5 Best VPNs for Netflix That Really Works [October 2020]

5 Best VPNs for Netflix That Really Works [October 2020]

Netflix works with detecting the IP address to know your location and then offers you the content accordingly. The shows and movies that you can watch on Netflix are according to the library of your region, and the rest of the content is geo-restricted.

VPNs for Netflix in these times could become helpful in making you able to access Netflix from different servers to access the libraries of different regions. Here in this blog, we bring you the list of best VPNs for Netflix that you can use along with the guide on how to unblock Netflix with a VPN.

How to Access Netflix with a VPN in 2020

Follow these steps to access Netflix with a VPN

  • Download and Install PureVPN
  • Login with credentials to access thousands of servers offered by PureVPN
  • Connect VPN to your target country and server. Such as if you want to access the Netflix US, you should connect to a US server.
  • Start Binge-watching your favorite shows


Why Does Netflix Block VPNs?

Just like Hulu and Disney Plus, VPNs are viewed as a means of bypassing geographic licensing restrictions by Netflix as well. Thus, by all means, Netflix makes the efforts to block any bypassing. It detects VPN by proxy and blocks all the users that are found to explicitly get through bypassing the geographic locations. However, the list of VPNs mentioned below could be the best choice to access and watch Netflix libraries that are geo-restricted in your region.

Best VPNs for Netflix in 2020

Choosing the best VPN for Netflix is an important thing. Here we have listed the three best VPNs that you can use to access Netflix.

PureVPN – Most Recommended VPN For Netflix

PureVPN brings you a great chance to watch Netflix from any geographic location. Your streaming for Netflix could be sorted with this VPN that has around 2000+ servers for 140+ countries around the world.

You can watch any of the geo-blocked content with this VPN anywhere in the world.

  • Affordable prices
  • Excellent services
  • Commendable speed
  • Offers servers from 140+ countries


Surfshark – Fastest VPN That Works With Netflix

This VPN is another great option for accessing Netflix. This VPN has got 1700+ servers in 63 countries that can make you access any geo-blocked content from anywhere.

Some great things about Surfshark:

  • Budget-Friendly price
  • Simple app layout
  • Excellent speed
  • Others have better support


ExpressVPN – Most Secure VPN That Works With Netflix

With around 3000+ servers in about 90+ countries, this VPN can make your Netflix Streaming easier and faster. Well, you can access many more channels through this VPN;

However, the prices that these VPN charges are a bit higher than other competitors.

  • Loads of streaming devices supported
  • Unblocks lots of other streaming platforms
  • Super simple to use
  • 5 devices at once



NordVPN offers the best VPN servers from different geographic locations to let you watch Netflix from anywhere. With NordVPN you can easily access Netflix and watch your favorite shows.

  • 5400 servers from 59 countries
  • Prices as low as $5.75/Month
  • Upto 6 simultaneous connections


With 6400 servers from 90 countries, Cyberghost has been proved as one of the best VPN for Netflix. Specific and dedicated servers with fast speed in moderate prices is what Cyberghost brings for its users.

  • Optimized servers unblock Netflix US, UK, FR, DE, and JP
  • Super-fast speeds and unlimited data
  • Up to 45-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 live chat
  • Works with: Netflix, Disney+, HBO, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, CBS, NBC
  • Compatible with: Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Chrome, Linux, routers, Xbox

VPNs that DO NOT Work with Netflix


Unblock-Us itself says that it is not applicable for all devices, and thus we recommend users to go with one of the VPNs listed in the article as they have been tested and have worked consistently with amazing speed.


Unlocator has officially confirmed that it is not working with Netflix. Though it is expected that the company is working on a solution; however, at this point in time, this VPN does not work with Netflix.


Buffered, in the past, was able to unblock Netflix but now is unable to do so. This happened because of Netflix’s approach to blocking VPNs.


Hola is not a recommended VPN by most tech-reviewers. At first, this VPN does not unblock Netflix, and secondly, the reputation of this VPN is not good, according to its users. It has a history of distributing pirated materials and such other things.


Tunnelbear does not mention anywhere on its website that it unblocks the Netflix, and thus you should not go with using this VPN for unblocking the Netflix.

Why Do We See Different Netflix Libraries For Different Countries?

The geographic licensing restrictions are the reason that Netflix implies to different libraries in different countries. The rights of Netflix different from country to country, and this is the reason that we see different Netflix libraries for different regions, for example, Netflix US has many more titles than Netflix UK, Canada, or Australia.


Yes, Netflix uses techniques to check your IP address against a third-party database. Thus, sometimes even logging in with a VPN might not work for unblocking Netflix. However, as mentioned in the article, there are some of the highly recommended VPNs that can still unblock any Netflix library that you want.

Unblocking the Netflix native app, such as the Netflix app for Android and iOS, is a little more challenging for VPNs than unblocking it in a web browser like Chrome or Firefox. Netflix can sometimes override the VPN’s DNS servers and send requests to your nearest public DNS server. That means Netflix can determine your true location and block you accordingly, even with a VPN.
All of the VPNs we recommend have overcome this hurdle, however, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Well, if Netflix is blocking your VPN, then the only option you have got is to replace it with one of the premium VPNs that we have mentioned in the article. These VPNs can help you to access any Netflix library that you want..”

Final Words

Netflix has some amazing content offered for its viewers, but if your geographic location is making you unable to access that, then finding the best VPN for Netflix is what you must do. PureVPN brings you the best and premium Netflix VPN services for making the geo-restricted content to be viewed easily, and with servers from around 140 countries, you can view any of the content that you want.

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