Best Channel 5 TV Shows In New Zealand To Watch Right Now

Looking for some best channel 5 tv shows in New Zealand? Then you should know that you are in for a treat today! In this article, we have collected and narrowed down the best shows available on Channel 5 TV to stream.

Channel 5 TV is a free-to-air British tv network that was first launched in 1997. Since then, it has been offering its great streaming services to people to enjoy and entertain themselves.

The channel has gone through a lot of changes, and now, you can expect it to be the best version of it available. You can watch everything from popular tv shows, movies, history, and documentaries of unique titles.

However, the show is only accessible to the UK audience and is geo-restricted in most other areas. Don’t worry if you aren’t a UK resident. We get it. You can still enjoy Channel 5 in New Zealand with the help of a reliable VPN, like ExpressVPN, and enjoy streaming the best shows on Channel 5.

Now that the problem’s solved, let’s dig out some really interesting shows! Are you ready? We will begin the list of the best tv shows on Channel 5 TV then. Look out for the ones that interest you.

Here is the List Of Best Shows On Channel 5 to watch in New Zealand.

The Blacklist (2013)

Director: Andrew McCarthy, Michael W. Watkins, Donald E. Thorin Jr.
Writer: Jon Bokenkamp, Taylor Martin
Cast: James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Amir Arison
Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 8/10
Number of seasons: 9

Raymond “Red” Reddington is an ex-government agent who, in these couple of years, has become one of the most wanted fugitives. For over 20 years, he has been on the list of U.S. law enforcement agencies trying to catch him with their every possible effort.

However, one day, he mysteriously surrenders to the FBI! Shocking as it may be, the agencies get what they had wanted for decades. But the thought if it isn’t satisfying, there has to be something fishy. When Raymond offers to catch the other deadly criminals, their shock is further dragged.

But he puts forward a condition to offer his unmatchable skills: he wants to work with Elizabeth Keen, the new profiler.

Lucifer (2016)

Director: Nathan Hope, Louis Shaw Milito
Writer: Mike Dringenberg, Neil Gaiman, Tom Kapinos
Cast: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, D.B. Woodside
Genre: Mystery
IMDB Rating: 8.1/10
Number of seasons: 6

Lucifer Morningstar is a bored Lord of the hell, tired of his job, so he decides to relocate to Los Angeles and come to life with ordinary people. While his life there, he is kind of having fun and helping people with their miseries through the use of his telepathic abilities and experiences.

He aids them in taking their profound thoughts and desires out of them.

He even opens a nightclub there where, one day, he meets a homicidal detective and forms a connection. The detective leads him to a way to become an LAPD consultant – the one who punishes people through law and justice for their committed crimes.

Criminal Minds (2005)

Director: Glenn Kershaw, Rob Bailey
Writer: Jeff Davis, Kimberly A. Harrison
Cast: Matthew Gray Gubler, Shemar Moore, A. J. Cook, Thomas Gibson
Genre: Mystery
IMDB Rating: 8.1/10
Number of seasons: 15

One of the best channel 5 dramas, Crime Minds, is, as the name suggests, about the criminal minds of the area. In the show, an elite group of the F.B.I. Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.) analyses the criminal minds of the people in the nation.

Their work? They have to predict and anticipate the next move of these dangerous people in time before they actually strike again. It may be a difficult task to deal with, but the abilities of the group members are also unique in one way or the other.

Whatsoever, these people are tasked with the most important work that could aid in the protection of their nation.

Queens of Mystery (2019)

Director: Ian Emes, Theresa Varga
Writer: Julian Unthank, Matthew Thomas
Cast: Olivia Vinall, Florence Hall, Julie Graham, Nancy Carroll
Genre: Crime fiction
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10
Number of seasons: 2

Every episode of this show is going to keep you hooked throughout that you wouldn’t want to cut off in the middle, especially when crime fiction is your type. The tv show revolves around Matilda Stone, who is an English Detective Sergeant.

The show proceeds as she tries to solve the new mysteries. These come to her as new challenges for her to deal with. However, she is not alone.

She is aided and assisted by her three aunts – crime-writing aunts actually – Cat Stone, Jane Stone, and Beth Stone. Queens of Mystery is also considered one of the best channel 5 tv shows in New Zealand. So don’t forget to watch it, okay? Despite the crime fiction, you can watch sports movies in New Zealand too.

