How to Watch A Show-Stopping Christmas Outside Canada

Watch A Show-Stopping Christmas

For Christmas movie buffs, CBC will release another Christmas movie A Show-Stopping Christmas, on December 06, 2022. If you are a Christmas movie buff like us, you must know how to watch A Show-Stopping Christmas outside Canada as it is geo-restricted outside Canada.

This CBC show may not be available for viewing outside of Canada. However, there is a way to fix this problem.

You can access CBC‘s library outside Canada with a VPN.  You just need to pick a server in a country where A Show-Stopping Christmas is available, and you’ll be good to go!

Let’s discuss this Christmas film and how to view it.

Watch A Show-Stopping Christmas Outside Canada – Quick Steps

Follow the steps below to watch A Show-Stopping Christmas outside Canada:

  1. Sign up for a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN app.
  3. Connect to the Canada server.
  4. Sign in to CBS’s app.
  5. Search for the title and enjoy!

Where Can I Watch A Show-Stopping Christmas?

You can watch A Show-Stopping Christmas on CBC during the holiday season. Don’t fret if you’re not located in Canada. You may unblock it quickly by connecting to a virtual private network (VPN) like ExpressVPN. Don’t miss out on this fantastic holiday film!

What is A Show-Stopping Christmas Release Date?

The long-awaited holiday film A Show-Stopping Christmas date is on December 6th, 2022. Many viewers have waited a long time for this, but it seems well worth the anticipation.

Who is in A Show-Stopping Christmas Cast?

A Show-Stopping Christmas cast is as follows:

Jamie Perez acts as Riley Burdett
Thomas McDonnell acts as Sam
Maureen Keiller acts as Regina Caldwell
Caroline Portu acts as Bridget
Robert Walsh acts as Archie
Junior Cius acts as Bill
Abri acts as Reporter
Paul Melendy acts as Elvin
James Dickens acts as Tiny Tim
Dennis Daniel acts as Ghost of Christmas Present
Mollie Pedersen acts as Little Fan
Allison Rothwell acts as Outdoor Show Patron

What is A Show-Stopping Christmas Plot?

In A Show-Stopping Christmas, Riley Burdett plays the role of the artistic director of the Onota Theatre, which is located in Western Massachusetts.

After the cruel owner of the theater, Regina makes public her intention to sell the structure just a few days before the annual Christmas show, Riley is compelled to make an emotional appeal to the ghosts of Regina’s past, present, and future order to persuade Regina to change her mind about selling the building.

Meanwhile, the well-known television personality Sam Palmer, whose role is portrayed by Thomas McDonnell, has relocated there so that he may get away from the chaos in Los Angeles.

After Riley chooses to cast him in her production of A Christmas Carol as Bob Cratchit, he uses his star power, sense of humor, and the blossoming love he has for Riley to rescue the theater… and win her heart.

 Is A Show-Stopping Christmas Worth Watching?

Yes, A Show-Stopping Christmas is worth watching. It has an all-star cast, amusing Christmas songs, a comedy suitable for the whole family, and many touching moments throughout. Everyone is sure to discover at least one facet that appeals to them, which is a wonderful thing.

Is there A Show-Stopping Christmas Trailer?

Yes, there is A Show-Stopping Christmas trailer, and you can see it here:

Why ExpressVPN is a Recommended VPN to Watch A Show-Stopping Christmas Outside Canada?

ExpressVPN is a recommended VPN to watch A Show-Stopping Christmas outside Canada. ExpressVPN, fortunately, has your back covered in this matter. You can take a detailed look at the features offered by ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to Watch A Show-Stopping Christmas Outside Canada


ExpressVPN offers 94+ countries and 3000+ servers to ensure that users have constant access to a high-speed connection.

With the MediaStreamer software from ExpressVPN, it is possible to see content restricted to a specific area from any place. This enables you to access Peacock TV, Paramount+, and many more.

Heartland Season 16Kaisi yeh Yaariaan Season 4, and Yellowstone Season 5 are just a few of the programs that can be seen from any country owing to the ground-breaking application known as “MediaStreamer.”

You can sign up for ExpressVPN here for CA$ 8.96 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan, respectively. It also includes a financial investment that is entirely risk-free for the buyer.

Did you know that if you subscribe to ExpressVPN and utilize it to watch Disney Plus outside Canada and other streaming services for 30 days, you might get a discount of up to 49% on your regular monthly payment? Wow, that’s an amazing deal, particularly considering that you receive three months of your subscription for free!


No, A Show-Stopping Christmas is not based on reality.

John Stimpson is A Show-Stopping Christmas director. Famous works by John Stimpson include The Legend of Lucy Keyes (2006), A Kiss for Christmas (2011), and Ghost Light (2013). (2018).

The Christmas special A Show Stopping Christmas IMDB is not available. It is not yet featured on IMDB. Once the rating is available on IMDB, we’ll make sure to update this article accordingly.

Wrapping it Up:

To summarize, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) such as ExpressVPN is your best bet to watch A Show-Stopping Christmas outside Canada on December 6th, 2022.

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