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The upcoming supernatural fictional series, Vampire Academy, is coming on Peacock TV on September 15, 2022, so make sure you know how to watch Vampire Academy in Singapore.

Peacock TV is geo-restricted in Singapore due to its content licensing policies, but with the help of a reliable VPN service, viewers can easily access Peacock TV in Singapore  and watch the upcoming television series from their location.

Watch Vampire Academy in Singapore – [Quick Steps]

You can watch Vampire Academy in Singapore on Peacock TV using a VPN by following four quick and easy steps given below:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN (We highly recommend ExpressVPN)
  2. Download the VPN app on your preferred device, then install it and sign in with your credentials
  3. Connect to a US server. The New York Server works best with Peacock TV.
  4. Now head to Peacock TV and watch Vampire Academy in Singapore.

Is There a Promo of Vampire Academy?

Yes, you can watch the Vampire Academy trailer here:

The trailer gives us a glimpse at the life of Royal Vampires and half-human teens trained to protect them at the St. Vladimir boarding school.

Is Vampire Academy Coming Back?

Yes. After the failure of the 2014 film Vampire Academy based on the novel by Richelle Mead and created by Mark Waters, Vampire Academy is returning on Peacock TV but this time as a TV series. Vampire Academy season 1 is set to hit our screens on September 15, 2022.

Is Vampire Academy Streaming in Singapore?

The fantasy TV series Vampire Academy based on the Young Adult fantasy book series by Richelle Mead will premiere on Peacock TV on September 15, 2022. A movie of the same name was also released in 2014 and was also based on the “Vampire Academy” book series by Richelle Mead.

Where Can I Watch Vampire Academy in Singapore?

You can watch Vampire Academy 2022 on Peacock TV starting on September 15, 2022. The American fantasy horror television series is based on the book series “Vampire Academy” written by Richelle Mead.

If you reside in Singapore, you will not be able to watch Vampire Academy from your location due to the geo-restriction imposed by Peacock TV and their content licensing policies. If you try to access Peacock TV from your location, you will receive an error message on your screen saying.

“Peacock is not yet available in your territory.”

International viewers will need to connect to a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN to be able to access Peacock TV from their location and watch Vampire Academy in Singapore.

What is the Release Date of Vampire Academy?

Peacock’s Vampire Academy release date has been set on Thursday, September 15, 2022, on Peacock TV. The series will have a four-episode premiere with subsequent episodes released weekly.

The titles of all eight episodes of Vampire Academy and their respective release dates are as follows.

Episode Title Release date
1 “Pilot” September 15, 2022
2 “Earth. Air. Water. Fire.” September 15, 2022
3 “Death Watch” September 15, 2022
4 “Benchmark” September 15, 2022
5 “Near Guard, Far Guard” September 22, 2022
6 “Mlnija” September 29, 2022
7 “Beyond the Wards” October 6, 2022
8 “The Trials” October 13, 2022
9 “Darkness” October 20, 2022
10 “Ascension” October 27, 2022

Who is in Vampire Academy?

The upcoming fantasy horror television series is developed by Julie Plec and Marguerite MacIntyre and stars some big names in American television.

The Vampire Academy cast is as follows

        Sisi Stringer as Rosemarie “Rose” Hathaway
        Daniela Nieves as Vasilisa “Lissa” Dragomir
        Kieron Moore as Dimitri Belikov
        André Dae Kim as Christian Ozera
        J. August Richards as Victor Dashkov
        Anita-Joy Uwajeh as Tatiana Vogel
        Mia McKenna-Bruce as Mia Karp
        Rhian Blundell as Meredith
        Jonetta Kaiser as Sonya Karp
        Andrew Liner as Mason Ashford

What’s Vampire Academy About?

Vampire Academy is based on the fantasy horror book series by Richelle Mead. The series follows the story of two young girls, half human, half vampire, Dhampir Rosemarie “Rose” Hathaway, played by Sisi Stringer, and her best friend, Moroi royalty Princess Vasilissa “Lissa’ Dragomir, played by Daniela Nieves.

The two best friends have been on the run for two years but are now brought back to St. Vladimir’s Academy, the boarding school for vampires and half-human teens. As the girls prepare to enter the vampire society, one as a powerful royal and one as a sworn protector, they find themselves tangled up in misadventures and forbidden romances.

