Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Disney Plus Not Working in USA in 2023?

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Trying to watch “The Walking Dead Season 11“, “Game of Sharks“, or “Buried Secrets of WWII,” & there’s a voice from behind “Why is Disney Plus not working even with a VPN?

Well, that is an indication of something wrong with either your account, device, or your VPN.

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered, as, in this blog, we have discussed all the Disney Plus errors and their easy solutions and fixes.

Disney Plus is a popular streaming platform, but sadly it is accessible in a few regions only. If you try to watch Disney Plus with a VPN, you may encounter an error, but by following easy steps, you can easily bypass the annoying errors on Disney Plus.

Just to give you a heads up, if your VPN is what’s causing these issues, you’ll need to switch to the best VPN for Disney Plus to overcome them.

Why is Disney Plus Not Working in USA?

There can be numerous other reasons why you might be unable to connect to disney+. Either the service app or website would have crashed, which is common. Another reason can be the unstable network connection that is not providing you with proper bandwidth.

Nevertheless, a particular Disney Plus error code makes it quite easy to identify and resolve your issues and enjoy streaming.

Why is my Disney Plus not working in USA? If your Disney Plus not working in USA, you may run the basic troubleshooting to identify the problems.

Usually, the problems encountered by Disney Plus result from a few basic glitches linked to internet connectivity or speed. Also, the app, the web player (Chrome, Firefox), or the issues with Disney’s servers.

Anyhow, if you have faced any issues while using Disney Plus, follow this guide to see how you can resolve those issues.

General Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Disney Plus Not Working in USA

If your current VPN doesn’t work with Disney Plus, then you need to consider using a different and more efficient virtual private network. You can also try clearing your browser’s cache or switching to a location where Disney Plus is available to solve your problem.

However, here are all the troubleshooting steps in detail to fix your Disney Plus not working issue:

  • Check the device you’re using for your internet download speed; if it’s less than 5 Mbps, you might have a problem.
  • Wait for 30 to 60 seconds before reconnecting your Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection to your device. Refreshing your connection is all you sometimes need to do.
  • Wi-Fi modem reset.
  • Look for any app updates that might be available.
  • Delete your data and cache.
  • Close the Disney Plus app and open it again. Try logging out of Disney+ on all devices and logging back in.
  • Reinstall the Disney+ app on your mobile by downloading it from the app store, then log in again.
  • On a different compatible device or web browser, give Disney+ a try.

While these are just a few random ways to erase the unknown problem, if a Disney Plus error code is listed, you can use that directly to get to the root and resolve it. This blog has shared all errors and problems lying underneath those codes.

How to Check the Status of Disney Plus from the Website

The official website is the best place to check the status of any streaming app. That website serves as the help desk for Disney+.


We were interrupted while streaming Lady and the Tramp.

Chatting with technical support is a fairly simple approach to determine if Disney+ is unavailable to all users. Ask the expert if the service is down by clicking the chat button at the bottom of the screen. They can assist you in resolving any other issues as well.

How to Fix Disney Plus ‘Unable to Connect’ Error in USA

The Disney+ unable to connect error usually occurs when the site’s traffic is extremely heavy, preventing the servers from working correctly and hence resulting in a crash. The issue resolves when the massive traffic hours pass or the server capacity increases.

Two messages will appear on your screen indicating the error; there seems to be an issue connecting to the Disney+ service. Preventing the use of Disney Plus during rush hour can be a temporary solution. Other methods can be adopted to ensure connectivity even at peak hours, so you don’t have to wait.

  • Log out of your account and close the side window.
  • Re-open the application and log back in.
  • Make sure your internet connection is functional if the issue persists.

How to Fix the “Sorry, Disney+ is not available in your region” Issue

You know you have a significant problem on your hand when you see the message “Sorry, Disney+ is not available in your region” on your screen as follows:


Disney Plus is geo-restricted in many countries worldwide because it has yet to launch there. Except for a few like, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, India, etc. And while the process is slow but steady, Disney+ will be available in Europe and Asian countries like Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong by 2023.

