its inception. It quickly reached beyond Belgian borders and was soon on German, Portuguese and Argentinian screens. Season 1 streamed on Netflix in June 2019.

You must use a VPN service to get around geo-blocking to watch Unit 42 in Italy. We suggest using ExpressVPN, which is the best for this purpose. Here’s how to do it:

Quick steps: Watch Unit 42 Season 2 in Italy

Follow these steps to watch Unit 42 in Italy:

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  4. Visit Netflix France to watch Unit 42 in Italy.

Where can I watch Unit 42 season 2?

Unit 42 season 2 is coming on Netflix. It is an RTBF production, a Belgian Radio-Television for the French community. All the RTBF content is available as free VOD on RTBF Auvio web streaming service after seven days of broadcast on TV in France. However, for the fans in Italy, a VPN is mandatory to watch the movie on Netflix France.

What is the release date of Unit 42 Season 2?

The release date for Unit 42 season 2 was the 3rd of November, 2019. It will has released on Netflix on 10th August 2022. The series’ first season was launched on the 19th of November, 2017. Because of its widespread acceptance, RTBF officially announced in December 2017 that the show would return for season 2. The series is presented by Left Field Venture and RTBF.

Who is in the Cast of Unit 42 Season 2?

The scriptwriter for the show is Charlotte Joulia. The top cast of Unit 42 Season 2 includes:

Patrick Ridemont as Samuel Le Roy
Constance Gay as Billie Vebber
Tom Audenaert as Bob Frank
Roda Fawaz as Nassim Khaoulani
Helene Theunissen as Hélène Janssens
Danitza Athanassiadis as Alice Meerks
Nola Tilman as Emmy Leroy
Simon Caudry as Robin Leroy
Caroline Stas as Camille Leroy

What is Unit 42 Season 2 based on?

Unit 42 is based on the story of Investigator Sam Leroy, who is caring for his three children by himself following the loss of his spouse and has been moved to the cybercrime division within the Brussels police.

Insensitive to the latest technology, he must deal with Billie, his young partner, certainly a bit of a fighter but truly an expert in computers. The partnership between them is challenging. It’s a pleasant delight “Made in Belgium,” which is set in a world far darker than what it appears and that benefits from a duo of actors as credible as effective.

Is Unit 42 Season 2 Netflix?

Not yet, the movie has released on Netflix on 10th August. Season 1 was launched in November 2017, but audiences had to wait two years to watch the season on Netflix. The fans in Italy can also watch the series by connecting to a VPN service.

How many seasons of Unit 42 are there?

There are 2 seasons of Unit 42. However, the production team has already announced the possibility of Season 3 in near future. There is no final date for the release yet but it is confirmed that the season is already in the making.

Where can I watch Unit 42 season 3?

Season 3 is not out yet, and no date for the release of season 3 has been announced so far. However, this is for sure that there would be a Belgian version as well as an international version for the foreign viewership available.

Where is Unit 42 filmed?

Unit 42 is filmed in Brussels, Belgium. Chocolat Noisette, Steel Fish Pictures, Eye-Lite, MCasting studio, L’EQUIPE, and Left Field Ventures are the companies that have been taking part in the production of the show for RTBF.

Each season has ten episodes of 52 minutes each. Also, it took the production companies about 80 days to complete the filming of Unit 42 season 1.

Is Unit 42 in English?

No, the default language of the series is French. However, due to its international release, fans can find its English dubbed version as well. As a matter of fact, Season 1 has already been released on Netflix with English dubbing, but the season 2 international version is yet to come.

Who is Billie in Unit 42?

Constance Gay, a Belgian actress known for La Belle Époque (2019) is playing the role of Billie in the series. She is a partner to Samuel Le Roy (Patrick Ridemont), an inspector in the Cybercrime unit of Unit 42. Billy is shown to be an expert in computing in the series, apart from being a detective herself.

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The novel “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” influenced the name Unit 42.

Mathieu Mortelmans, Hendrik Moonen, and Christopher Wagner are the directors of the series.

Brussels, Belgium is where the filming took place.


Unit 42 season 2 is coming on Netflix in France. However, to watch Unit 42 Season 2 in Italy, you will need a premium VPN service such as ExpressVPN. This will help you to circumvent the geo-restrictions imposed by Netflix.

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