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Is ITV free in US? Yes, ITV is a free-to-air television network in the UK available online as ITV Hub. Now the question you’re left with is how to watch ITV in USA.

You must subscribe to a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN, as ITV Hub is region-locked in the US. You can rely on ExpressVPN’s UK servers to trick the proxy-detection bots and unblock ITV Hub from anywhere, just like you can watch ITV in USA.

If you’re confused about what is ITV, you should know that ITV Hub is home to true-crime dramas, exciting movies, and reality shows – a free streaming service, including Love Island UK Season 10 Episode 37.

Just get a UK IP address, sign up, and stream ITV Hub shows on ITV, ITV2, ITVBe, ITV3, ITV4, and CITV.

Scroll some more to know the ITV Hub subscription cost in US and answers to other burning questions; is ITV Hub free, or what is the ITV cost, and how to skip ads on ITV Hub in the US? Let’s begin!

How Much Is ITV Hub Subscription Cost In US?

Is ITV Hub free in the US? Yes, the ITV Hub subscription is absolutely free-of-cost.

Signing up for an account on their website won’t cost you a penny, and it’ll open endless possibilities of entertainment options at your fingertips.

However, accessing all that content outside the UK’s geo-restrictions using ExpressVPN services with a UK IP address is essential because ITV has set certain geographical boundaries where its service can be accessed easily.

You could sign-up by visiting their official website or download ‘MyITV’ from the Google play store/ Apple app store locally through VPN SERVICES located nearby within “The UK.”

Once signed up successfully after entering the required personal details, including “Zip Code,” use EC1A 2BN as the UK postal code, and then Voila! You are ready to quench your thirst for quality programs.

One point worth mentioning while watching ITV USA is that uncut & ad-free content does require a premium membership with budget-friendly ITVx Cost plans; the yearly plan costs 78.70 USD/year (available once subscribed).

If you’re wondering, How much a month is ITV cost? The answer is $7.80 or £5.99 for a monthly subscription. If you are unsure about signing up immediately, a week-long trial period will help provide ease of mind before committing fully to it gradually.

How much is ITV on Amazon Prime?

ITV costs US$7.42 (£5.99) per month on Amazon Prime after the free trial. But, before Amazon Prime Video subscription payment, ITV offers 7 days of complimentary free trials for its subscribers. Now you are get rid of this question that Is ITV Hub free with Amazon Prime? or not.

So, if you’re ready to dive into the world of ITV Hub, now is the perfect time to start your journey with the free trial on Amazon Prime!

Can I Subscribe to ITV Hub in the USA Without Ads?


Watch ad-free content with an ITV Subscription.

ITV Hub does not allow skipping ads on its free version in the United States. However, you can catch up on your favorite content on ITV Hub, but with advertisements in between.

If you want to skip ads on ITV Hub in the US, you will have to access ITV Hub through a VPN connection and select watch ad-free now to start your ITV Hub+ subscription at a great ITV subscription price once you have logged in using the ITV Hub login credentials.

The solution to skipping ads on ITV Hub in the US is an ITV Hub+ subscription. However, as ITV Hub is region-blocked in the US, you must use one of the best streaming VPNs to bypass its advanced proxy-detection technology.

ITV Hub without ads is definitely a visually appealing experience, but, as you may have guessed, it comes at a cost. In the upcoming section, we will cover the ITV Hub+ subscription cost in the US.

How much does ITV Hub Subscription Cost In US?


ITV Hub Subscription Cost And Features in US.

How much is ITV in America? ITV Hub offers ITV cost plans known as ITV Hub and ITV Hub+. The prices for ITV Hub+ (ITVX Premium Subscription) are as follows:

Package Name Subscription Price Features
ITV Hub (ITVX) Free General access to a content library with advertisements
ITV Hub+ (ITVX Premium) US$7.61 (£5.99) per month or US$76.20 (£59.99) per year Broader content catalog, including BritBox’s box sets with no advertisements. Includes downloading option.

