How Much Does ITV Hub Subscription Cost In New Zealand


Is ITV free in New Zealand? Yes, ITV is a free-to-air television network in the UK available online as ITV Hub.

ITV Hub is home to true-crime dramas, exciting movies, and reality shows. You just have to sign up and stream ITV Hub shows on ITV, ITV2, ITVBe, ITV3, ITV4, and CITV.

But ITV Hub has limited its entertainment to the UK only, but still, you can unblock ITV Hub in New Zealand. t=The proxy-detection bots won’t let you access it in New Zealand without a premium VPN subscription like ExpressVPN.

Here, you’ll know the ITV Hub subscription cost and answers to other burning questions: is ITV Hub free, and how to skip ads on ITV Hub. Let’s begin!

How Much Is ITV Hub Subscription Cost in New Zealand?

Is ITV Hub free in New Zealand? Yes, the ITV Hub subscription is absolutely free of cost.

Creating an account on ITV Hub doesn’t cost anything and opens up an exciting world of entertainment for you. Like we’ve said before, you just have to register yourself on ITV Hub to stream all the goodness.

Simply head to the ITV Hub website, hit the sign-in option at the top-right then go to sign up now. Once you’ve created an account on ITV Hub by entering your details, you’re all set to watch.

You can also subscribe to ITV Hub on an iOS or Android device. Simply download the ITV Hub app, go to My ITV, and tap sign in. From there, you can select Sign Up Now and subscribe to ITV Hub for free.

Just keep in mind that ITV Hub comes with commercial breaks – and to watch ITV Hub without ads, you’ll have to sign up for the premium service called ITV Hub+, which costs US$7.42 (£5.99) per month or US$74.34 (£59.99) per year.

How To Skip Adverts On ITV Hub in New Zealand?

skip-adverts-on-itv-hub-in-New Zealand

ITV HUB Premium Plan

ITV Hub doesn’t allow skipping ads on its free version. However, you can catch up on your ITV Hub favourites all you want – but with ads in between. To skip adverts on ITV Hub, you’ll have to visit the official website and click on watch ad-free now to begin your ITV Hub+ subscription.

The answer to how to skip ads on ITV Hub in New Zealand is an ITV Hub+ subscription. But ITV Hub is region-blocked in New Zealand, so you’ll need to use one of the best streaming VPNs to bypass its advanced proxy-detection technology.

ITV Hub without ads is definitely a treat for the eyes, but as you must have guessed – it comes at a price. We’ll take up the ITV Hub+ subscription cost in New Zealand in the upcoming section.

How Much Is ITV Hub+ in New Zealand?

itv-hub-plus-cost-and-features-in-New Zealand

ITV Subscription Cost in New Zealand

ITV Hub+ costs US$7.42 (£5.99) per month and US$74.34 (£59.99) per year. With an ITV Hub+ subscription, you can access a no-ads ITV Hub with an additional offline viewing feature.

ITV Hub Subscription Cost/Month ITV Hub Subscription Cost/Year
US$7.42 (£5.99) per month US$74.34 (£59.99) per year

If you decide to cancel your ITV Hub+ subscription in the middle of the month or year, your ITV Hub+ account stays active for the rest of the month or year. ITV Hub+ also comes with a 7-day free trial.

You can also try out ITV Hub+ free through other methods, such as an Amazon Prime subscription. Here’s how to get ITV Hub Plus for free via Amazon:

Is ITV Hub+ free with Amazon Prime?

Yes, ITV Hub+ is free for 7 days with an Amazon Prime subscription. To avail the ITV Hub+ free trial, you need to be a Prime member.

If you’re a first-time subscriber, you can get the 30-day Prime free trial that costs £7.99/month (9.65 USD) after the trial and the 7-day ITV Hub+ free trial that costs US$7.42 (£5.99) per month after the trial.

You can also cancel ITV Hub subscription during your free trial without losing access to the service for full 7 days. The billing arrangements for ITV Hub+ via Amazon will depend on the terms and conditions of Amazon Prime Video.

Besides ITV Hub+, there are other streaming platforms offering free trials to their subscribers. Check out how to get started with the free trials for Paramount+ and BBC iPlayer!

What’s Trending on ITVX in 2024?

Here are some of the popular ITV shows, movies, and sports in New Zealand you can watch in 2024:

Chelsea vs Middlesbrough Second Leg United Cup 2024 Quarter Finals NFL 2024 Super Wildcard Weekend Bahrain Darts Masters 2024
Exeter Vs Northampton Rugby Scottish Women’s Premier League Cup Semi Final Texans Vs Colts Week 18 Stade Francais vs Stormers Rugby
G’wed 2024 Who Wants to be a Millionaire Season 2024 Mr Bates vs Post Office Full Episodes BAFTA Nominations 2024
Joshua Buatsi vs Dan Azeez Fight Chiefs vs Ravens NFL Love Island All Stars Unseen Bits 2024 Enemy Full movie
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Philadelphia Eagles Playoff FA Cup 3rd Round Replays 2024 Scotland Six Nations Games 2024 Death in Paradise Christmas Special

If you want more entertainment so check our guide of best ITV shows in New Zealand.

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You can get ITV Hub+ free for 7 days with an Amazon Prime subscription in New Zealand. Once the free trial period ends, you’ll have to pay US$7.42 (£5.99) per month to continue watching ITV Hub ad-free on Prime Video-compatible devices.

You have to pay for ITV Hub+ as it is a premium service that lets you catch up on ITV Hub content without any commercial breaks.

ITV Hub was previously called ITV Player. The service offers on-demand video content available through the official ITV website.
ITV Hub remains a geo-locked service, so if you ever want to watch it in New Zealand, you’ll require a VPN with reliable UK servers like ExpressVPN.


We hope this guide has ironed out all your confusion regarding the ITV Hub subscription cost in New Zealand. The extensive catalog on ITV Hub makes it a steal, so even if you have to go for a no-ads ITV Hub – we suggest taking the leap of faith.

Now, we won’t be taking more of your time. So, quickly navigate to ITV Hub and treat yourself to entertaining titles – happy streaming!

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