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Set against the backdrop of a modern-day frontier, on the edge of civilization, one family rules. Yellowstone Season 1 is coming to CBS, and that’s why you need to get an answer on how to watch Yellowstone Season 1 in Germany on CBS.

Ready to watch CBS in Germany! CBS is ready to premiere Yellowstone Season 1 and capture the attention of all valued fans. But, if you’re traveling or living in , you will face a geo-restriction error.

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Watch Yellowstone Season 1 in Germany On CBS [Quick Steps]

Follow the steps below to watch Yellowstone Season 1 in Germany on CBS:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install a VPN app into your device.
  3. Connect to a server in the USA.
  4. Visit CBS website.
  5. Watch Yellowstone Season 1 in Germany on CBS.

Where to Watch Yellowstone Season 1?

You can watch Yellowstone Season 1 in Germany on CBS. You should cost plan CBS. This channel will stream all episodes and allow you to watch from anywhere.

But, you need to remove the geo-restriction error first. Without a VPN, like ExpressVPN, you can’t get access to CBS outside the USA.

For beginners, you can use the CBS free trial to watch Yellowstone Season 1. You also need to know how to cancel CBS subscription after watching. It helps prevent extra charges on your card.

Why We Need a VPN to Watch Yellowstone Season 1 in Germany On CBS?

You need a VPN to watch Yellowstone Season 1 in Germany on CBS because of the geo-restrictions and content licensing policies of CBS.

But, with a top-tier VPN like ExpressVPN, you can easily stream Yellowstone Season 1 in . You can get a new US IP address and when you connect to a US server, that can quickly remove all restrictions. There’s no need to get worried about privacy, ExpressVPN offers you great safety.

What is The Release Date of Yellowstone Season 1?

On Sunday, September 17th, 2023, you can watch Yellowstone Season 1 on CBS. So don’t wait for any moment, get access to CBS and stream this amazing TV series on any of your favorite devices.

What is the Plot of Yellowstone Season 1?

In Yellowstone Season 1, you can discover the story of the Dutton Family, owners of the largest US ranch in Montana. The family faces numerous challenges and battles to safeguard their legacy. In simple words, you can see the value of family, power, and the American West.

Yellowstone Season 1 Episode Guideline

Below is the episode guideline for Yellowstone Season 1

Episode Title Duration Plot Summary
1 Daybreak 90 min In the starting, John tries to safeguard his ranch because he receives threats from Indian reservations. Lee Dutton died by a tribal member.
2 Kill the Messenger 55 min Duttons is being attacked and finds that Lee is no more. Everyone in the family faces the potential repercussions.
3 No Good Horses 50 min Dutton’s family faces a painful time. Kayce’s condition is not well, but he saves a girl. Jamie and Beth are all set to plan their political careers.
4 The Long Black Train 45 min John thinks deeply and makes a deal with Market Equities. Beth wants to get revenge on the attackers.
5 Coming Home 45 min Kayce’s condition gets better and he gets back at home. But, unfortunately, John’s condition becomes worse day by day. Jamie works his legal magic
6 The Remembering 45 min The all-new partnership looms between John and Yellowstone. Jamie opposes the past incidents and ramps up his political campaign.
7 A Monster Is Among Us 45 min Rip faces a dire situation as everything gone wrong. Now, John has to make a strong decision.
8 The Unraveling: Part 1 45 min Now, Duttons faces the blast of attacks. Jamie’s political future comes into the most difficult situation.
9 The Unraveling: Part 2 45 min At last, Duttons fights back against the enemies and explores everything about alliances. Jamie finally comes home and the season ends.

How many seasons are there in Yellowstone?

There are a total of five seasons available for Yellowstone. You can stream all of them on CBS. No need to miss any of your favorite episodes with a VPN service like ExpressVPN.

Where was Yellowstone Season 1 filmed?

Yellowstone Season 1 was filmed in Utah and Montana. No doubt, It’s a great experience for all viewers, and they all are super excited about the upcoming season.

Is there any trailer for Yellowstone season 1?

Yes, there’s a trailer available for Yellowstone Season 1 on YouTube. You can watch this 2-minute 22-second trailer and see the battles between the Dutton family and enemies.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Yellowstone Season 1 in Germany On CBS?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Yellowstone Season 1 in Germany on CBS due to its super cool features and high security. You can find the extremely fast VPN speed with this VPN and watch all you want.

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ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch Yellowstone Season 1 in Germany On CBS

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there’s no update for the upcoming season of Yellowstone.

On CBS, you can find seasons 1 and 2 of Yellowstone. Remove geo-blocked error with a VPN.

Yes, you can find this series on CBS.


We hope you’ve now found the best answer on how to watch Yellowstone Season 1 in Germany on CBS. ExpressVPN would be your ideal choice to stream this show in Germany.

The great features and wide range of servers get you fully covered. You can quickly connect with a new server and watch any show, movie, series, or show on any device. Don’t wait! Try ExpressVPN today and enrich your streaming time.

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