By subscribing to ITV Hub+, you can enjoy an ad-free viewing experience on ITV Hub and access additional content from BritBox, and download shows for offline viewing.

If you decide to cancel your ITV Hub+ subscription before the end of your billing period, you will still have access to your favorite content until the end of the current subscription duration (monthly or yearly).

You can also try out ITV Hub+ free through other methods, such as an Amazon Prime subscription, and pay ITV monthly cost through it. Here’s how to get ITV Hub Plus for free via Amazon:

Is ITV Hub+ free with Amazon Prime?

ITV Hub+ is available for a 7-day free trial to Amazon Prime subscribers in the United States. To access this offer, you must be a Prime member.

If you’re a new subscriber, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial of Prime, followed by a monthly fee of $9.65 (£7.99). You’ll also receive a 7-day free trial of ITVX in the USA, which costs $7.36 (£5.99) per month after the trial period ends.

If you decide to cancel your ITV Hub subscription during the free trial, you’ll still have access to the service for the full 7 days. Billing for ITV Hub+ through Amazon will be subject to the terms and conditions of Amazon Prime Video.

In addition to ITV Hub+ in the US, other streaming platforms offer free trials to their subscribers. Learn how to get started with free trials for channels like Paramount+ and BBC iPlayer.

What to Watch on ITV Hub in September 2023?

The month of September starts with a blockbuster kick with exciting content for everyone; here’s what you can watch on ITV Hub this month:

Name Date
Donnie Brasco September 1
Marshall September 1
Cloverfield Lane (2016) September 1
Love & Death September 7
The Rugby World Cup September 21
Crime Series 2 TBD
The Long Shadow TBD
Payback TBD
The National Television Awards TBD

What to Watch on ITVX in USA in 2023?

If you’re in the USA and want to stream a plethora of shows, movies, and dramas on ITV Hub, consider using a top-notch VPN for uninterrupted access to your favorite channels like ITV1 in USA.

ITV offers a stellar lineup of programs spanning various sports, shows, and movie events, guaranteed to keep you entertained. Here are just a few examples of the fantastic content you can enjoy on ITV Hub.


ITV Hub is a free catch-up service that does not cost anything. However, users need to register for an account to access its content. Therefore, the exact answer to the question How much is ITV Hub Subscription Cost In US? is zero dollars.

However, it does offer a no-ads plan for £5.99 per month or £59.99 per year after a seven-day free trial. For Americans, that’s approximately $7.30 per month or $73.10 per year. Enjoy uninterrupted streaming with this option.

You can sign up for a free account to access the standard version of ITV Hub. To access the ad-free version, ITV Hub+, you can get a 7-day free trial through Amazon Prime in the US. However, you must pay for the subscription after the trial if you want to continue watching ITV Hub+ ad-free on Prime Video. You can watch ITV in USA without vpn but you cannot access ITV UK library.

A subscription is needed as the content on ITV Hub is exclusive. Furthermore, this content is ad-free, allowing you to enjoy your favourite content to the fullest. So the answer to, do you have to pay for ITV? Yes, for the best experience to enjoy multiple channels, including ITV1 in USA, you must.

No! ITVX is not available in USA but through ExpressVPN you can access it outside UK.

No, obtaining ITV Hub for free using Amazon Prime in the US is not possible. However, if you wish to explore the service through Amazon Prime, you can avail yourself of an Amazon Prime ITV Hub free trial before being billed for the monthly subscription.


The above guide will answer all the ITV Hub Subscription Cost in US. In the US, the ITV Hub is a free catch-up service that offers a wide range of content from ITV channels.

Additionally, users can take advantage of a 7-day free trial offered by Amazon Prime to access ITV Hub+ for free.

However, subscribers in the USA may not have access to the UK-exclusive service due to Geo-restriction, but with the help of ExpressVPN, they can easily watch all their ITV favorites in the USA. Through ExpressVPN, you can access ITV in Brazil and ITV in Argentina just like you are sitting in the UK.

For any more questions, like How much does ITV Hub subscription cost in US?, or how much is ITVx premium costs you can leave a comment.

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