A Quick Guide on Hulu Price and Plans in New Zealand [2023 Updated]


Hulu is among the major streaming services on the internet, and it is always introducing new features to better your access to high-quality video. Want to know about Hulu Price? With many plans available and an ever-increasing variety of add-ons, it might be difficult to get hold of Hulu’s various costs.

Below, we’ve shared a table that shows you precisely what each of Hulu’s four plans — Basic, Premium, Basic + Live TV, and Premium + Live TV — will provide you with your money. There’s also a rundown of Hulu’s numerous add-ons.

If Hulu isn’t enough for you, you may also learn how to get Hulu combined with Disney Plus and ESPN+. However, if you live outside the USA, then you will need to use the best Hulu VPNs to stream Hulu in New Zealand.

What is Hulu & What is the current Hulu Price and Plans in New Zealand?

Hulu is a streaming provider that gives both on-demand and live television at a nominal Hulu Price. However, despite most of its broadcasting competitors, when you register to Hulu and establish a profile, you get access to a huge content library.

Hulu subscription (basic) is only NZD 11.12 ($7)/month or NZD 111.18 ($70)/year, giving it a more affordable alternative than competitors such as Netflix NZD 14.29 ($9/month) and HBO Max NZD 15.88 ($10/month). This option is even more affordable for university students, costing only $2 per month.

The basic plan provides commercial accessibility to most on-demand content on Hulu. You must switch to Hulu’s premium plan for commercial viewing, which costs $13 per month.

Hulu Plans

Price No. of devices to be streamed More Description
NZD 11.10 (6.99 USD) 2 Hulu On-Demand with advertisements
NZD  20.63 (USD 12.99) 2 Hulu On-Demand without advertisements
NZD 111.17 (69.99 USD) 2 Hulu Live TV and On-Demand with ads
NZD 120.70 (75.99 USD) 2 Hulu Live TV and On-Demand without ads

Hulu Add-On Premium Channels

Hulu also offers premium channel subscriptions. People who subscribe through Hulu get access to the premium channel containing ESPN+ programming using the Hulu app. The table below shows the monthly cost of several premium channels that may be added to any Hulu package.

Channel Price
Starz NZD 14.28 ($8.99)/month
Showtime NZD 17.46 ($10.99)/month
ESPN+ NZD 11.10 ($6.99)/month
HBO NZD 23.81 ($14.99)/month
Cinemax NZD 15.87 ($9.99)/month

Hulu Bundle Deals

Hulu also offers a method to save money by combining Disney Plus and/or ESPN+ with your Hulu video content library subscription (ESPN+ and Disney+ are all included in the cost of your live TV subscription). You may do so by visiting your Hulu profile page online. You may modify add-ons by scrolling down toward the “Manage Subscription” section. You may view your existing plan and relevant add-ons here. You may do this after you’ve signed up for Hulu. If you scroll down, you’ll see the following alternatives.

  • Hulu + Live TV, Disney+, and ESPN+ are all available for $69.99 a month.
  • Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ are all available for NZD 22.22 ($13.99) a month.
  • For $75.99 per month, you get Hulu bundle no ads plus Live TV, Disney+, and ESPN+.
  • Hulu Price (No Ads), Disney+, and ESPN+ are all available for $19.99 per month.

Difference between Hulu Price and Plans in New Zealand

The sections that follow clarify the distinctions between Hulu and Hulu + Live TV.

On-Demand Library on Hulu

  • Hulu offers on-demand access to complete seasons of popular TV series such as The Zone: Survival Mission, big films, and Hulu originals for just NZD 11.10 ($6.99) per month. Hulu now provides FX on Hulu, which plays exclusive series and TV episodes that will air on FX the very next day.
  • Hulu shows limited advertisements but provides an ad-free version for $12.99 per month*. Hulu View Party allows Hulu customers to watch films and episodes from several places at the same time.
  • FX on Hulu – delivers FX exclusive episodes, past FX shows, and current FX series that are now running on FX exactly one day after an episode premieres.
    Hulu Originals such as Shrill, The Handmaid’s Tale, and The Act are available to watch.

Hulu + Live TV

  • Subscribing to Hulu Plus Live TV price gives the opportunity to view live local stations and major cable channels.
  • Your Hulu Live TV price includes a Disney+ membership.
  • Your Hulu Live price per month includes a subscription to ESPN+.
  • All of the on-demand content you’re used to getting from Hulu is now available in most cities around the country, including local NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and others.
  • Live access to prominent cable networks such as Disney, HGTV, ESPN, A&E, Bravo, and more.
  • DVR storage in the cloud for 50 hours. For an extra $9.99 each month, you may subscribe to 200 hours and rapid through recorded commercials.

How do Hulu’s Price and Plans compare to those of Netflix?

The Basic Plan of Hulu costs NZD 11.10 ($6.99) per month, which is ideal for those looking to save bucks, but we’d spend $7 extra to remove the advertising. Netflix does not have any advertisements, and its Basic package is NZD 15.87 ($9.99) per month. The Standard plan costs a few dollars extra each month, at NZD 24.62 ($15.50).

Hulu has previously shown videos from cable television and network, which is useful if you do not have any cable television and still want to stay up to speed on 9-1-1. Netflix offers nearly 5,000 titles against Hulu’s 3,000, then you’ll have a tougher time running out of TV series and films to stream on Netflix.

