How To Watch The Dead Files Season 15 in South Korea on Discovery Plus?

watch-dead-files-season-fifteen-in-South Korea-on-discovery-plus

Is The Dead Files Season 15 on Discovery Plus? Yes, it is. In order to watch The Dead Files Season 15 in South Korea on Discovery Plus, you need a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

Since Discovery Plus has geo-restrictions, you need a VPN to watch the show and access Discovery Plus in South Korea. In this way, you can easily bypass geo-restrictions.

The Dead Files Season 15, one of the most well-known shows for fans of the horror genre, is now running its fifteen seasons on Discovery+. Steve DiSchiavi, a former NYPD homicide investigator, and Amy Allan, a physical medium, are back on the case.

Continue reading to find out how to watch The Dead Files Season 15 on Discovery+ in South Korea.

How Do I Watch The Dead Files Season 15 in South Korea on Discovery Plus- [5 Easy Steps]

With the aid of a dependable VPN, you can easily watch The Dead Files Season 15 in South Korea on Discovery Plus. Follow the instructions below:

  • Install a trustworthy VPN (Our recommendation will be ExpressVPN).
  • Find an ideal package, then purchase it.
  • Link up with speedy USA servers. (A suggested server is New York server).
  • Go to Discovery Plus and log in using your ID.
  • Now watch The Dead Files Season 15 in South Korea on Discovery Plus.
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From Where Can I Watch The Dead Files Season 15 in 2023?

You can watch The Dead Files Season 15 in South Korea on Discovery Plus via Travel Channel.

As a Discovery Plus subscription is required to watch the show on its channel, make sure to get a subscription if you don’t have one.

Additionally, you can also enjoy Discovery Plus free trial of seven days if you’re new to the platform. That is true, of course. You wouldn’t want to cancel your Discovery Plus subscription because there are so many shows available.

Due to the geo-restriction of Discovery Plus, you will not be able to watch it if you are living in South Korea or traveling. To bypass the geo-restriction of Discovery Plus you will need a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

By connecting to this VPN, you can easily watch The Dead Files Season 15 new season.

When is The Dead Files Season 15 will Debut on Discovery+?

The Dead Files Season 15 release date is June 1, 2023, at 9 pm ET/PT on Discovery Plus via Travel Channel.

Make sure to connect to ExpressVPN to access The Dead Files Season 15 on Discovery Plus from anywhere.

If you’re looking for the best shows to watch on Discovery+ till then, the options are endless.

Since June 1st is quite far away, you can also watch Street Outlaws: Locals Only Season 1, 100 Day Dream Home: Beachfront Hotel, and Match Me Abroad Season 1 on Discovery Plus.

What will be the Plot of The Dead Files Season 15 on Discovery Plus?

The cast of the upcoming season will undergo a significant shift since, as of the episode scheduled to air on June 29, medium Amy Allan will be leaving the show.

Former NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi will be replaced and supported by psychic medium Cindy Kaza as he looks into paranormal activity.

According to Travel Channel, “Amy Allan’s heartbreaking departure to DiSchiavi, a loyal companion for almost 200 episodes, represents a dramatic transition in this season.

Allan has been an essential member of the group from the start of the program in 2011 because of his talent as a physical medium.

She has assisted hundreds of families and property owners in reducing anxiety and confusion by assisting her clients in re-establishing order in their life by making peace with the deceased.

Allan will stand down to take a personal break after years of undertaking this demanding task.

DiSchiavi and Allan team together this season to address strange paranormal events afflicting American property owners by combining their special expertise and viewpoints.

DiSchiavi uses his detective abilities to conduct individual investigations at each place, gathering information about the area, speaking with witnesses, specialists, and historians about the hauntings.

Allan is a physical medium who can see and speak with the deceased. She begins by performing a blind walk-through assessment of each place, utilizing her abilities to discover any beings that may be residing there and why, frequently adopting their roles and reliving their deaths.

Who is the Appearing Cast of The Dead Files Season 15?

The Dead Files Season 15 cast revolves around Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan. Apart from that, you’ll see them work with various investigators to solve some of the most mysterious and deadly events.

