5 Best VPNs to Watch Disney Plus Anywhere [January 2021]

5 Best VPNs to Watch Disney Plus Anywhere [January 2021]

Looking for a way to watch Disney Plus in your region? Well, you have come to the right place. This guide will tell you how you can access Disney+ and which VPN is best for unblocking and streaming Disney Plus service from anywhere.

The most anticipated online streaming service, Disney Plus, finally launched in November 2019 with a bang. Though it was much hyped and people worldwide were looking forward to it, the service is currently available in around 30 regions only. Some of the prominent regions where Disney Plus is available are the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Japan, Belgium, etc.

People residing in other regions can not access this service because it is geo-restricted. The only way to access this service in the region is through a VPN. You can see why you need a VPN to access Disney Plus later in this guide.

Disney+ is planning to expand its network gradually throughout the world. If the service is not yet available in your region, then the chances are that you might have to wait for some time for your turn. The service is still not available in a majority of Asian regions. But you can use a VPN to access Disney Plus in Malaysia, the Philippines, or even in Singapore. To be precise, you can use a VPN and access all the content available over the platform from wherever you are.

Quick Summary: 5 Best Disney Plus VPNs in 2021

After rigorous testing and comparisons, I have listed the 5 best VPNs for Disney Plus that will allow you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows from this streaming service.

  1. ExpressVPNOur top recommendation for watching Disney Plus is to offer a huge network of 3000+ servers in more than 90 countries. It has high-speed servers that can unblock Disney Plus quickly, and it is the most reliable VPN in terms of security.
  2. Surfshark is the most reliable VPN for streaming Disney Plus because of its speed, price, and features. it has 3200+ high-speed servers, the lowest price, unlimited multi-logins and it connects and unblocks Disney Plus instantly.
  3. PureVPNIt is a low-cost VPN affordable for Disney Plus users, with over 6500 servers in 140 countries. Its servers are highly optimized for streaming, and it offers 10 simultaneous connections. It is also one of the few VPNs that can unblock Disney Plus with a browser extension.
  4. NordVPNIt is a fast VPN provider with amazing security features. It can unblock any streaming platform without dropping speed or controlling bandwidth.
  5. CyberGhostA unique VPN provider having lots of amazing features for unblocking popular streaming platforms, including Disney Plus.

How to Watch Disney Plus From Anywhere | Best VPNs for Disney Plus  

Before choosing a VPN provider, make sure you check out the VPN selection criteria discussed below in this guide.

Best VPNs for Disney Plus (Updated January 2021)

After pondering over all the important point that I have discussed above and testing numerous VPN providers, these are the 5 best Disney Plus VPN providers I have shortlisted for you:

1. ExpressVPN – Best Disney Plus VPN

The mighty ExpressVPN is also among the few VPN providers who can successfully unblock Disney+ from anywhere. ExpressVPN is popular among online streaming fans because of its large network of 3000+ servers in 94 countries.

Another reason for its popularity is its security features like AES 256-bit encryption, split tunneling, kill switch feature, a strict no-logs policy, and 24/7 chat support. ExpressVPN is compatible with all the major operating systems like Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, etc.

It allows 5 simultaneous connections, which a very decent amount. You may find its price a bit higher than the other providers, i.e. $8.32/mo with a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, its price is justified concerning its impeccable performance.


2. Surfshark – Cheapest VPN for Watching Disney Plus

Surfshark is popular because of two things; its speed and its price. It has a large network of 3200+ servers in 65 countries. The best thing is that it has a good variety of servers in countries where Disney Plus is available. As for its price, it charges only $2.21/mo on its 2-year plan, which is quite reasonable, to be honest

As for its features, it offers military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, a kill switch feature, and has a strict no-logs policy. It supports all the major OS like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux. It also has a dedicated app for Firestick and FireTV devices, for those of you who wish to use Disney Plus on FireStick.

One of the best things that I like about Surfshark is that it has no limits on simultaneous connections. It means that you can use your account simultaneously on numerous devices. Finally, it is a great solution for unblocking all of the major platforms like Disney Plus, Hulu, and Netflix instantly without any hassle.

Keeping all the features and offerings of Surfshark in mind, it is my top recommendation for users.

Unblock Disney+ with SurfSharkOur Top Recommendation for Disney+


3. PureVPN – Best Low-Cost VPN for Disney Plus

PureVPN being on the list of best VPN for Disney Plus does not come as a surprise. It is popular among the users for unblocking other services like US Netflix, HULU, Amazon Prime, etc. then why would it stay behind in unblocking Disney Plus.

PureVPN offers 6500+ servers in more than 140 countries, and it includes almost all of the countries where Disney Plus is available. All of its servers are optimized for streaming and provide unlimited bandwidth.

PureVPN is a pocket-friendly VPN provider, offering its 2-year package for $3.33/mo with a 7-days trial for $0.99 only. In terms of security, PureVPN offers AES 256-bit military-grade encryption and has a strict no-logs policy. It supports all popular platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, etc.