For the time being, you can use a VPN to access Disney Plus outside USA. Sadly no troubleshooting or error codes will fix this, and you will need a trusted and reliable VPN for Disney Plus to overcome this error.

A VPN masks your IP address which tricks the site into your actual location. Our top VPN recommendation to solve your Disney Plus VPN not working issue is ExpressVPN because of its exceptional streaming quality and ability to unlock regionally blocked websites so that you can stream and enjoy the amazing Disney+ content while traveling.

How to Fix other Disney+ Streaming Issues in USA

Many other Disney+ streaming issues may occur due to a flawed internet connection while streaming Disney Plus movies. There are a large number of error codes that dedicate themselves to the field of a network error.

Disney Plus requires high-speed internet to stream smoothly; for HD content, the connection must exceed 5+ Mbps, and for 4K UHD streaming, a requirement of 25 Mbps minimum needs fulfillment.

Error Codes for connectivity issues are Error Codes 42, 24, 29, 43, and 76. Or messages like “We’re sorry, but we cannot play the video you requested. Please try again. If the problem persists, visit the Disney+ Help Center (Error Code xx).”

These codes are all linked to your internet speed and connectivity, which can be solved through the methods mentioned below;

  • Find out the average speed of your internet via internet speed test sites when the error persists on the same device.
  • Try relocating your wifi router for better internet signals.
  • Remove sources that may alter your wireless network’s strength, like microwaves, phones, cordless, etc.
  • Disable any other device temporarily that may use up much of the bandwidth.
  • Switch to a wired Ethernet connection if possible.
  • Shut everything down for a minute, your internet, device, wifi router, etc., and restart.
  • Try to rule out all the problems from your end first. If, despite everything, the issue remains, then contact the Disney helpline as the issue may be from their end.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Codes in USA

Apart from the common connectivity issues, a large set of other errors prevent you from having a smooth experience while streaming Disney Plus shows. These errors may seem vague, ranging from software and hardware issues to account and device issues. But with a little concentration and reading, you can solve them.

When you encounter these errors, you usually view these error codes as numbers, like Disney Plus error 83, 42,73, etc., or with a small message attached to it like, “Something went wrong. Please try again. If the problem persists, visit the Disney+ Help Center (Error Code xx).”

As mentioned above, most of the issues occur due to heavy traffic on the site, and it usually goes away if we refresh the page or reselect the movie you were going to watch.

If the problem persists, log out and then back into your account. This will likely solve the problem.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39 in USA

You may come across the Disney+ Error Code 39 while streaming Disney Plus in USA, which reads as shown in the image below:


This is a rights management code error, and if you are getting this error, then it means that your streaming setup is not providing the secure connection that Disney+ needs.

It might also indicate any issues with your HDMI cable or streaming device blocking a secure HDMI handshake. Mostly, you will see this error code 39 while using Xbox One; however, it may also appear with other streaming devices as well.

You can follow the steps below to fix the Disney Plus Error Code 39 in USA and enjoy seamless streaming:

  1. Reload the video. Sometimes, you may see this Disney Plus not loading error as a one-time error, which can easily be fixed by refreshing or reloading the video. If the problem persists after reloading, move on to the next step.
  2. Use a different HDMI port. Try switching the HDMI port and see if it works. If any of the ports work fine and gives a successful handshake, you may resume streaming, and the error code will disappear.
  3. Try changing your HDMI cable.
  4. If you are using an Xbox One (Watch Disney+ on Xbox), you may try restarting the Disney+ application or restarting your Xbox one.
  5. Change your streaming device. Since this error is mostly associated with an Xbox One, you can try using a different streaming device and check if it works fine.
  6. If none of the above methods work, you may give your Xbox One a factory reset.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error 83 in USA (Device Compatibility Problem)


Disney Plus not working Error Code 83 may usually occur due to device compatibility issues. It would also occur due to a bad internet connection or Disney server issues.

