How to watch Sky TV for Free In New Zealand?

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Are you curious about how to watch Sky TV for free in New Zealand without a Sky subscription?

Don’t worry; we got your back. You can watch Sky TV for free in New Zealand by connecting by using a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN. Also, you can follow certain ways we are about to unfold for you, so keep on reading!

For the UK market, saying Sky TV is the best in the range of content would not be wrong. It entertains every type of audience. However, BT Vision and Virgin Media (unavailable in every area) are now competing with Sky TV as alternate subscription-based providers.

Are you excited to stream Penny Dreadful, Band of Brothers, The Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather trilogy, and other hit shows and movies. Furthermore, you may get Sky Go channels that include children’s shows, documentaries, international news, and more.

So, if you are into movies or sports, it is also an option for you. But the addition of monthly payments is a big issue with Sky TV. Let’s explore the possible solutions!

How to watch Sky TV for free in New Zealand [Quick Steps ]

Watch Sky TV through Now TV

Some people think that the person has no Sky TV subscription, which is why he is installing satellite dishes on the roof. It differs from a person not interested in watching Sky content, but due to other priorities, finding time to watch TV is difficult for them. Meanwhile, now no need to install satellite dishes when you can watch free Sky TV online on Now TV.

It is like a minimized version of a pay-as-you-go subscription that takes place on your broadband connection without a dish. Also, the dish-free version of Sky is coming soon. You get a choice while purchasing a subscription to Now TV. You can select monthly, weekly, or day passes.

Besides, you are also free to choose packages for the best Movies, Sports, Kid’s TV, and Entertainment. So, according to your preference, you can customize your package and save it in your pocket.

One reason to recommend Now TV to you is that you are not tied to long-term contracts, in addition to eliminating the need for satellite dishes. Watching Now TV is simple; you need a set-top box or a smart TV that is capable of working on the internet.

Install a Now TV app on your device and enjoy watching the best Sky TV shows. Even gaming consoles like Xbox can be used. And if you are a smartphone person, you can view it on your mobile screen.

Moreover, some high-end phones also come with a screen mirroring option, which you can use to project your phone screen on your TV to enjoy the content on a big screen. Moreover, using a phone also cuts the requirement of home broadband as you can stream on 4G.

Watch Sky TV through Sky Go

Sky Go is another alternative on-demand service allowing streaming content on an internet connection, similar to Now TV. The operating process of Sky Go is also quite similar to the Now TV. You can watch shows on Sky Go without Sky TV. The only requirement is for a device that can access the internet and can download the Sky Go application.

Again, you can use your smartphone, desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or gaming console to connect it to a TV and watch content on Sky Go. Sky Go delivers most of the Sky programs on an internet connection, except BBC programs. In technical terms, Sky go comes under the subscription of Sky, and to access it, you must log in to your Sky account.

Furthermore, the Sky login credentials can be shared and used even when you are outside your home. Sharing login with your children can keep them engaged while you can perform some office work without any disturbance. On our last time check, we found the Sky Go access limit to 4 screens. That means you can share it with your family members, siblings, or friends.

However, Sky policies do not support this. To access Sky Go, the subscription allows registration of 2 devices. To add more, you can use Sky Extra to register 4 devices, but it is subject to change anytime or probably has changed when you read this.

Alternate Method to watch Sky TV for free in New Zealand -[BT Vision/ Virgin]

To watch Sky for free, you can consider subscribing to other services like Virgin Media or BT Vision. They are not entirely free, but for a small subscription cost fee, they can bring you service to watch Sky free.

It will save you from installing satellite dishes as BT Vision is based on a typical TV aerial, while Virgin Media utilizes cable wire. So, with them, you get some taste of the Sky without subscribing for another, watching the free sky to some extent while saving.

Use a shared Sky subscription

If one of your friends or family members has already subscribed to the Sky service, you can register yourself as a secondary user to enjoy shows on Sky.

Also, note that you can register up to 4 devices, but simultaneous usage is allowed only for 2 devices. So, accessing Sky on more than 2 devices simultaneously with one account is impossible. To do that, you probably require another Sky account.

On the other hand, you can use Sky Go as an alternative to enjoy watching shows even when you are not present at home. With Sky Go, users can register 2 of their compatible devices or 4 if willing to pay additionally for Sky Go Extra.

In this case, with the login details of a registered family member, you can sign in to view programs on Sky. Also, according to the policy of Sky, a secondary user must belong to the same household and is a primary holder of a Sky account. If you are convinced enough then install Sky TV on firestick and enjoy streaming.

Stick with Freeview

The sky is officially partnered with Freeview. Yes, it seems like a surprise for many of us. Some of the services like Sky 3 (now known as Pick), Sky News, and a few others. So, if you want only these to watch, you do not need to bear the cost of subscribing to the Sky.

You can watch some free channels on Sky without subscription, including Sky Sports on Firestick. However, you can quickly cancel your subscription to Sky TV if you become tired of streaming it by getting in touch with its customer service team.


You can use it to watch FTA (Free to Air) satellite channels. However, for Freesat, a service subscription is required.

No, it is not free. You still need a Sky TV subscription to watch content on Sky Go.

Yes, with the Sky Go application, you can stream the content online on your smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop, smart TV, and game consoles.


Hopefully, now you have gained enough knowledge regarding the Sky TV service and how to get Sky TV for free in New Zealand. We highly recommend using a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN and the ways mentioned above and don’t put yourself in other illegal methods to view the content on Sky TV.

Doing so can bring you numerous problems. Methods given in this blog are entirely legal and ethical, which you can use to watch your favorite shows.

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