Rose must protect her best friend, the royal vampire, from Strigoi, who are a group of evil and cold-blooded killer vampires with the sole purpose of destroying the royal vampires and who seek to turn Lissa into one of their own.

Watch Vampire Academy on Peacock TV from September 15, 2022, to see the glamorous and the not-so-glamorous side of attending St. Vladimir’s Academy as well as a friendship as beautiful as the one between Lissa Dragomir and Rose Hathaway.

Is There a Vampire Academy TV Series?

Yes. The Vampire Academy TV series starring Sisi Stringer is set to premiere on Peacock TV on September 15, 2022. Considering the platform’s geo-restriction policies, streamers will need ExpressVPN to watch Vampire Academy in Singapore.

Why Was Vampire Academy Cancelled?

A Vampire Academy movie created by Mark Waters was initially released in 2014 but failed to win over the audience. The film saw a huge financial failure. As a result, a second planned film was canceled.

How Old Was Dimitri in Vampire Academy?

Dimitri Belikov, played by Kieran Moore in the TV series, is twenty-four years old in Vampire Academy.

Why ExpressVPN is a Recommended VPN to Watch Vampire Academy in Singapore?

ExpressVPN is the most recommended VPN to watch Vampire Academy in Singapore because of its far-reaching network of servers and remarkable security.

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to Watch Vampire Academy in Singapore

Unblocking-peacock-tv-using-expressvpn in-Singapore

You can instantly connect to the New York – USA server of ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the most recommended VPN to Watch Vampire Academy in Singapore on Peacock TV due to its unbeatable unblocking abilities, remarkable security, and outstanding speed. It offers 3000+ servers in 94+ countries including multiple servers located across USA.

We highly recommend using its New York server to unblock Peacock TV as it is highly compatible with all devices and offers a remarkable download speed of 88.78 Mbps and upload speed of 54.22 Mbps over a 100 Mbps connection to ensure a seamless experience.

Thanks to its MediaStreamer feature, ExpressVPN users can stream geo-restricted content even on devices that do not have in-built VPN support so you can easily watch Peacock on Xbox and other devices like Smart TV, Kindle, Gaming consoles, Chromecast, etc. Not only this, but ExpressVPN also provides up to five simultaneous connections.

When it comes to security and reliability, ExpressVPN does not disappoint. It ensures reliability and offers remarkable protection with its top-of-the-game security features for its security-conscious customers.

Its Split Tunneling feature allows users to use a VPN with one application while simultaneously using other applications without a VPN, and Its Automated Kill Switch protects your IP address in case the VPN connection is dropped.

It also offers other excellent security features like Unlimited Bandwidth, Lightway Protocol, protection against DNS/IP Leaks, military-grade encryption, and Threat/Ad protection.

ExpressVPN can also unblock other US streaming services in Singapore besides Peacock TV, such as Disney Plus, Hulu, NetflixParamount+, ESPN+, Apple TV, and many more.

Also, allowing streaming users to watch the popular One Of Us Is Lying Season 2 and other geo-restricted titles such as Emmy Awards 2022Ms. Marvel, Big Mouth Kdrama in Singapore, and more from their location without having to worry about restrictions.

All these remarkable features, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 7-day free trial allocated to mobile users, are available for a price as low as SGD 9.09 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan for a 12-month membership.

FAQs: Watch Vampire Academy in Singapore

Yes, Vampire Academy is a supernatural fictional show based on the young adult fiction book series “Vampire Academy” by Richelle Mead.

Yes, you can watch Vampire Academy on Peacock TV in Singapore starting from September 15, 2022, if you reside in the US. Don’t forget to subscribe to ExpressVPN if you reside in Singapore to watch the series from your location.


Peacock TV offers a free subscription where you can access thousands of hours of content but only a limited selection of programs will be available. For a price as low as $4.99, you can subscribe to the premium plan and access all the content Peacock has to offer.


Watch the upcoming fantasy series, Vampire Academy, on Peacock TV starting from September 15, 2022, by subscribing to ExpressVPN. This will allow you to bypass all geo-restrictions and watch Vampire Academy in Singapore without any interruptions.

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