It is also equipped with all the necessary safety features like an internet kill switch, dedicated IP, and even 24/7 chat support. It offers 10 multi logins for you to stream your favorite content along with your family and friends.


4. NordVPN – VPN That Unblocks Disney Plus Quickly

NordVPN needs no introduction, as it is popular in the streaming industry because of its high-speed servers and instant connectivity. NordVPN unblocks Disney+ without any hassle as it is famous for unblocking Netflix US, HULU, etc.

NordVPN has 5800+ servers in 59 countries, and almost all the Disney+ hosting countries are included in its list. NordVPN has all of the features you look for in an elite VPN provider, but it also has some unique features like Double VPN and Cyber Sec. It allows 6 multi-logins with the same account, and for all of this, it charges only $3.49/mo for 3 years.


5. CyberGhost – VPN with Unique Unblocking Features

It is another best VPN for Disney+ as it has a huge network of 5900 servers in 89 countries. The best thing about it is that it has servers in all countries that host Disney+ service, which will help you in streaming without any lags or bandwidth division.

CyberGhost charges $2.75/mo for its 3-years package and offers top of the line safety features like strong 256-bit encryption, dedicated IP, Wi-Fi protection, 7 simultaneous connections, and has a strict no-logs policy.


Why Do You  Need a VPN to Watch Disney Plus from Anywhere?

So far, in a span of 1 year, it has only been launched in 25+ regions. Judging by the pace of their gradual launch, it will surely take a lot of time for Disney Plus to reach every country. The cherry on the top is that it’s a geo-restricted service that works only in the regions where it is available. If you try to access it from a region where Disney Plus is not available, then you will land on this page:


This is something frustrating for many online streaming fans that wanted to get their hands on Disney Plus. Nevertheless, if you have a VPN, then you can easily access Disney Plus from anywhere.

Using a VPN, you can connect to a server from any region with Disney Plus service available and access it easily. A VPN will mask your IP and DNS with a new one, and you will be able to bypass the geo-restriction within minutes. VPNs encrypt user’s traffic, which does not allow the host service.

However, one thing you need to know is that not every VPN provider can access Disney Plus because it has the ability to detect a VPN.

The 5 best Disney Plus VPN providers that I have discussed in this guide will help you access Disney Plus and enjoy streaming from anywhere around the world.

How to Watch Disney+ From Anywhere Using a VPN [With Video Tutorial]

Follow these four simple steps to watch Disney+ from anywhere:

1. Subscribe to a VPN provider (I recommend you to use ExpressVPN)

2. Download and Install its application on your device

3. Install and log in to the app. Connect to the USA or Canadian server.

4. Now, open Disney+ on your browser or open its app, and you will be able to access it freely.

How to Choose the Best Disney Plus VPN

  1. Opt for a provider that can bypass geo-restrictions without any DNS or IP leaks and should have AES 256 bit encryption to ensure strong security.
  2. The VPN providers should unblock Disney Plus and other similar services like US Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, etc. Every VPN provider claims to unblock these services, but the times have changed, and these platforms have smart proxy and VPN blockers. This is why unblocking these services is not everyone’s cup of tea.
  3. It should have a large variety of high-speed servers so that you can enjoy streaming seamlessly without any bandwidth drops.
  4. It should support all the major OS and devices used for streaming like Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, Firestick and FireTV, Roku, and Routers.
  5. Pricing is a major factor to keep in mind because nobody likes to throw away their precious pennies. The VPN provider you opt for should be reasonably priced.
  6. The phrase “sharing is caring, is taken really seriously among binge-watchers as they share their streaming accounts, and so you might be sharing yours too. This is why having a good number of multi-logins is important.

Can I Watch Disney Plus Online Abroad With a Free VPN?

I will not say you cannot, but I will not even confirm or endorse it. The reason being, once in a blue moon do we see a free VPN bypassing such restrictions as Disney+ and Netflix have, and even if some bypass those restrictions, they can seriously jeopardize your privacy and online safety.

Something free cannot offer the same quality and features as offered by the premium service providers. Free VPN providers are notorious in terms of safety, as many of them have been found in keeping user logs and liking the IP and DNS of users.

Even many premium VPN providers like TunnelBear, Private Internet Access Proton VPN and many more have failed in bypassing the security of Disney Plus. So, how can we even imagine that a free VPN could do that?

Therefore, my sincere advice is to stay away from free VPN providers regardless of the claims they might throw at you. I know that we all like to save our precious pennies, but it is not worth the risk.

