How To Install BBC iPlayer On Smart TV in Japan [Easy Guide]

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Nowadays, essentially about any television, you get off the shelf is a “smart TV.” If you’ve recently purchased a new set, you may be asking how to install BBC iPlayer on smart TV. No longer be perplexed. Read this post, and get all the answers in detail.

BBC iPlayer is exclusively available in the United Kingdom and is a geo-restricted streaming network outside the UK. However, it has an incredible content library. You may stream BBC iPlayer movies and series such as The Apprentice S17 and The Warship: Tour of Duty in Japan

A premium VPN like ExpressVPN allows you to connect to a server in the United Kingdom, enabling you to view all of the fantastic content of BBC iPlayer in Japan, including live sports like Six Nations 2023, and Scottish Championship 2022-23 easily.

While watching, if you face any problems with BBC iPlayer on Samsung smart TV, it will disturb your streaming. Therefore, it’s essential to know all details, so let’s dive inside the guide.

How to Get BBC iPlayer on Smart TV in Japan [Quick Steps]

Install the BBC iPlayer on Smart TV to watch all of the exclusive programs on your big screen.

  • To enjoy BBC iPlayer on your Apple TV, take the following steps:
  • Sign up for a VPN. ExpressVPN comes highly recommended.
  • Run the VPN application.
  • Join a server in the United Kingdom. The Docklands server is the preferred server.
  • Go for the iPlayer app in the Channel Store and add it to your channel checklist.
  • Launch the BBC iPlayer app, sign in with your credentials, and stream your favorite BBC iPlayer movies.

Note: If you are curious to know BBC iPlayer’s cost, it is 13.70 GBP per month ($15.87 per month). BBC iPlayer is kind enough to offer  BBC iPlayer free trial to its customers so they can take a better decision about whether they want to get a BBC iPlayer subscription or not.

How to Get BBC iPlayer on Samsung Smart TVs in Japan?

On your Samsung Smart TV, you can install the BBC iPlayer app since they are compatible.  The following steps will assist you with how to get BBC iPlayer on smart TV.

  1. Link the Wi-Fi to the Samsung Smart TV.


      Connect your Samsung TV to the Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Using the Samsung Smart Remote control, click the Smart Hub option.
  3. On the Samsung Smart TV, go to the Apps section and click the Search button.


      Search the BBC iPlayer app on Samsung TV.
  4. Then, using your Samsung Smart TV, browse the BBC iPlayer app.
  5. Then, from the results page on the Samsung Smart TV, select the app.
  6. Next, for the Samsung Smart TV, pick the Install button to activate the app.

How to Get BBC iPlayer on LG Smart TVs in Japan?

To watch BBC iPlayer from anywhere, you must have a Paid VPN to unblock geo-restrictions. Using paid VPNs like ExpressVPN, you can enjoy streaming other services like CraveTV Channel.

Furthermore, the BBC iPlayer app is enabled with LG Smart TV. Learn how to install this BBC iPlayer app on your LG Smart TV.

  1. Set up your LG Smart TV’s Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Secondly, using your LG Smart TV remote, click the Home button.

    Press the home button.

  3. In your LG Smart TV, scroll over the LG Content Store section and hit on it.

    Go to LG Content Store.

  4. Choose Apps and then select the All option on your LG Smart TV.
  5. In the LG Smart TV, select all options once again.
  6. Then scroll down until you find the BBC iPlayer app on the LG Smart TV.
  7. Select the Install option while picking the BBC iPlayer app on the LG TV.

How to Sign in to BBC iPlayer on Smart TV in Japan?

This is how you sign in to BBC iPlayer on your Samsung Smart TV. Create a BBC account unless you don’t already have one before beginning the procedure.

Although, Premium VPN is required to start BBC iPlayer streaming in the USA. Moreover, You can also watch Disney Plus Hotstar in the USA and American Netflix in France when you connect to a reliable VPN server.

  • Enable the BBC iPlayer app to install on the Smart TV by adhering to the above procedures.
  • Open the application from your Smart TV.
  • Next, in the BBC iPlayer app on the Smart TV, select the Sign-in button.
  • You will enter a code into the BBC iPlayer app for your Smart TV.
  • On your Smartphone or Desktop, go to
  • Sign in to your BBC account on either a smartphone or desktop computer.

    Log in with your BBC iPlayer account details.

  • Paste the code from your TV into the appropriate space on either your smartphone or desktop.

What to Watch on BBC iPlayer on Smart TV This Month?

BBC iPlayer is bringing you a wealth of entertaining shows, sports, movies, and more. Check out our favorites for this year.


Yes! Just follow the given instruction in this blog to watch BBC on Samsung smart TV.

BBC iPlayer app is accessible on tv Streaming devices that have been verified and fulfills the criteria, ensuring a positive BBC iPlayer experience.

When BBC iPlayer fails or struggles to run on your smart TV, we recommend updating the firmware/system on your TV. Attempting a reboot completing all of the instructions on the Troubleshooting linked TVs and gaming consoles site.

There are basically two ways to find BBC iPlayer on Smart TV.

  • A BBC iPlayer registered account. You can use your current one. Unless you don’t yet have an account, you can create one at
  • An additional gadget, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer. This is where you’ll enter the television code.


BBC iPlayer offers free access to its TV stations and on-demand entertainment. We are now all admirers of British entertainment, and BBC iPlayer USA is the one-stop store for watching all of our favorite British episodes and films in Japan.

The trouble with obtaining this streaming service is that BBC iPlayer shows and movies are only available in the United Kingdom. Therefore, in this blog, we discussed how to get BBC iPlayer on smart TV by using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to unblock streaming outside the UK, even you can watch BBC iPlayer on multiple devices such as PS4/PS5, Firestick, and more.

Although BBC iPlayer is an amazing streaming service with an impressive content library, for any reason, if you want to cancel the BBC iPlayer subscription you can do it at any time without any hindrance.

If you have any further questions on how to get iPlayer on Tv, feel free to ask us in the comments section.

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