Does ExpressVPN Work With Netflix in 2020?

Does ExpressVPN Work With Netflix in 2020?

Yes, ExpressVPN works with Netflix. ExpressVPN is a premium VPN service provider in the contemporary times. It can be used to access multiple streaming services like Hulu, Optus Sport and such others including Netflix. When it comes to unblocking Netflix, ExpressVPN could be one of the best choices to make.

ExpressVPN can allow users to access multiple Netflix libraries easily and the premium service can be used to binge on your favorite shows. Here is a quick guide on how to watch Netflix with ExpressVPN in 2020.

How to Watch Netflix With ExpressVPN in 2020 [Video Tutorial]

Follow these simples steps to access Netflix with ExpressVPN:

  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN 
  • Install and Log in to ExpressVPN App
  • Now connect to a server of your choice from the list.
  • Once you are connected to your desired server log in to Netflix and binge-watch you favourtie shows.

There you have it easy! You can watch this video to understand this process better:

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Distinctive Features of ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the premium VPN service providers that helps people to access geo-restricted content from all around the world. With 3000+ servers from 94 countries with unlimited bandwidth and fast connection it makes you access any channel, platform or content that you want to see.

ExpressVPN has got the fastest servers from all around the world that also has military-grade encryption to bypass Netflix’s content blocks. Moreover, the pocket-friendly prices and 24/7 customer support makes the VPN to be more amazing. 

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The Best Working ExpressVPN Netflix Servers in 2020 

To confirm the accessing capability of ExpressVPN servers, we conducted a speed on best working ExpressVPN servers. This speed test results show that ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPNs in 2020.

ExpressVPN SpeedTest


Get ExpressVPN For Netflix30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Why ExpressVPN is Not Working With Netflix

At times ExpressVPN does not work with Netflix and it is not because of the incompatibility of the VPN with the streaming service but this happens because of some common issues. If you are facing such an issue here are some fixes that you should try to connect Netflix with ExpressVPN.

IP Address Issue

At times even after being connected with the VPN you are accessing Netflix from your original location or near your original location. In this case you need shut down your ExpressVPN application and re-launch it. Check your IP address again and make sure your IP is showing according to server that you are connected to.

DNS Flushing 

DNS entry from your ISP is stored in your device at time and this can become the reason of conflict. This can result in making you unable to connect to your VPN server properly. You should clear your DNS cache to fix this issue.

  • Open “Run” by pressing Windows key and R key together.
  • Type the command “cmd” and enter “ipconfig/flushdns”
  • This will clear you DNS cache and will make you able to fix the issues.

Check Your Proxy Settings 

At times your browser is not correctly configured for the right proxy settings to run a VPN connection and this thus can became an issues. You can fix it by either setting it to auto-detect your proxy or don’t detect it at all.

Free Trial of ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has got the 30-day money-back guarantee which makes you test the VPN for free and buy it once you are satisfied with the service of this premium VPN.

Regardless, once you gain access to an ExpressVPN account, getting access to U.S. Netflix and its complete content library only requires you to connect to a server in the U.S

Get ExpressVPN For Netflix30 Days Money Back Guarantee


Yes, ExpressVPN is a good option to unblock the geo-restricted Netflix libraries with 3000+ servers in almost 94 countries.

To make Netflix work with ExpressVPN, you need to install and login to the VPN. After you are logged in, you can connect to a U.S. server to access the Netflix library.

The process is simple and just requires you to connect to a server from your desired region. For instance, if you want access to the US version of Netflix from Anywhere, simply connect to a US server.


Most of the Netflix VPNs claim to bypass the restrictions. However, the claims are not always valid, and many times they turn out to be fallacious just like PIA for Netflix. But, ExpressVPN being the leading VPN service providers, offers the fastest servers from 94 countries with military-grade encryption to access Netflix libraries. Moreover, it has pocket-friendly prices and 24/7 customer support to make the user experience even better.

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