Disney Plus is not compatible with every single device, so you need to check its device compatibility list before signing up for Disney+ using that device.

The list of compatible devices that can be Logged into Disney+ is as follows:

  • Desktop Web Browsers (via streaming)
  • Mobile Devices and Tablets (via free downloaded app)
    1. Amazon Fire Tablet
    2. Android phone and tablet (Watch Disney Plus on Android devices)
    3. Apple iPhone and iPad
  • Set-top Boxes and Game Consoles (via free downloaded app)
    1. Apple TV (4th Generation and later) (Access Disney+ on Apple TV)
    2. Sony PlayStation 4 (Watch Disney Plus on PS4)
    3. Xbox One
  • Smart TVs (pre-installed or via a free downloaded app)
    1. Android TV Devices
    2. LG WebOS Smart TVs
    3. Samsung Tizen Smart TVs (Watch Disney+ on Samsung Smart TV)
  • Other Streaming Devices (via free downloaded app)
    1. Amazon FireTV (Get Disney+ on FireStick)
    2. Apple AirPlay
    3. Roku (Access Disney Plus on Roku)
    4. Chromebook
    5. Chromecast (Stream Disney Plus via Chromecast)

Usually, the Disney Plus Error Code 83 appears when your device can not pass the DRM check. The DRM check is an essential test that Disney+ conducts before playing its content. If your device fails to pass this test, then you will see the Disney Plus 83 error.

How to Fix Disney+ Error 73 in USA (Location availability issue)

Subscribers who report Disney Plus Error Code 73 because of problems with availability and location. Subscribers who try to stream Disney+ in countries where it is already accessible appear to be affected by this.


Error Code 73 on Disney Plus.

It’s crucial to remember that this error code may be related to a problem with content availability. The accessibility of content varies by nation.

If you see Error 73, you should first reboot your modem if you’re on a home network or toggle airplane mode on and off again if you’re on a mobile device to refresh your network connection.

If it doesn’t work, you might want to see if you can browse from a different country using a VPN or browser plugin.

Follow these procedures if your Disney Plus app not working and try to identify your location problem:

  • Search for the title on Disney+ to see whether it’s offered in your nation.
  • Reset your mobile network or Wi-Fi modem connection (wait for 30 to 60 seconds before reconnecting).
  • Use an IP address lookup tool to discover where you are now browsing.
  • Check your browser plugins and currently running programs if the findings indicate that you are browsing from a location other than your current one.
  • Close any running VPN app or change your location settings if necessary.

How to Fix Disney Plus issues on your Device in USA

You can try the following fixes to eliminate the Disney Plus not working on TV error or on your phones, tablets, and PCs.

  1. Make sure that you are connected to a stable WiFi connection. Sometimes, the cellular network is not fast enough to give you a smooth and error-free streaming experience. Ensure that your internet speed is stable and good enough for seamless streaming.
  2. If any random Disney+ errors pop up, then try restarting your app, or uninstalling and reinstalling can also help in many cases.
  3. Clear the cache of the Disney Plus application on your device. You will find the ‘Clear Cache’ option in Settings>Applications>Disney+ on your phone. If you are using Disney+ on your PC or laptop, you may try clearing your browser’s cache.
  4. Check if you are using the latest Disney+ application. If not, then upgrade to the latest version for an improved streaming experience.

How to Fix Disney Plus Not Working Error on Fire Stick in USA

You may encounter unexpected Disney+ errors while streaming Disney+, like Disney Plus error 142 on Fire Stick, but you can follow the following solutions to fix Disney Plus something went wrong error.

Check if Disney+ servers are down.

You can check whether the Disney+ servers are working fine by checking their status. Websites like Downdetector can give you real-time results if a website like Disney+, Netflix, or Prime Video is down at the moment or not.

