How to Watch Revenant Kdrama in USA on Disney Plus


Are you eager to dive into the heart of Korean dramas and looking to watch Revenant Kdrama in the USA on Disney Plus? You require a strong VPN like ExpressVPN to watch Revenant Kdrama in USA on Disney Plus due to the content licensing laws.

Revenant Kdrama, a blend of mystery and supernatural elements, has captured the hearts of viewers globally, and now it’s your turn to experience this captivating story. Whether you’re a seasoned Kdrama fan or new to this genre, Revenant Kdrama offers a unique blend of suspense and drama that is sure to captivate.

Still looking for where to watch Revenant Kdrama? You’ve come to the right place. The laws prevent Disney Plus from broadcasting outside certain geographical regions. A reliable VPN gives you access to Disney Plus available countries to watch your favorite shows.

Join us as we explore the seamless way to watch Revenant Kdrama in the USA on Disney Plus, ensuring you have all the information you need for an uninterrupted viewing experience.

How to Watch Revenant Kdrama in USA on Disney Plus [Quick Guide]

You can watch Revenant Kdrama in USA on Disney Plus using a VPN service. Follow our easy steps below on how to watch Revenant Kdrama in the US on Disney Plus:

  1. Sign up for a VPN. (ExpressVPN is highly recommended).
  2. Download and install the VPN to a streaming device.
  3. Connect the VPN to a server in South Korea.
  4. Now visit the Disney Plus website with the server connected.
  5. Now, you can access the Revenant K-drama streaming in the USA.

Where to Watch Revenant in the USA?

Discover the thrill of Revenant Kdrama exclusively in the USA on Disney Plus and Hulu (free trial). To bypass geographical limitations and enjoy this gripping series, a VPN is your go-to solution. Connect to a server in South Korea using a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN to access the show seamlessly.

Disney Plus, the revenant K-drama streaming service, has already released all the episodes of this exciting thriller. Starring Kim Tae-ri and Oh Jung-Se, the show follows a young woman, San-young, whom demons have possessed.

You can also watch Revenant Kdrama online on SBS and Hotstar. Ensure you have your VPN installed for Revenant Kdrama streaming without any hurdles.

What was The Release Date of Revenant Kdrama?

The Revenant release date was 23rd June 2023. If you are a fan of Kdrama, the drama is currently available on Disney Plus for streaming. You can enjoy the revenant streaming 2023 in USA with a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Revenant Kdrama in USA on Disney Plus?

Wondering, why is Revenant Kdrama not available in the US? Due to regional content restrictions on Disney Plus, a VPN is essential to watch Revenant Kdrama in the USA. A VPN like ExpressVPN helps you navigate these geo-restrictions by allowing you to connect to servers where the show is available, ensuring uninterrupted streaming of this captivating series.

How can I watch Revenant Kdrama in the US? You can use it with a VPN service. A strong VPN changes your device’s IP address to a new Korean IP address. This then allows you to watch Revenant Kdrama in the USA on Disney Plus.

What was the Plot of Revenant Kdrama?

The Revenant Kdrama plot was about a young woman named Gu Sanyeong (Kim Taeri), possessed by a sinister entity, and a folklore professor named Yeom Haesang, who can see ghosts.

Mysterious deaths are happening around the young woman. The folklore professor can see the demons. He recognizes them as the same demons that killed his mother in childhood.

The professor’s knowledge and abilities become crucial in saving the young girl and those around her. You can stream Revenant Kdrama in the USA in 2023 on Disney Plus.

Revenant Kdrama weaves a tale of mystery and supernatural elements, captivating viewers with its intriguing storyline. Set against a backdrop of suspense, the series delves into themes of mystery and the supernatural, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats.

Who Was In the Cast of Revenant Kdrama?

The cast of Revenant Kdrama features a stellar lineup of talented actors, each bringing their unique flair to this enthralling series. With their compelling performances, they bring the intricate plot to life, making every episode a must-watch.

Who is in the cast of Revenant? The Revenant Kdrama Cast featured stars Kim Tae-ri and Oh Jung-Se. Below is the complete cast list.