To protect the integrity of their research, the duo investigates a case individually in each episode.

At the end of the episode, DiSchiavi and Allan share their findings with the property owner, which frequently points to an unmistakable conclusion.

Does The Dead Files Season 15 Have a Trailer Available on Discovery Plus?

Yes, The Dead Files Season 15 trailer is available. Looking for a sneak peek into this latest season? Here’s the link:

How Many Episodes Do The Dead Files Season 15 Have?

So far we only have information about four episodes of The Dead Files Season 15.

If there are more episodes for season 15 we will update you about it. Episode name, release date, and summary are mentioned below:

1. Evil in the Everglades Jun 1, 2023 The paranormal activity in their Florida home increased when Lisa’s mother passed away. She is convinced that the spirits in the house intend to kill her entire family, and Amy and Steve are her last hope.
2. Sudden Fury Jun 8, 2023 After her family’s life is upended by strange noises, menacing shadow figures, and unexplained bite scars while vacationing in Florida, Annie believes she has finally discovered her family’s eternal home.
3. Cabin Fever Jun 15, 2023 Lisa is thrilled to become the proprietor of a metaphysical store in Alabama, but her dream soon turns into a nightmare when evil spirits start torturing her staff and clients.
4. Head Games Jun 22, 2023 When Paige discovers her grandparents dead inside her Florida house, she is terrified. Her mother then comes in to help, and the two of them are now suffering from severe paranormal activity and are in dire need of Steve and Amy’s assistance.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch The Dead Files Season 15 in South Korea on Discovery+?

The best VPN to watch The Dead Files Season 15 in South Korea on Discovery Plus is without a doubt ExpressVPN. The credit goes to its quick speed (89.45 Mbps) and unblocking capabilities.

With 3000+ servers spread across 94+ countries, this market-leading VPN provides a wide, extended worldwide network.

expressvpn-unblocks-dead-files-season-fifteen-on-discovery-plus-in-South Korea


Recommended Server: New York

By using ExpressVPN, you can also watch other latest shows like Summer Baking Championship: Season 1 and Naked & Afraid: Last One Standing on Discovery Plus without interruptions.

That’s not all; you can access other Discovery+ libraries as well. For instance, you can connect to the UK library and enjoy Ocean Race 2023 live streaming as well as watch World Snooker Championship 2023 on Discovery Plus.

Its status as the fastest is also attributed to the Lightway Protocol, which increases total speed and allows HD multimedia streaming.

Any device that is unsuitable with VPNs may work properly with ExpressVPN. You can get Discovery Plus on Kodi, gaming consoles, Apple TV, and other platforms; thanks to its MediaStreamer function.

This VPN uses the powerful AES-256-bit protocol, which has 100% forward secrecy and built-in ciphertext generation.

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Along with desktops and laptops, ExpressVPN works with gadgets including Android phones, iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads which enables you to watch anything you want!

If Discovery Plus not working with VPN, call the 24-hour customer support line to speak with an internal person as soon as you can.

Actually, there are three price categories for this VPN. The price for the one-year membership is currently KRW 8676.17 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan. There is also a 30-day refund policy available.

The Dead Files Season 15


No, The Dead Files Season 15 is also available to stream on other platforms like Philo, fuboTV, Discovery+, DIRECTV STREAM, and Travel Channel. However, we recommend watching it on Discovery+ as it’s affordable and offers a free trial.

The details about the director and producer of the show The Dead Files Season 15 is currently not available. However, we’ll keep you updated as soon as we find out about the director of the show. So stay tuned!

Fourteen have been released so far and are available to stream on Discovery Plus via Travel Channel of the show The Dead Files. Season fifteen will premiere on Thursday, June 1, 2023. Make sure to connect to ExpressVPN to enjoy streaming!

Final Thoughts!

By connecting to ExpressVPN from any location in the globe, you can access and watch The Dead Files Season 15 in South Korea on Discovery Plus.

In the latest season, Allan evaluates the property to determine what underlying beings exist there. The crew stays completely separate from one another while keeping their findings a secret.

Mark your calendars now because you wouldn’t want to miss on this one. Enjoy!

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