DStv Subscription Price in Japan [Updated 2024]

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If you are one of the TV users who enjoy having a large number of channels available to them. Then, DStv is the best option for you! With over 150 networks, you may enjoy a wide variety of content from the comfort of your home. You just have to pay the DStv Subscription Price in Japan for the plan and you’re good to go.

One of the really top-rated bundles is the newest DStv compact plus plan. Multi-choice offered it recently and it is an affordable and fantastic plan for sporting events fans.

Moreover, the DStv compact+ package allows you to stream LaLiga, the Bundesliga, the EPL, as well as most of the other sporting from anywhere. In this guide, we will let you know every DStv price.

DStv is a geo-restricted platform and it is not available in USA, however, if you want to watch DStv in Japan you will need a VPN like ExpressVPN.

Without any delays, let’s get into the guide of DStv plans:

DStv Subscription Price in Japan

DStv provides users with the greatest family and personal entertainment experience available. Costs and programs differ based on the DStv Explora plan you choose.

Check the DStv subscription price in Japan with the network list before registering to confirm which plan is suitable for you.

Here is the DStv subscription price with channels:

Plan Cost No. of Channels
DStv EasyView $1.74 (R29)/mo 131
DStv Access $7.22 (R120)/mo 156
DStv Family $18.59 (R309)/mo 181
DStv Compact $25.80 (R429)/mo 215
DStv Compact Plus $33.02 (R549)/mo 234
DStv Premium $48.06 (R799)/mo 255

Tap any of the choices below to get to a DStv package and prices with a channel list:

What is Included in the DStv Premium Package in Japan?

Here is the list of the features included in the DStv subscription price for the premium package:

  • There are over 160 TV and audio stations to choose from.
  • The most recent films.
  • Sports coverage in real-time.
  • Showmax is completely free.
  • HD video capabilities
  • The greatest premium watching experience available.

Also, here are the few channels that are only available to watch on the DStv premium package:

  • SS Rugby (211)
  • M-net movies-1 (104)
  • SS Maximo-1 (241)
  • Golf (213)
  • M-net (101)
  • Bloomberg (411)
  • SS Cricket (212)
  • flieKNET (149)

What Channels are on DStv Compact Plus in Japan?

There are many television stations and value-added offerings that this plan has to offer, the DStv Compact Plus package ideally blends good entertainment and excellent value.

This bundle includes a lot of family-friendly networks including some superb sports streaming on SuperSport networks.

With this plan, you can stream content online on any tablet or smartphone using the DStv Now application, also you can fix problem codes, manage your account, and pay all the costs remotely.

This plan has 234 channels and it is worth the DStv subscription price. Here are some DStv Compact Plus channels which are only available on DStv Compact Plus:

  • SS Variety 1 (206)
  • Sky News (402)
  • The History Channel (186)
  • KyKNet (144)
  • Comedy Central (122)
  • SS Action (210)
  • Timeless Dizi (123)
  • Nick Jr (307)
  • ESPN 2 (219)

What Do You Get with the DStv Compact Package in Japan?

With the DStv Compact package, you can access a wide choice of shows, movies, and extra hours of entertainment.

The DStv Compact plan includes subscription services like M-Net Action for super entertainment, while National Geographic and Animal Planet are accessible for animals and environment enthusiasts.

You can also watch sports like French Grand Prix, MLB, and Scottish Futsal League.

The DStv tiny bouquet contains over 215 channels. With this DStv subscription price of the Compact package in Japan , you will be able to stream some channels which you cannot watch on other plans. Here is the DStv channel list:

  • BBC Brit (120)
  • TV Record (515)
  • Discovery ID (171)
  • ITH (114)
  • MTV (130)
  • Telemundo (504)
  • Food Network (175)
  • SS Variety 3 (208)
  • Disney (303)
  • Honey (173)
  • HGTV (177)

What Do You Get With DStv Access Package in Japan?

You will get access to up to 156 TV networks with the DStv subscription pricing plan, including some sports, music, and films, as well as some news channels and many more for a great time. This is the most affordable DStv Membership plan.

Here is the list of the channels which are only available on the Access Package:

  • Spice TV (190)
  • The Home Channel (176)
  • Africanews (417)
  • DStv (100)
  • Telemundo (118)
  • Dumisa (340)
  • Sound City (327)
  • Russia Today (407)
  • SS Variety 4 (209)

What Do You Get With DStv Easyview Package in Japan?


The Easyview bundle costs $1.74/month (R29). This is the most affordable DStv bundle in USA, and it is ideal for children and old people. DStv Easyview has 131 networks, including audio and radio stations.

What is the Best Package for DStv in Japan?


DStv premium plan is the best package because this plan provides access to all DStv networks, such as SD/HD audio and video channels. It is the best DStv package since it contains channels like SuperSport 3, Mnet Movies, History Channel, Boomerang, 1&2, Discovery Channel, and all high-definition channels.

What Can I Watch on DSTV in 2024?

As you explore streaming DStv in Japan in 2024, a world of entertainment awaits you, with DStv offering a vibrant selection of shows, live sports, movies, and original programming.

Here’s what’s trending and new on DStv for your viewing pleasure:

Best Shows to Watch on DSTV in 2024

Here’s a list of the best DSTV Shows to watch right now:

Best Movies to Watch on DSTV in 2024

Yes, the CW Seed has movies. Here’s a list of the best DSTV movies:

What are the Top Picks on DStv?

Here are some of the top and most popular content to enjoy on DStv:

Pokemon Sun & Moon Cennet: The Power of Destiny Dawn of the Croods Reyka Season 2 The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13
Ring Of Fire Our Perfect Wedding Celebrity Race Across the World Killer Front Page Ezomshado Season 2
The Step Mother Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines Quantum Leap Homestead Rescue The Sixth Commandment

Whether you’re in the mood for gripping dramas, laugh-out-loud comedies, or action-packed sports, DStv’s extensive collection has you covered.

More DSTV Streaming Guides:

FAQs – DStv Subscription Price in Japan

Here is the prices and packages for DStv:

  • DStv Premium price is $48.06/month (R799).
  • The monthly cost of the DStv Compact Plus bundle is $33.02/month (R549).
  • The monthly cost of the DStv Compact price is $25.80/month (R429).
  • The cost of the DStv Family bundle is $18.59/month (R309).
  • The monthly cost of the DStv Access bundle is $7.22/month (R120).
  • The Easyview bundle is $1.74/month (R29).

DStv Compact provides over 135 Television and audio networks for only $25.80/month (R429). Prepare for action with WWE and Premier League, your favorite blockbusters, and a diverse range of domestic and international comedy, sports, politics, art, and lifestyle channels.

DStv Access is the most affordable DStv Subscription Package in Japan. You get access to over networks, the majority of which are domestic and global. Blitz, Silver Bird, NTA, AIT, Aljazeera, African Magic, Super Sports, and Entertainment are among the major channels included in this bundle.


DStv is without a doubt the most popular cable TV provider in Africa and Nigeria as a whole. DStv processes are supported by multi-choice and provide low-cost monthly subscriptions.

One of the most popular packages is the latest DStv compact plus package in Japan, which was just offered by multi-choice. This is a very affordable plan for sports fans.

All the plans are worth the DStv subscription price in Japan , and you should try any of the packages to enjoy the entertainment. In case you don’t like DStv due to any reason, you can easily in Japan cancel your DStv subscription . However, don’t forget to connect to the best VPN like ExpressVPN.

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