How Much Does BBC iPlayer Subscription Cost in Canada

How Much Does BBC iPlayer Subscription Cost in Canada

Wondering how much is BBC iPlayer subscription cost in Canada? Well, BBC iPlayer is a free-to-watch streaming platform. However, you just need a licence to watch BBC iPlayer in Canada.

BBC iPlayer is a UK-based streaming platform, it streams some fantastic content like Women’s Euro, Common Wealth Game, and Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils.

Sadly, BBC iPlayer is geo-restricted in Canada because of copyright agreements, and if you want to watch BBC iPlayer in Canada you will need a VPN like ExpressVPN.

Let’s go through the guide for BBC iPlayer subscription cost in Canada!

BBC IPlayer Subscription Cost in Canada: How Much Does It Cost?


Are you curious to know, does BBC iPlayer cost money? The answer is No, but a television licence does. It costs CAD 247.36 per year (£159 per year) which is equivalent to paying CAD 4.70 per week (£3.02 per week) or CAD 20.43 per month (£13.13 per month).

You can pay it all at once easily. If you have watched all your favorite content on BBC iPlayer you can also easily cancel it, but first, you must know about its free trial.

Why do I need a TV Licence?


For streaming live TV on the iPlayer or any other network in Canada, you must have a TV Licence.

Earlier, however, there existed a loophole that allowed consumers to stream BBC iPlayer programming on-demand without paying for BBC iPlayer subscription cost of licence.

Since the TV Licence was developed years before internet streaming became the standard, the law and regulation were out-of-date, and catch-up watching was excluded.

Where does my TV Licence money go?

As part of the BBC’s Royal Charter arrangement with the ministry, the money is contributed to the expenses of subsidizing free TV licences for over-75s receiving Pension Credit – a price passed on to the BBC by the authorities.

The few also have the BBC ad-free option offering some channels. When you buy the Licence you will get access to 9 national TV channels, regional programs, 10 national radio channels, etc.

Will the TV Licence go up in price?

Yes, the licence is rising since 2010 and it will further go up. In 2010, it was around CAD 226.36 (£145.50) till 31-March-2017.

BBC iPlayer Subscription Cost: FAQs

Yes, BBC iPlayer is free to use in Canada.

You will just need a TV licence to watch your favorite shows without paying any BBC iPlayer subscription cost.

BBC iPlayer is a platform where you may watch BBC shows online. BBC iPlayer is a service from BBC and BBC is a television company which is owned by the government of the UK.

You can also choose episodes from the BBC Archives and provide live events as well as online exclusives.

Yes, if you stream BBC shows on BBC iPlayer – you must have a TV Licence.  If you do not have a licence, you risk being prosecuted and fined up to CAD 1555.73 (£1,000*), plus any court fees and/or damages you may be compelled to pay.


The new rule has one loophole: students can get a TV licence at their guardians’ household if they are accessing television on a device that is powered by its own internal batteries.

If this loophole does not work for you, you will have to pay the BBC iPlayer subscription cost in Canada to purchase the licence.

If you live in Canada and want to stream amazing shows on BBC iPlayer, you simply need to subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN and can enjoy the iPlayer shows and movies like Frozen Planet II in Canada without any trouble!

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