  • Kim Tae-Ri excels as Ku San-Young, whose battle with demonic possession is central to the plot.
  • Oh Jung-Se as Yeom Hae-Sang, a folktale professor who can see through the curtain, is a captivating presence.
  • Na Byung-Hee is played by veteran actress Kim Hae-Sook, who adds intrigue and wisdom to the story.
  • Hong Kyung and Lee Hong-Sae make crucial contributions to the emerging mystery.
  • With their powerful performances, Kim Won-Hae as Seo Moon-Choon and Park Ji-Young as Yoon Kyung-Moon provide complexity to the plot.
  • Lee Gyu-Hoe, Yang Hye-Ji, Jin Sun-Kyu, Ku Kang-Mo, and Ye Soo-Jung round out the cast, each bringing their distinct flavor to this tense drama.

How Many Episodes did Revenant Kdrama Have?

Revenant Kdrama unfolds over 12 captivating episodes, each lasting approximately 65-70 minutes. This well-paced episode structure allows for a deep dive into the plot, ensuring a thoroughly engaging viewing experience.

How Many Episodes Does Revenant Kdrama Have? Below is a detailed synopsis of the episodes of Revenant Kdrama:

Episode No. Synopsis
Episode 1 Folklorist Hae Sang warns San Yeong that she is possessed and all the people around her are going to die.
Episode 2 San Yeong sees a ghost and finally confronts the spirit that possesses her.
Episode 3 San Yeong and Hae Sang arrive to a new city and notice a weird shadow of a tree.
Episode 4 San Yeong and Hae Sang encounter unusual things at Baekchagol Village.
Episode 5 San Yeong hears a shocking story narrated by Gyeong Mun. Hae Sang starts to feel that Baekchagol Village has some secrets.
Episode 6 Hae Sang takes blue pottery to his grandmother, where Byeong Hui and San Yeong discover old photos.
Episode 7 San Yeong and Hae Sang have trust issues with one another. Hae Sang discovers a shocking truth after hearing a story from Eun Myung.
Episode 8 San Yeong is bound to accept Gang Mo’s decision. Hae Sang realizes the truth and heads back to Baekchagol Village.
Episode 9 With the murder of the evil spirits, San Yeong and Hae Sang start questioning their true identity.
Episode 10 San Yeong and Hae Sang chase after the remaining two items to identify the real identity of evil spirits.
Episode 11 They finally find out the real name of the evil spirit.
Episode 12 San Yeong’s shadow returns to its original state. On the other end,  Gyeong Mun begs for the return of San Yeong as the evil spirit makes an unusual offer.

Is there any trailer for Revenant Kdrama?

Yes, there is an exciting trailer for Revenant Kdrama available online. The trailer offers a glimpse into the thrilling world of the series, setting the stage for the mysterious and supernatural journey that awaits. The over 1-minute trailer is available on YouTube. Make sure you watch it out as you await the series’ first episode.

What was the Runtime of Revenant Kdrama?

Each episode of Revenant Kdrama boasts a runtime of 65-70 minutes, perfectly crafted to immerse viewers in its captivating storyline and character arcs. This runtime ensures a comprehensive exploration of the plot, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

During this period, viewers will enjoy two episodes over the two days. Viewers can enjoy the thrilling series with episodes running for over 1 hour.

Can I Watch Revenant Kdrama in USA online for free?

Yes. You can watch Kdrama online for free with the Disney Plus free trial. The channel offers a free trial allowing you to watch the show. While Revenant Kdrama is primarily available on Disney Plus, viewers may explore other online streaming options for free viewing.

However, for the best experience and to support the creators, subscribing to Disney Plus is recommended. But you need a VPN if you’re watching in the USA. You can also watch Revenant Kdrama on Hulu using a VPN.

Revenant Kdrama Season 2 Released Date

The Revenant Kdrama Season 2 release date has not been announced as yet, but it is expected to come out by 2025If you want to watch the episodes o Season 1, catch them on Disney Plus and enjoy streaming.

What Else is Worth Watching on Disney Plus in USA in February 2024?

Here you can see the list of worth-watching titles on Disney Plus in USA in February 2024:

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to Watch Revenant Kdrama in USA on Disney Plus?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Disney Plus to watch Revenant Kdrama in the USA on Disney Plus free with top-notch VPN features. The VPN offers advanced security features and fast-speed streaming speeds.