Ransom (2017)

Director: Eleanore Lindo, Sturla Gunnarsson
Writer: Frank Spotnitz, David Vainola
Cast: Luke Roberts, Brandon Jay McLaren, Sarah Greene, Nazneen Contractor
Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10
Number of seasons: 3

Now that is an interesting name for an interesting tv series! Ransom is a wonderful internationally co-produced television series that is created by David Vignola. With David’s efforts and that of Frank Spotnitz, the series ranks among the greatest shows on channel 5 to watch in New Zealand.

The story of it revolves around Eric Beaumont, who is a renowned crisis and hostage negotiator. He, along with his elite team of negotiators, employs insight into the behaviors of the people to handle the challenging cases involving ransom and kidnaps.

This group travels the world to offer help the various governmental agencies and multinational corporations with complicated negotiations. However, these people have their personal lives and matters too. So they must develop a good balance between their professional and personal lives.

Geordie Shore (2011)

Director: Max Barber, Shahn Devendran, Michael Rees
Cast: Holly Hagan, Charlotte Crosby, Gaz Beadle, Vicky Pattison
Genre: Reality, Comedy
IMDB Rating: 5.1/10
Number of seasons: 22

In America, after the flagship MTV network made a cultural phenomenon out of the famous ‘Jersey Shore’ program, the UK couldn’t stand back.

They counterpart and have made matchable success with the reality show ‘Geordie Shore.’ It features a group of young males and females from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. This city is a stomped ground for these tanned and buffed individuals of the gang who are to live together in a shared house.

The young people are put to work throughout the day, but with a concession: they can party all night long and let their hair down too. With the amount of comedy and fun it has, you may consider it to be one of the greatest programs on channel 5.

There are other UK-based platforms too which are free of cost just like BBC iPlayer, you can also watch iPlayer shows and BBC iPlayer films with the help of the BBC iPlayer VPNs in New Zealand.

All Creatures Great and Small (2020)

Director: Andy Hay, Metin Hüseyin
Writer: Chloë Mi Lin Ewart, Lisa Holdsworth
Cast: Nicholas Ralph, Rachel Shenton, Samuel West, Callum Woodhouse
Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 8.5/10
Number of seasons: 2

One of the great channel 5 dramas, All Creature Great and Small, is a beautiful television series that was set in 1937. It is based on a series of books that were written by Alf Wight about a Yorkshire veterinarian under the name of James Herriot.

Playground Entertainment produced the series for PBS in the United States and Channel 5 in the United Kingdom.

The story circles a veterinarian, James Herriot, adventures in 1930s Yorkshire. Along with his adventures, you are also going to enjoy the numerous acts of friendly staff practice.

The Disappearance (2017)

Director: Peter Stebbings
Writer: Normand Daneau, Geneviève Simard
Cast: Aden Young, Michael Riendeau, Peter Coyote, Camille Sullivan
Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10
Number of seasons: 1

The Disappearance is a psychological family drama that centers on a crime based on a true story. On his tenth birthday, the young kid, Anthony Sullivan, goes out for a treasure hunt. During that, however, he does not return back and is inexplicably vanished somewhere.

The family is devastated to learn about this. To find him, his relatives and friends gather together and run out for an investigation. But the investigation that was meant to find Anthony leads them all to another direction, the one more dark. The old hidden and shocking family secrets come to the surface, and they all know it now!

Santiago of the Seas (2020)

Director: Christofer Graham
Writer: Niki Lopez, Tony Gama-Lobo
Cast: Kevin Chacon, Alyssa Cheatham, Justice Quiroz, Leslie Valdes
Genre: Adventure, Action, Educational
IMDB Rating: 6/10
Number of seasons: 2

Okay, now comes the kids’ time, one of the best programs on channel 5, especially for your little ones: Santiago of the Seas.

This show revolves around the infinite adventures of Captain Santiago, cousin Tomas, frog Kiko, and mermaid Lorelai as they lead a magical pirate ship. They are voyaging on the ship for a heroic sea quest in which they must show their individual and group skills to out-pirate and outsmart all the enemies and villains that come their way.

After all, it is them on whom the security and safety of the Caribbean high seas depend. This interactive and interesting computer-animated show may actually interest your kids. If you face any issues while streaming it in New Zealand, you can use the best VPN for streaming.

