Where and How to Watch Yellowstone Season 5 in New Zealand

Yellowstone season 5 in-New Zealand

You can watch Yellowstone Season 5 in New Zealand. The series’ season 5 part 2 will premiere in the summer of 2023 on the same network. However, due to the geo-restrictions of Paramount Network in New Zealand, viewers must need a bypassing tool; a VPN.

We recommend using ExpressVPN as its the most reliable and secure streaming VPN for watching Yellowstone in New Zealand. You can access the Paramount Network official website or the Paramount Network app and start watching the series.

Dutton’s ranch stories 2022-2023 attracted 12.1 million live-plus-real-time viewers, breaking all the previous records. This is an increase of nearly 10% over Season 4. Without further ado, we’ll show you a quick & easy way to enjoy it while residing or traveling in New Zealand. Read ahead!

How to Watch Yellowstone Season 5 in New Zealand – [Quick Steps]

Get ready to watch Yellowstone season 5 in New Zealand! Follow these simple and quick steps now:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN. (ExpressVPN is a top choice)
  2. Log into your account
  3. Connect to a US server.
  4. Visit the Paramount Network or install the Paramount Network app.
  5. Search the title and enjoy watching Yellowstone Season 5 in New Zealand.

Is there a Yellowstone Season 5 Trailer?

Yes, a trailer for Yellowstone Season 5 has been released since the 29th of September 2022, and it has gotten more than three million(3M) views within that short period.

According to the press release on Newswire, “Yellowstone Season 5 will be up on Paramount Network in New Zealand with two exclusive episodes on 13th November 2022.”

You can watch the exciting trailer here;

Where to Watch Yellowstone Season 5 in New Zealand?

You can watch Yellowstone Season 5 on Paramount Network. Starting from the mid summer of 2023, Yellowstone season 5 part 2 will premiere every Sunday at 8 p.m. on Paramount Network. Also, there is a mobile application in all app stores that you can use to watch the series while on the go.

Meanwhile, fans can enjoy the “Yellowstone origin story” 1883 and 1923 (created by Taylor Sheridan) on Paramount+ on 1st January 2023.

Viewers who don’t have a cable TV provider can buy or rent episodes on Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Apple iTunes or subscribe to Peacock TV in New Zealand. Peacock provides a 7-day free trial and costs US$4.99 per month, making it the cheapest option to watch Yellowstone’s previous seasons (Seasons 1-4) online. However, Peacock TV still lacks the latest episodes from Season 5.

From the below-mentioned streaming services table, select your best option:

Providers Offering Paramount Network Streaming Subscription Costs
DirecTV $69.99 /month
FuboTV $69.99 /month
Hulu $69.99 /month
YouTube TV $69.99 /month
Sling TV $46 /month
Philo $25 /month
Peacock TV $4.99 (only previous seasons 1-4)
Paramount+ Yellowstone S5 is not available here

*Philo also offers a 7-day free trial offer only at the subscription of $25 per month. Enjoy watching Yellowstone season 5 on Philo in New Zealand.

How many Episodes are in Yellowstone Season 5?

Yellowstone Season 5 would have Fourteen(14) episodes. Fifth season is divided into two parts, first part (with 8 episodes) finished airing on the 1st of January 2023 and the other part (with 6 episodes) will resume this summer 2023. Each episode will premiere weekly at 8 PM ET/PT on Sunday at Paramount Network.

Yellowstone Season 5 Part 1 & 2: Complete Episodes Schedule

Season 5 of Yellowstone is divided into two halves, first half of the series has 8 episodes and the other half will have 6 more episodes. Their air schedule on Paramount Network is as follows:

Episode Date and Time Description
Yellowstone S1 E1
13th November 2022 at 8 pm E.T
“One Hundred Years Is Nothing”
Yellowstone S1 E2
13th November 2022 at 8 pm E.T
“The Sting of Wisdom”
Yellowstone S1 E3
20th November 2022 at 8 pm E.T
“Tall Drink of Water”
Yellowstone S1 E4
27th November 2022 at 8 pm E.T
“Horses in Heaven”
Yellowstone S1 E5
4th December 2022 at 8 pm E.T
“Watch ‘Em Ride Away”
Yellowstone S1 E6
11th December 2022 at 8 pm E.T
“Cigarettes, Whiskey, a Meadow and You”
Yellowstone S1 E7
18th December 2022 at 8 pm E.T
“The Dream Is Not Me”
Yellowstone S1 E8
1st January 2023, at 8 pm E.T
“A Knife and No Coin”
Yellowstone S1 E9
Summer 2023, at 8 pm E.T
To be released (2nd part of the series)
Yellowstone S1 E10
Summer 2023, at 8 pm E.T
To be released
Yellowstone S1 E11
Summer 2023, at 8 pm E.T
To be released
Yellowstone S1 E12
Summer 2023, at 8 pm E.T
To be released
Yellowstone S1 E13
Summer 2023, at 8 pm E.T
To be released
Yellowstone S1 E14
Summer 2023, at 8 pm E.T
To be released

When is the Next Yellowstone Episode On? Season 5 Episode 9

Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2, Episode 9 will be available to stream this summer 2023 only on Paramount Network. However, the platform still not announced the exact release date of episode 9.

What is the Yellowstone Season 5 Plot?

After managing to wriggle his way into becoming the Governor of Montana, based on all the information garnered from the trailers, in the bid to prove his dominance, John had to fire every member of his cabinet and appoint Beth as his Chief of Staff, which is equivalent to preparing to fight every war in this season in the dirtiest way possible.

New and old enemies are rising all around. With a slight statement at the end of the trailer, “Power has a price,” it is almost guaranteed that this season will surpass anything the previous seasons have achieved.

Yellowstone Season 5 Soundtracks and Theme Song

Yellowstone theme song named “Yellowstone” is an instrumental beat composed by Bryan Tyler. He also wrote more songs for the show.

Aside from Bryan Tyler, Ryan Bingham, Tim McGraw, and Kevin Costner performed multiple songs and were nominated for Grammy awards for their outstanding music.

What is the IMDb Rating of Yellowstone?

According to IMDb, this film has received a weighted average rating of 8.7 out of 10 from 136,599 users. This rating is regarded as one of the highest on IMDb.

What is the Rotten Tomatoes Rating of Yellowstone?

The average audience score for Yellowstone on Rotten Tomatoes is 72% out of 100, and the average Tomatometer score is 83%.

Meet the New Yellowstone Season 5 Cast Members

The Yellowstone season 5 cast continues with many familiar actors in the series, with Josh Lucas, who appeared last in season 3, playing the role of young John Dutton.

And as it seems that flashbacks are the main theme of this season, with Kylie Rogers as Young Beth and Kyle Red Silverstein as Young Rip.

Main cast members
Kevin Costner as John Dutton
Kelly Reilly as Beth
Luke Grimes as Kayce
Wes Bentley as Jamie
Cole Hauser as Rip
Kelsey Asbille as Monica
Brecken Merrill as Tate
Finn Little as Carter
Gil Birmingham as Thomas Rainwater
Kai Caster, plays a young cowboy
Lainey Wilson, plays Abby
Lilli Kai, who would play Clara Brewer
Dawn Olivieri, who plays Sarah Atwood

Why is Yellowstone Season 5 Worth Watching?

Yellowstone Season 5 is back with 14 more episodes of Dutton family drama, life-or-death choices, and a ten gallon hat’s worth of tough talk.

Viewers will witness one of the finest political dramas of the time and will surely love how everything will come back to its original place after fighting for the hundredth time.

Which is the Recommended VPN to Watch Yellowstone Season 5 in New Zealand?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Yellowstone Season 5 or Lingo Season 1 in New Zealand due to its high-grade security. Continue reading to learn more about Yellowstone Season 5 streaming:

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to Watch Yellowstone Season 5 in New Zealand

paramount network in-New Zealand

You can use ExpressVPN’ to watch all your favorite titles on Paramount Network.

ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPNs and is best in bypassing Paramount Network’s geo-restrictions in New Zealand. With over 3000+ servers in 94+ countries or rather 161 cities, server numbers have never been an issue. To watch the series, you must choose one of the 500 servers in the United States.

It also has the DNS service, also known as Media Streamers, whose purpose is fairly simple: unblock all blocked streaming services, which in this case would be AMC+, Disney Plus, Hulu, and Paramount+ in New Zealand and in Brazil.

In addition to conventional data encryption, it includes a 256-ES Military-grade encryption technology to protect your data’s security further, so you can watch your favorite geo-restricted content such as 65th Annual Grammy Awards, Heartland Season 16, Hellraiser 2022, and Halloween Ends with ease.

A 12-month, 6-month, or 1-month ExpressVPN subscription costs NZD 11.17 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan, $9.99, or $12.95 per month, respectively. You will also receive a 30-day free trial after registering for their services.

Yellowstone Season 5

What else can I watch on Paramount Network?

The best shows and movies you can watch this January 2023 are

  • Bar Rescue
  • Law & Order
  • Two and a Half Man
  • The Day After Tomorrow
  • Independence Day 1996
  • The Office
  • Are you the One
  • Grease 1978
  • Dirty Dancing 1987
  • Ghost 1990
  • Hitch 2005
  • At Midnight
  • NCIS
  • Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)
  • Raiders of the Lost Arc 1981
  • Your Honor
  • A Star is Born (2018)
  • And many more.

FAQs: Watch Yellowstone Season 5 in New Zealand

Season 5 of Yellowstone streaming is available to buy or rent on Prime Video, Vudu, iTunes. The series’ Season 5 will eventually available on Peacock TV soon. However, the release date is yet not confirmed.

Yellowstone is currently airing on the American Paramount Network. Unfortunately, the streaming channel is unavailable for Canadian viewers due to regional restrictions of the platform.

in New Zealand viewers can easily watch Yellowstone season 5 for free by using the Peacock TV free trial offer. Simply subscribe to the service and avail of its 7-day free trial. Also, use ExpressVPN to access Paramount Network.

Visit Paramount Network website or app and stream every ranch moment of Yellowstone season 5 from anywhere. Use ExpressVPN to bypass the platform in geo-blocked regions.

The past episodes of Yellowstone (Seasons 1-4) are streamable on Peacock TV. Subscribe to ExpressVPN, connect to its US server and enjoy watching the series on Peacock TV 7-day free trial period. Viewers can also purchase these seasons from Amazon Prime as the show is not free for Prime subscribers.

There’s no official announcement for the Yellowstone season 6 release, as Season 5 is not yet ended. However, Yellowstone’s actor Cole Hauser (Rip) stated in an interview that season 6 is in its making, and viewers will get more interesting episodes in the upcoming year.

Yes, all seasons of Yellowstone, including season 5 is available on purchase on Amazon Prime Video. You can buy the most recent HD episodes of Yellowstone season 5 only at $39.99, and the new ones as they become available.

Once all the episodes of Yellowstone Season 5 will air on Paramount Network, then we will have the show’s season 5 on Peacock TV.

Unfortunately, no. The entire series of Yellowstone is unavailable on Netflix. Watch Yellowstone season 1-5 on Paramount Network.

It is a fiction-based story, authored by John Linson and Taylor. The difficulties that modern cowboys face and the problems that ranchers have faced throughout history.

It was filmed in Montana and the Dutton family’s formal residence is the Chief Joseph Ranch, a functioning cattle ranch in Darby, Montana, five hours away from Yellowstone National Park. There are two cabins that guests can rent out of the 6,000-square-foot mansion.


All you need to watch Yellowstone Season 5 in New Zealand is to follow the 4-step process listed above, and you are all set.

Subscribe to ExpressVPN now and get your popcorn popping because you don’t want to miss out after nearly a year since the release of the fourth season.

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