Restart your Router

Disney+ will also not work due to network errors. You should conduct speed tests and check whether your internet speed is fast enough to stream Disney+. Disney+ needs a minimum of 5Mbps bandwidth for seamless streaming.

If your internet is causing problems, you can restart your router or try refreshing the page.

Log out of your account and log back in.

Sometimes, simply logging out of your account and logging back in can solve if your Disney Plus is not working on Fire Stick. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Disney+ app on your Fire TV.
  2. Open Settings from the side menu.
  3. Select Log Out by pressing the Select button.
  4. Wait for a few minutes, then log back into your account.

Clear the Disney Plus cache

Disney+ stores the temp data on your Fire TV for improved performance. Sometimes, this data can get corrupted and ruins your streaming experience, so it should be cleared. You can clear the cache if your Disney Plus won’t load by following the steps below:

  1. Open Settings on your Fire TV or Fire Stick.
  2. Go to Applications, and select Manage Installed Applications.
  3. Locate Disney+ from the list, select it and click on Clear Cache.

How to Fix Disney+ Cache Problems with Consoles and Set-top boxes

Clearing cache and data on Disney+ on game consoles and set-top boxes can also prevent Disney+ errors. We have shared the easy steps to clear cache and data on Sony PS4, PS5, Xbox, set-top box, and smart TV as follows:

Clear Disney+ Cache on Sony PS4 & PS5

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Storage > System Storage.
  3. Select Saved Data.
  4. Choose Disney Plus, and select Options.
  5. Select Delete to clear your cache on PS4 or PS5.

Clear Disney+ Cache on Microsoft Xbox

  1. Go to the main menu of your Xbox.
  2. Select My Games and Apps.
  3. Choose Select Apps.
  4. Select the Disney Plus tile.
  5. Press the Menu button on your controller.
  6. Click More Options, and then choose Manage App.
  7. Proceed with clearing out the saved data of Disney+ on your Xbox.

Clear Disney+ Cache on Set-top Box, and Smart TV

  1. Turn on your Set-top Box or Smart TV.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select Applications > Manage Installed Applications.
  4. Choose the Disney Plus application.
  5. Select “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” to clear the cache and data of Disney+ on your set-top box or Smart TV.

How to fix Disney+ Credit Card Issues

You may encounter Disney Plus payment errors while trying to buy its subscription. You may see the following message while trying to process your payment:

We could not complete your payment request using the credit card information you supplied. Please re-enter your credit card information or use another form of payment.”

The solution to this error is to ensure that you have typed in the correct postal or ZIP code. Also, ensure you have typed in the correct security code and other details. Carefully match your card’s expiration date with the one you have entered, and write the correct billing address.

After writing all the correct card and address details, you will easily bypass this Disney+ payment error.

Other Error Codes on Disney+ in USA

In addition to the other errors, there are several more errors that you may encounter while streaming Disney Plus; they are as follows:

Disney Plus Error Cause of Error How to fix it
Error Code 4 A payment issue causes this error. It may occur if your credit card has expired or if your card is not of the same region as the Disney+ region you’re using. Sign out and back in to see if the message clears. If not, then check your billing details.
Error Code 9 Indicates a login problem or a payment issue. Or sometimes, the Disney Plus update payment button not working. Power Cycle your devices or Turn off and unplug all your devices, including your modem and router.
Error Code 11 You will see this error if the content is unavailable in your region or your VPN is not working fine. Subscribe to a reliable VPN or contact Customer Service.
Error Code 13 This error occurs when you have reached the device limit. You’ll have to log out of one of the others.
Error Codes 22, 35, and 36 These errors may occur if you try to access the restricted content and your VPN stops working. Wait for the availability of the content, or try using a VPN.
Error Code 25 An internal error It can be fixed by refreshing or signing out and back in or by contacting the customer support team.
Error Code 30 This shows an issue with the device registration. Check to make sure your device is compatible with Disney Plus.
Error Code 31 A location issue mostly occurs if your location services are turned off or if your VPN does not work correctly. Enable the location services on your mobile device.
Error Codes 32 and 87 Indicates a login issue. You can clear it by checking your billing details or by resetting your password.
Error Code 38 It shows an error with your time settings. Ensure that your time settings are set to automatic.
Error Code 41 Traffic overload. It is a rare error that occurs when too many users are trying to watch a show. Wait for some time, and then try again.
Error Code 76 Disney Plus Error Code 76 occurs when there is an overloading issue on the server. Wait for some time, and then try again.
Error Code 86 This error appears when your account gets blocked or when you breach the terms of service. You need to create a new account to watch the content.
Error Code 92 Disney Plus Error Code 92 is a temporary error that temporary service interruptions or poor internet connections can cause. Wait for some time, and then try again or check your internet connection.
Error Code 14 You will receive Disney Plus Error Code 14 if you have entered an invalid email or password. Reset your password or email.