Suspects (2014)


Director: Craig Pickles, John Hardwick, Steve Hughes
Writer: Darren Fairhurst, Paul Marquess
Cast: Damien Molony, Clare‑Hope Ashitey, Fay Ripley, Lee Nicholas Harris
Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10
Number of seasons: 5

Suspects, as the name suggests, is a tv show that completely revolves around crime and drama. It is an unscripted drama that primarily centers on three detectives of the Great London Police, named DC Charlie Steele, DS Jack Weston, and their senior DI Martha Bellamy.

It follows them as they come up with new cases and try to solve them in their own distinctive ways and as a collective effort. From kidnapping to murder cases, they come face-to-face with all types of situations imaginable.

It is an absolutely cracking drama that is new and fresh in the best way. Therefore, it also makes one of the best channel 5 tv shows in New Zealand.

The Royals (2015)

Director: Mark Schwahn, Les Butler, Tom Vaughan
Writer: Mark Schwahn, Michelle Ray
Cast: Alexandra Park, Tom Austen, William Moseley, Elizabeth Hurley
Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.4/10
Number of seasons: 4

Power is everything – it is both likable and hateable. There is no trust or limits. The tv show ‘The Royals’ centers on a fictional British royal family that rules over a population of lust, legal tradition, and sizzling scandal in modern-day London.

One day, the heir to the throne suddenly dies and leaves the family in utter chaos that is thrown into turmoil. The younger siblings who expected the least to inherit the powers and be charged with authority are baffled and too inexperienced for it all to handle.

They are having quite a hard time with their new roles. The Queen, Helen, now makes attempts to secure her power on the throne. Watching this show can be quite fun, seeing people fighting for power while others for the nation.

Angelina Ballerina (2002)

Director: Roger McIntosh; Kitty Taylor
Writer: Helen Craig, Barbara Slade
Cast: Jo Wyatt, Finty Williams, Judi Dench, Keith Wickham
Genre: Pre-school
IMDB Rating: 5.5/10
Number of seasons: 2

This British Angelina Ballerina is another one of the great channel 5 tv shows for your pre-school kids. It revolves around Angelina Mouseling, who is a young mouse.

She fancies her family members, her classmates, and also dancing ballet. The show is based on the children’s book written by Katharine Holabird and illustrator by Helen Craig. So, allow your kids to follow the adventures of Angelina Mouseling as she practices and learns ballet dance.

Olly the Little White Van (2011)

Director: Dave Garbett
Writer: Henry Becket, Phil Gallagher, Dave Garbett
Cast: Justin Fletcher, Andy Nyman, Holly-Marie Michael
Genre: Children’s television series
IMDB Rating: 6/10
Number of seasons: 1

Shows on Channel 5 are not just confined to older or grown-up people; the channel also has pretty great stuff for little kids. Olly the Little White Van, as the name clearly tells, is also a kids’ show featuring on Channel 5.

Its story, therefore, is basically adventure based, where a little white van –called Olly– sets out on a journey of fun. The van, along with Stan, his driver, will take your little ones on a journey to explore the ultimate fun. This is the fun that could be achieved within the boundaries of your house on the screen of TVs.

Crossing Lines (2013)

Director: Susan Tully, Daniel Percival, Xavier Gens
Writer: Edward Allen Bernero, Christopher Smith, Oliver Hein-Macdonald
Cast: Tom Wlaschiha, Gabriella Pession, William Fichtner, Donald Sutherland
Genre: Drama, Action
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10
Number of seasons: 2

The best action drama series with the touch of the suspense movie. Crossing Lines is a crime drama series in which the international global law-breakers, with the help of the International Criminal Court in, are brought to justice. More to the story, Louis Daniel is a captain who is assembling a squad of European law enforcement agents.

He wants to gain their help in battling the explosion of international crime that also accompanies the opening of borders by the European Union. Daniel also calls Carl Hickman who was formerly an NYPD detective, but due to an injury, he had left the job.

The team will travel to exotic places in pursuit of criminals, and to survive their hard journey, they must work as one force. We would suggest you watch this show if you are looking for new series on channel 5.

Sunny Bunnies (2015)


Director: Andrew Ledenev
Writer: Sergey Gashnikov, Andrew Tolkachev, Andrew Ledenev
Cast: Dmitri Davidovich, Svetlana Tsimokhina, Kimberly Foudy
Genre: Comedy
IMDB Rating: 6.9/10
Number of seasons: 6

The genre of this show is comedy, but be minded; this comedy is a kids’ comedy that is made for young children. They should have some entertainment too, shouldn’t they? Sunny Bunnies is one of the amazing and entertaining channel 5 shows in animation.