Disney Plus Device Compatibility

Every person has a different preference for devices when it comes to streaming. This why I have listed down all the devices you can use to watch Disney Plus with a VPN:

  1. Windows PC/ Laptops
  2. Android devices
  3. Android TV
  4. Apple TV
  5. Google Chromecast
  6. Fire TV and FireStick devices
  7. iPhones and iPads
  8. LG TV
  9. Samsung Smart TV
  10. Sony PlayStation 4
  11. Roku devices
  12. Xbox One

How to Install Disney Plus VPN on Android Devices

Follow these 5 simple steps to install Disney Plus VPN on an Android device:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and download its app.
  2. Install the ExpressVPN and Disney Plus app on your device.
  3. Open the VPN app on your device and log in to the app using your credentials.
  4. Go to the servers list and select a US server.
  5. Now open the Disney Plus app, and you will be able to register to the service and stream content.

How to Install Disney Plus VPN on iOS Device

iPhone and iPad users can follow these steps to install Disney Plus VPN:

  1. Go to the ExpressVPN website and subscribe to its service and download its app for iOS.
  2. Log in with your account and go to the servers list.
  3. Connect to a server from the USA or Australia.
  4. Now open the Disney Plus website, you will be able to access the service.

How to Sign-up for Disney+ Without a Foreign Payment Method

Follow these steps to can sign-up for the Disney Plus service even if you do not have a foreign payment method:

Method#1: For Android Users

  1. Connect to ExpressVPN US servers.
  2. Open Google Play Store and create a new Google account without logging in.
  3. Now, Purchase a Google Play gift code from a reliable seller. Make sure that the card is topped up with US dollars as any other currency will not work.
  4. The gift card will be received in your email. You will have to redeem the card in your Playstore by clicking the link available in the email.
  5. Open your device’s Settings menu and go to Accounts.
  6. Click on Add Account and enter the account details (details of the new account that you created)
  7. Return to Google Play Store and log-in with your new account.
  8. Now search for Disney Plus app in the Play Store and download it.
  9. Install the app, and now you will be able to sign in to it without any problem.
  10. Now you can subscribe to the Disney Plus service by paying through your Google Play account.

Method#2: For iOS Users

  1. Open App Store.
  2. Log out of your existing account and go to the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on the region icon below and select the United States.
  4. Create a new Apple ID without adding any payment method.
  5. Now Purchase a digital iTunes gift card. Make sure it is topped up with US dollars (the amount should be enough for subscribing to the service)
  6. Open your email and redeem your gift card by going to Account Settings.
  7. Open ExpressVPN and connect to a US server.
  8. Download the Disney+ app from the Apple app store.
  9. Now register for the Disney Plus service by paying through the iTunes card balance.

Regions Where Disney+ is Available [January 2021 Updated]

As of January 2021, Disney Plus is available in the following regions only:

1. Canada14. Channel Islands27. Finland
2. the Netherlands15. Isle of Man28. Greenland
3. United States16. India29. Iceland
4. Australia17. France30. Luxembourg
5. New Zealand18. Monaco31. Norway
6. Puerto Rico19. Wallis and Futuna32. Portugal
7. Austria20. New Caledonia33. Sweden
8. Germany21. French West Indies34. Réunion
9. Ireland22. French Guiana35. Mayotte
10. Italy23. Japan36. Mauritius
11. Spain24. Indonesia37. Latin America
12. Switzerland25. Belgium
13. United Kingdom26. Denmark


How Much Does Disney+ Cost?

Disney Plus has a variety of cost for every region; you can see it for yourself on this list:

  • USA: $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year
  • Canada: $8.99 per month or $89.99 per year
  • UK: £5.99 or £59.99
  • Europe: €6.99 per month, or €69.99 per year
  • Australia: $8.99 per month or $89.99 per year
  • New Zealand: $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year


Yes, Disney Plus has dedicated apps for Android, iOS, Firestick and FireTV devices, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku.

Yes, you can watch Disney+ if you live outside the USA or Canada like in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Brazil, or even in Russia, but you will need a VPN to bypass the geo-restriction. The procedure of using a VPN is discussed earlier in this guide. Kindly refer to it.

You can access other geo-blocked services with the best VPN for Disney Plus like US Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer, and if there are any, other services than these.[/accordion_inner
[accordion_inner title="Does Disney Plus block VPN?" id="4"]
Yes, Disney Plus blocks VPN because it has a smart blocker, just like Netflix and HULU.

Yes, Disney Plus is region locked, and you can only access it outside its hosting region through a VPN.

Disney Plus is already available in the UK; thus, you will not have to get a VPN.

One user account can be used on 4 different devices simultaneously, and seven different profiles can be made on a single account.

Yes, you can watch movies and TV shows on Disney Plus offline by downloading them through your Android and iOS apps.

Yes, Disney+ offers a 7-day trial to its new subscribers.


Unblocking Disney Plus has now become quite easy, and you can use the VPN providers I have recommended in this guide. Earlier, unblocking Disney Plus was a bit tough as many VPN providers could not bypass its restrictions, and I had to test every regional server to see if it’s working. However, almost every VPN provider has now improved its servers’ capability and can unblock Disney+ instantly.

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