The annoying Disney Plus errors cause the subscribers to cancel Disney Plus subscriptions.


There can be a lot of reasons and errors behind this issue. Look for any app updates that might be available. Delete your data and cache. Close the app and open it again. Try logging out of Disney+ on all devices and logging back in. Reinstall the Disney+ app on your mobile by downloading it from the app store, then log in again.

Try to update your Disney Plus app; if the issue remains, reinstall the app and log in again. Try to use a different device or just restart your wi-fi connection.

To fix the black screen on Disney Plus in USA, make sure that no content filters, antivirus software, proxy accelerators, or pop-up blockers are active. If you do, turn off these services and give it another go.

Disney Plus will not work if you are getting the black screen. Check to see whether the servers are down to resolve the black screen on your Disney Plus login page. Refresh the app by clearing the cache, data, and cookies or by uninstalling and reinstalling it after restarting your modem or router.

If your Disney Plus login button stops working or turns grey, then try the following solutions:

1) First Sign Up and then try logging in.
2) Disable all your browser extensions.
3) Try disabling your VPN client.
4) Try accessing in incognito mode.
5) Reset your router.
6) Use another network.

There are various reasons for that. If Disney Plus stops working on your Samsung Smart TV, then Power cycle (turn your device off and on again). Check your device is compatible with Disney+. Navigate to your device’s firmware settings page and check for updates. Try deleting and reinstalling the Disney+ app from your device’s app store (e.g., Google Play or App Store).

You can clear the cache on Dinsey Plus by following the steps: From the home screen, go to Settings. Tap Apps > Disney+ > Storage. Tap both Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Disney Plus is stuck on the loading screen due to Adblockers and Similar Programs. Try removing all of your adblockers on the device that the sign-up link directs you to, then reload the website. This method works for users of macOS and Windows PCs who stream Disney Plus through a web browser.

There are several reasons that may cause Disney Plus to stop working in USA:

  • Faulty internet connection – Run other apps that require an internet connection to see if they are working. Restart your router or try switching to ethernet.
  • Reconnect your app with the Wi-Fi.
  • Uninstall and reinstall your app.
  • Sign out and sign in back again.
  • Outdated Disney Plus app – Ensure your Disney plus is updated to the latest version.

There could be several causes for the Disney+ app on your iPhone or iPad to not function. Poor server connections, outdated software, unsuitable hardware, and bad internet connections are some of the most frequent reasons.


If your Disney Plus not working in USA, then mostly it indicates a VPN issue, so always use a premium VPN with strong servers like ExpressVPN. Disney Plus is still new, and these issues are usual occurrences. However, it is working to counter the minor problems as they board thousands of new subscribers daily.

We hope you find this article helpful; if you are facing errors in other streaming services or if your VPN stops working, then you must read our guide on Paramount Plus error codes and Kayo Sport not working with VPN, so find the error, troubleshoot it, and enjoy watching your favorite shows like Spidey and His Amazing Friends Season 2  and movies seamlessly.

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