How much does a Kayo Subscription Cost In New Zealand

We all enjoy sports, especially when we can catch them broadcast live from all over the world. However, as any sporting fan knows, the cost of access to the world’s largest and greatest sports can be rather costly.

Kayo’s subscription can help with that. It’s meant to keep the cost of enjoying the athletics you love, with no commitments to worry about – and no networks you don’t want – by providing dozens of athletic codes from around the world via full HD streaming. It’s a sports fan’s fantasy.

Usually, you’d need to subscribe to one of Foxtel’s packages to gain access to what’s on Kayo – and that would need you to sign up for one of Foxtel’s packages before you could even add on.

However, Kayo Sports is an Aussie-based channel and if you live outside Australia, then you will need the best VPN like ExpressVPN to watch Kayo Sports in New Zealand.

Let’s jump into the guide without any further undoing!

What are the different Kayo Subscription Packages in New Zealand?


When you register to Kayo, you will be offered 3 plans to avail: Kayo One, Basic, and Premium. All these bundles provide the same high-quality content, with HD and all functionalities.

You may even begin watching Kayo by signing up for a 14-day free trial of the sports streaming service. All Kayo sports streaming packages include no commitment and full access to the Kayo application for mobile devices. But what are your Kayo subscription choices after the free trial?

You can subscribe to any Kayo monthly subscription provided below:

Kayo Sports One

The One Plan of Kayo Sports costs in New Zealand is 36 AUD (36 NZD/mo) and will allow you to stream your favorite live sporting events like NBA, NFL, and many more at a low rate. Here are some of Kayo One Plan’s features.

  • Livestream and on-demand streaming
  • Cancel your Kayo subscription at any moment
  • Watch our top-tier games in high definition*.
  • There are no spoilers
  • Important moments
  • Access it on common devices

Kayo Sports Basic

The basic plan of Kayo Sport cost in New Zealand is 39 AUD (41.93 NZD/mo) and will allow you to watch your favorite live sports like NFL, NRL, and many more at a low cost. Here are some of Kayo Basic subscription plan features.

  • No contract, SD or HD streaming on two devices
  • Stream live Ashes, BBL, NBA, and other sporting events.

Kayo Sports Premium

The Kayo New Zealand subscription costs you 51 AUD (54.83 NZD each month). It costs 14 AUD (15.05 NZD/mo) more to stream on 3 devices rather than 2. There isn’t any other difference between the basic and premium packages. On both packages, you get access to the same events and everything is streamed in HD.

Just one thing to think about is how many devices you actually require. How many members of your family watch sports on a regular basis? And how frequently do the folks in your family desire to watch sports on their own?

Also, there’s data consumption to consider. Kayo is a data-intensive streaming platform that consumes around 2.5GB/hour in Standard Definition & 3.5GB per hour in Full HD per device. So the only other factor to consider is if your data limit can handle it. Here are Kayo’s monthly subscription premium features:

  • Livestream and on-demand streaming
  • Cancel Kayo subscription at any moment
  • Watch our top-tier games in high definition*.
  • There are no spoilers
  • Important moments
  • Access it on common devices
  • 3 simultaneous devices

How Can I Get Kayo New Zealand Subscription At Cheaper Price? [2022 Updated]

Here are the easy steps to get a Kayo subscription in New Zealand at a cheaper price:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN and connect to an Australian-based server.
  2. The user must visit and select the Kayo deal of their choice.
  3. After that copy the coupon code from it.
  4. Paste the code at the time of the checkout on Kayo and check if it has worked for you.

What Content can I access with my Kayo Subscription in New Zealand?


You get access to the best Kayo shows library, including all accessible Freebies if you have bought a Kayo membership. You can also watch other Australian channels and their content by using a premium VPN.

Note: Please keep in mind that fixtures are changeable. Due to the continuing Coronavirus, certain fixtures may not be displayed and are subject to change (COVID-19).

Kayo Subscription New Zealand – FAQs

The cheapest Kayo package is available for 38.70 NZD (36 AUD/mo). You can also check the easy steps to get a cheap Kayo subscription.

You can change your Kayo subscription by following the easy steps:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN and connect to an Australian-based server.
  2. Sign in to the App Store using your Apple ID.
  3. Click on the Account Profile Icon.
  4. Choose Manage Subscriptions.
  5. In the App Store, you’ll now get a list of all expired and active subscriptions.
  6. Choose the Kayo application.
  7. Your Kayo subscription may now be edited or canceled.

Yes, it is worth everything. It’s less expensive, more adaptable, and provides a far nicer watching experience because of its multitude of sports-focused capabilities. We’re glad to suggest it as a must-have for every Australian sports fan, but you can try it for free for 14 days.


Kayo gives you access to 14 live sporting events channels that are part of the Foxtel Sports network. For all the greatest racing action, check out Fox League, Fox Footy, Fox Sports 506, and Fox Cricket.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the unique features that distinguish Kayo Sports, as well as the devices you can use to watch it and which athletics are included in your membership.

Get your Kayo subscription in New Zealand today and start watching your favorite sports.

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