It’s also affordable and comes with flexible packages. ExpressVPN offers a seamless streaming process without any hurdles. Let’s discuss more ExpressVPN features.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Revenant Kdrama in the USA on Disney Plus

When it comes to watching Revenant Kdrama in the USA on Disney Plus, ExpressVPN stands out as the recommended VPN choice. Its unparalleled ability to bypass geo-restrictions makes it a top pick for streaming enthusiasts.

ExpressVPN boasts impressive streaming speeds, a critical factor for uninterrupted viewing. This speed ensures that you can enjoy not only Revenant Kdrama but also a wide range of other content on various streaming platforms without lag or quality loss. ExpressVPN hits high download speeds of 89.42 Mbps and 86.64 Mbps upload speeds.

ExpressVPN stands out with 3,000+ servers in 105 countries. It’s the best VPN to watch Disney Plus, providing access from all over the world. Its servers in South Korea are specifically optimized for high-speed connections, ensuring that you can watch your favorite Kdrama with no buffering.

The South Korean servers recommended by ExpressVPN are Seoul and -2. These servers are tailored for streaming, providing fast and reliable connections to Disney Plus, allowing you to dive into the world of Revenant Kdrama effortlessly.


ExpressVPN unblocked Disney plus kdrama in US

The VPN works with most devices, apps, and operating systems. ExpressVPN is compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, iPhone, Xbox, etc. It’s a versatile VPN that also connects up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Some of the main VPN features include an Automatic lock switch, VPN Split-Tunneling, ISP Throttling, Threat Manager, Trusted Server Technology, Private DNS, no-logs policy, etc.

A further Lightway Security Protocol ensures enhanced streaming. These features are particularly beneficial for users who value their online privacy while streaming.

There is a further MediaStreamer DNS service to support streaming on devices that don’t support VPNs by default. The service registers quickly and is pretty easy to use.

Go ahead and watch Revenant Kdrama in the USA on Disney Plus using ExpressVPN. The VPN is reliable and offers a smooth streaming experience. It can also unblock overseas streaming services. You can watch America Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, etc.

The monthly rate for ExpressVPN is US$ 6.67 /mo - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free. You can enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 7-day free trial.


This section addresses the most frequently asked questions about Revenant Kdrama, covering everything from plot specifics to streaming options. It’s a comprehensive resource for fans and new viewers alike.

Disney Plus is your answer if you want to know Revenant Kdrama where to watch in USA. You may watch Revenant Kdrama on Disney Plus South Korea using a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN. The VPN will connect you to a South Korean server and make it look like you are streaming from South Korea only.

Yes, it is available on Disney Plus. However, you can watch Revenant Kdrama on South Korea Disney Plus. Even so, outside South Korea, you can use ExpressVPN to watch Kdrama on Disney Plus hassle-free.

Currently, there are only 2 Korean Dramas on Disney Plus. Although there are 4 additional Korean shows available due to a content deal but they are reality shows and specials and star some popular Korean actors and actresses.

Yes, it is. You can watch the Season 1 of Revenant Kdrama Hulu for free.

To watch the Revenant K-drama in the USA on Disney Plus, subscribe to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN and connect to a South Korean server. This allows you to access and enjoy the Revenant K-drama on Disney Plus.

Yes. Revenant kdrama is worth watching. The show tells a magnificent story that will leave you thrilled. It’s also well-directed and one of the smartest horror comedies.

No. The Revenant Kdrama has not won any awards. It’s a new Kdrama that premieres on 23rd June.

Revenant Kdrama is not yet rated on IDMb. We can expect some reviews as the movie premieres this June.

You can watch Revenant Kdrama in USA on Disney Plus streaming service.

Yes, it does. The main protagonist achieves his final goal of revenge where he is at death’s doorstep in the middle of the wilderness. But he does not die at the end of the drama.

Yes, it is available with English subtitles.

A revenant is a person who has returned from the dead.

Yes, now it is also available on Disney Plus USA.

Besides Disney Plus, it is also available on SBS TV.

If you have a taste for Unique Premise and Different Genre,  you must watch Revenant Kdrama by all means.

Wrap Up

You don’t want to miss this thrilling kdrama series because you’re in the US. Revenant is available on the geo-restricted Disney Plus. Get a premium VPN and easily watch Revenant Kdrama in USA on Disney Plus without issues.

A VPN is important in bypassing geo-restrictions. It helps change the device location, providing access to Disney Plus. Make sure you download and install ExpressVPN today! It’s a sure way for Revenant Kdrama live-streaming

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