20 Best Christmas Shows On BBC iPlayer in France [TV Specials 2024]


A great way to get into the holiday spirit and experience the intimacy and pleasure of the season is to watch the best Christmas shows on BBC iPlayer in France. These shows include heartwarming tales and themes of charity, love, and family that could cheer you up.

But only UK citizens might be able to watch the best Christmas shows free on BBC iPlayer because of geo-restrictions. Nevertheless, despite these geographical limitations, you may still watch BBC iPlayer in France if you use a VPN.

We suggest using the best VPN for BBC iPlayer in France that is ExpressVPN as it easily bypasses geo-restrictions imposed by the service.

See a wide range of genres, including action, sci-fi, comedy, and horror, in the top 20 Christmas shows we have listed in this blog. To find out more about the best Christmas shows on BBC iPlayer in France, keep reading.

What are the 20 Best Christmas Shows On BBC iPlayer in France Right Now?

The complete list of the best Christmas shows on BBC iPlayer in France has been carefully selected to help you get into the festive spirit.

You don’t need to worry about the BBC iPlayer subscription cost in France as it is already free. Also, there is no need to get a BBC iPlayer free trial in France to stream the shows for free.

If you’re wondering what to watch in France, we’ve got you sorted. Below we have listed down the best Christmas shows to stream on BBC iPlayer right now!

Call the Midwife (2023)


The story follows Jenny Lee, a recently licensed midwife, as she navigates the medical issues in the poor Poplar neighborhood of London’s very deprived East End in the 1950s, together with the work of other midwives and the nuns of Nonnatus House, a nursing nun and part of an Anglican religious order.

It is one of the best shows on BBC iPlayer that you should stream this Christmas.

Gavin & Stacey (2019)


The main characters of the story are Gavin, who lives in Billericay, Essex, and Stacey, who lives in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan.

The show focuses on important events in their relationship, such as their first date, getting to know each other’s families, getting engaged, getting married, looking for a place to live, temporarily breaking up, seeking for new employment, and attempting to give birth.

Ghosts (2023)


As Christmas approaches, Mike and Alison have a challenging situation when Betty, Mike’s thoughtful but interfering mother, chooses to extend her visit. The two must deal with her persistent helpfulness, along with the ghostly residents of Button House.

Join them for their one last ride on a large screen and enjoy this Christmas by streaming it on your smart TV.

Death in Paradise (2023)


The storyline centers on a Christmas party, where the body of a rich shipping mogul is discovered. When a strange Christmas card linked to the victim’s death is received by a guy in London, things get more bizarre. Will Neville be able to solve this case? For that stream Death in Paradise on your Firestick.

Citizen Khan (2013)


Mr. Khan, whose beliefs prevent him from enjoying Christmas, unwillingly takes the craziness of the season to purchase a tree, only to discover that he has accidentally donated a treasured family artifact to a charitable auction.

Now the chaos happens when Mr. Khan is tested whether to save his family’s artifact or grab that final Christmas tree for the family gathering.

Not Going Out: Wilfred (2023)


In season 13, The couple invites Wilfred, a solitary elderly resident of the right next care facility, to join them for Christmas dinner in a moment of pure joy. The sole restriction is that Wilfred is not permitted to consume alcohol in any situation. Get BBC iPlayer on Android and stream this series on the go.

Mrs. Brown’s Boys (2023)


Mrs. Brown wants a quiet, lovely Christmas, but her family has different plans! Agnes’ peaceful Christmas may be ruined by Cathy’s decision to prepare Christmas dinner for the first time, a lost emotional ornament, and an unexpected dinner guest.

Miranda (2010)


Miranda is a sitcom where Miranda is put on a detox by Penny, who threatens to cancel her Christmas if she doesn’t get her life together. A must-watch light-hearted comedy series that you can stream with all your family members.

Mandy (2022)


One of the best Christmas shows to watch on BBC iPlayer: Mandy, The humorous Christmas special, created and starring Diane Morgan. Mandy wonders if people genuinely like eating turkey and what Christmas is really all about.

Top Gear (2021)


Freddie, Chris, and Paddy take on the role of “car secret Santa” in this special Christmas edition as they travel across Britain in a big Christmas tree and make their way to Top Gear’s very own winter wonderland.

Considered as the best TV Christmas and holiday episodes of all time is a must-see for all viewers out there.

The Repair Shop (2023)

The Repair Shop Christmas Special

For some enchanted holiday fixes, the barn opens its renowned doors in The Repair Shop Christmas Special. As they tackle the repair of treasured objects overflowing with Christmas memories, Jay Blades is accompanied by a group of his favorite specialists from throughout the season.

On Christmas Night (2023)


A well-known celebrity narrates the account of the first Christmas from Luke’s Gospel, when angels came to shepherds to announce the birth of Jesus, as Christmas Day comes to an end. A well-known carol is then played by a chorus or soloist after the reading.

Two Doors Down (2022)


After doing some Christmas shopping, Christine takes a much-needed breather at the coffee shop, where she surprises her neighbors with some unusually generous gifts for the holidays. If you want to stream the best Christmas shows on BBC iPlayer in France, then this is a must-watch.

The Big Sick (2017)


Comedian Kumail Nanjiani, who was born in Pakistan, and graduate student Emily Gardner fall in love but face cultural barriers. When Emily develops an unexplained sickness, Kumail is forced to confront his genuine feelings, his family’s expectations, and Emily’s assertive parents.

Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing (2023)


In this special festive episode, which lasts for an hour, Bob, Paul, and Ted visit Scotland to go salmon fishing and sample the local Hogmanay customs.

They invite a very special visitor to perform at their New Year’s Eve celebration and will be joined for supper by an old friend in addition to fishing the rivers Dee, Tay, and Ericht.

King Gary (2020)


King Gary portrays the dreams of a devoted husband and wife, Terri King, and Gary, his childhood sweethearts, to attain moderate financial success and social acceptability in a harsh suburb. Enjoy this series as it is among the best Christmas shows on BBC iPlayer in France.

University Challenge (2023)


In exchange for providing students a little break for Christmas, University Challenge invites teams of famous alumni to compete on behalf of their previous university. On one of the hardest quiz shows in the country, you can expect to see some of the brightest minds in the country put their knowledge to the test.

The Great British Sewing Bee (2023)


In The Great British Sewing Bee: Celebrity Christmas Special, Esme Young and Patrick Grant test the sewing skills of four celebrities. Watch this series as it is one of the best Christmas shows on BBC iPlayer in France.

Bad Education (2023)


A Christmas extravaganza with a musical theme, Bad Education, one of the best BBC Christmas Shows to watch on iPlayer is back! Using dancing and unique tunes to narrate a story influenced by Dickens.

It is a must-watch so it is added among the list of the best Christmas shows on BBC iPlayer in France.

Inside The Factory (2023)


Production of the beloved seasonal food, Yorkshire pudding, is being followed by Gregg Wallace. Five hundred million frozen Yorkies are produced annually in the Hull facility.

What are the Other Popular Shows on BBC iPlayer?

Discover the top shows to watch on BBC iPlayer right now that are presently trending and grabbing viewers’ interest. The full list of best shows, movies, and documentaries on BBC iPlayer available in France is shown below:

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Wrap Up

These are the best Christmas shows on BBC iPlayer in France, and you should watch them this year. There is something for every user on this platform.

Geo-restrictions make it impossible to access BBC iPlayer from in France. You need to use a trustworthy VPN to access BBC iPlayer and watch Best Christmas shows on BBC iPlayer. You may also cancel BBC iPlayer in France at any time. However, I do not recommend doing so.

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