How does the pricing of Hulu compare to Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon has two pricing options: $119 per year (reduced in price to NZD 93.71 ($59)/year if you register with a verified undergraduate email address) or NZD 20.65 ($13)/mo. Both packages feature all of the Amazon Prime benefits, such as two-day delivery, discounts on certain purchases, online cloud, and — most importantly for our needs — on-demand media and entertainment streaming.

Hulu starts at $6 for an ad-supported subscription and NZD 20.65 ($13) for an ad-free service. Hulu’s possibilities don’t end there; it also provides a live TV streaming service similar to Philo,  Sling TV, YouTube TV,  and Fubo. Hulu With Live TV is present at NZD 103.24 ($65)/mo and features 75-plus streaming live channels in addition to its standard on-demand collection.

How do Hulu’s costs compare to those of Disney Plus?

Hulu is owned by Disney Plus. It now offers Disney+ as a part of the Hulu Plus Live TV service. So, how about if you need to pick anyone?

Not to mention, Disney Plus delivers a huge collection of Walt Disney content, both new and old, including great blockbusters & shortened-version films from animated giant Pixar. Nearly every single Marvel film in order is available, as are all the latest Originals like Wanda Vision and Hawkeye, National Geographic documentaries as well as Star Wars movies series, and every episode of The Simpson.

Hulu is offering the largest breadth and mostly adult themes, but Disney+ is primarily geared at families and has no rating on content above PG-13 – unless you’re a foreign customer, in which instance the Star on Disney+ portal allows access to R-Rated-films and TV-MA.

How do Hulu offers stack up against HBO Max?

HBO Max, which is a streaming platform from WarnerMedia, the platform provides subscribers access to high-quality movies and TV series from HBO (modern classics such as Game of Thrones and Mare of Easttown, as well as Six Feet Under and the legendary Sex and the City), as well as the amazing content from some other studios like New Line Cinema Studio Ghibli, and Cartoon Network.

They have accessibility to the Warner Bros archive as they’re a Warner firm, which gives accessibility to the DC movies in order as well as exclusive streaming access to all episodes of Friends and also the Reunion of Friends online.

With a content library of nearly 3,000 movies and television content, It’s a question of quality versus quantity, which is best for the somewhat high monthly charge. The ‘With Ads’ membership costs $9.99/mo, while the ‘Ad-Free’ plan costs NZD 23.81 ($14.99)/mo. The latter enables the capacity to download movies to view offline, as well as 4K HDR broadcasting on some titles.

How do Hulu subscriptions compare to Apple TV Plus?

Monthly membership to Apple TV Plus is way less expensive when compared to a basic Hulu plan, which costs NZD 7.93  ($4.99)/mo or NZD 79.40 ($49.99)/year. You can use your subscription with 5 other persons and receive ad-free access to amazing original TV shows like Sons of Anarchy, The Morning Show, Ted Lasso, & the epic Foundation, and some sci-fi classics. Furthermore, it’s all accessible to view in amazing 4K resolution.

Comparing both, Hulu’s cost is limited to 2 streams (unless the customer pays NZD 15.87 ($9.99)/mo for the Unlimited Screens). A lot of movies can be watched in HD, including most of Hulu’s original content, which is available to watch in 4K HD streaming. And now, the only alternative to get rid of commercials is if you spend some extra $6/mo in addition to your basic Hulu or even Live Television service.

How does Hulu Plans stack up against Sling TV?

Want an upgrade of internet cable but you’re on a tight budget? However, Hulu offers only one Live TV package that is non-negotiable at NZD 111.17 (69.99 USD)/year and also a few more TV channels; Sling TV has 3 basic plans which you may use to create your own lineup, which makes a Sling TV plan both economical and flexible.

Sling Orange is featuring almost 32 channels, also including Disney Channel, ESPN, A&E, and CNN, but Sling Blue is offering some more diverse content, with a focus on entertainment and news. Both of these are NZD 55.59 ($35) a month; however, for $50, you can purchase Sling Orange + Blue, allowing you 50 channels and four streams in total.

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This membership tier grants access to Hulu’s complete streaming catalog. This subscription, however, does not include access to any live channels. This subscription includes on-demand TV series from networks and cable networks, as well as all Hulu Originals.

Paying for the ad-free version of Hulu is worthwhile since you’ll get tired of watching the same adverts again and over. It’s well worth the money to be able to watch your favorite shows without having to deal with DVR glitches or clumsy on-demand set-top devices.

Hulu DOES NOT COME FREE WITH PRIME! If you already have an account with them, you may sign in, but you would still be paid separately from your Amazon Prime account. The only item that is free with Prime is Pluto TV; anything else, including pay-per-use applications, is not.

Hulu is unquestionably worth subscribing to. Hulu would undoubtedly be the greatest streaming choice for a single streaming option that includes everything that most people search for.

Hulu price of the basic subscription is $6.99 a month and includes access to Hulu’s entire on-demand library with advertisements.


Readers are curious about what’s available on Hulu. Of course, the Hulu Live TV service will include all of the programming available on the networks it supports.

You don’t have to be concerned about the Hulu price because it features a basic plan that costs only $6.99. So, what are you holding out for? Subscribe to Hulu right away and start watching your favorite shows!

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