This show is made in 3D animation by Animation Cafe and is a six-season-long show that contains 26 episodes per season. That’s a lot of fun in one show! Turbo, Iris, Shiny, Big Boo, and Hopper are five different colored bunnies and the main leads of the show. You will always find them in Sunny Park having a new adventure.

The seventh season of this show is currently running on Youtube at the moment, but you can watch this kind of program on Channel 5 anytime.

Milkshake Monkey (2009)

Director: Louise Rigg, Daniel Peacock
Cast: Kemi Majeks, Helena Smee, Helen Smee
Genre: Action, Adventure
IMDB Rating:
Number of seasons: 6

One of the channel 5 tv shows in New Zealand, Milkshake Monkey, is a series that revolves around a mischievous monkey. The monkey does all those sorts of mischievous acts that make a kiddo slip laugh after laugh out of their mouth.

The monkey goes to visit his friend in the UK and attempts various antics. He learns about penguins, waves at unusual tractors, climbs on an exciting coach, and puts on a spectacular show.

Blue’s Clues & You! (2019)

Director: Vadim Kapridov, M.R. Horhager
Writer: Traci Paige Johnson, Todd Kessler
Cast: Joshua Dela Cruz, Steve Burns, Donovan Patton, Traci Paige Johnson
Genre: Education
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10
Number of seasons: 3

In this tv show, Blue has invited you to join her and Josh – the new host of the show – in a clue-led adventure where you will have to solve the puzzles in each episode.

Blue can identify clues with each signature paw print in this animated world and then inspires the viewer to interact with her and Josh. together; they will work to figure out the clues and solve the mystery of puzzles before them.

It is an educational show that could allow your kids to open up their minds and use them to help the hosts solve stuff. There is problem-solving and viewer interaction in one of these great channel 5 tv shows.

Little Princess (2006)

Director: Edward Foster, Sue Tong
Writer: Alison Gentleman, Dave Ingham, Sally Marchant
Cast: Jane Horrocks, Colin McFarlane, Brian Blessed, Julian Clary
Genre: Children’s television series
IMDB Rating: 5.7/10
Number of seasons: 3

The British show Little Princess is one of those channel 5 tv shows for kids that are filled with the right entertainment kids need. The princess is filled with charm, energy, and thinkable questions about how the world works. Impressive curiosity and stubbornness are her great features.

But no matter how demanding she gets, no one has the ability to stay angry with her for too long. That is because she makes it all better and compensates in a disagreeable way! It is a decent pre-school boys and girls show.

Peppa (2004)

Director: Mark Baker, Neville Astley, Joris van Hulzen
Writer: Neville Astley, Mark Baker, Phil Hall
Cast: Morwenna Banks, Richard Ridings, Harley Bird, Oliver May
Genre: Cartoon
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10
Number of seasons: 7

Peppa is one of the best shows on Channel 5. The show revolves around the adventures, friendships, and mishaps of Peppa Pig, George – her brother, their parents, and all the other animal families in their town. Each animal family in the town is of a different species of animal.

Therefore, Peppa’s friends are also different. They are named Suzy Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit, and Candy Cat. with every new episode; you can get to watch a new adventure following them in their lives.

Poppy Cat (2011)

Director: Leo Nielsen
Writer: Laura Beaumont, Eryk Casemiro
Cast: Katie Leigh, Teresa Gallagher, Joanna Page, Alicyn Packard
Genre: Animation
IMDB Rating: 5.4/10
Number of seasons: 3

Let’s end the list with one of these adventurous channel 5 tv shows. The show revolves around Poppy Cat, who goes on different adventures with her friends throughout the series. It is a British preschool children’s tv show that you may want to show to your little ones.


That then puts an end to the long list of 21 best channel 5 tv shows to watch in New Zealand. From these shows, you can easily find the most interesting and intriguing tv shows for yourself as well as for your little ones or for the whole family, in general.

These shows are of different genres, with some newly released and some the most popular ones of all time. Then, pick a pen and paper, jot down the names of the shows that are seeming interesting to you, and then you will have a what-to-watch-next list prepared!

This way, you won’t have to search for them again and again. Every time you finish one show, you know what you have to start next! Enjoy streaming on this platform with a VPN if you reside in New Zealand.

Lastly, have fun while you watch the shows, okay? We are sure these shows will satisfy your entertainment needs the most.

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