ExpressVPN Discovery Plus – Does ExpressVPN Work with Discovery Plus in Canada?


Does ExpressVPN work with Discovery Plus? ExpressVPN Discovery Plus does work in the best way. We have brought you an updated guide that teaches you how to watch Discovery Plus in Canada with ExpressVPN.

Discovery Plus is an American streaming service. It is known globally for its brilliant content that includes blockbuster movies, classic shows, and much more.

However, due to content licensing and geo-restriction issues, you may not be able to watch some of the best shows like Growing Belushi: Season 3, Dr. Pimple Popper: Season 9 , Heartbreak Island, and others in Canada.

A VPN can help you unblock American Discovery Plus in Canada so you can stream without interruptions, and ExpressVPN is the best choice!

Keep reading to find out more about the duo ExpressVPN Discovery Plus in Canada!

How To Watch Discovery Plus in Canada with ExpressVPN? [Step By Step Guide]

Here’s how to watch ExpressVPN Discovery Plus in Canada:

  • Subscribe to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install the VPN on your device.
  • Connect o the fastest US-based server like the New York server.
  • Go to the Discovery Plus official website and log in using your credentials.
  • Enjoy ExpressVPN Discovery Plus in Canada!

Note: New subscribers are also eligible for a Discovery Plus free trial of seven days. Check out the Discovery Plus price here!

What Makes ExpressVPN one of the Best VPNs to Unblock Discovery Plus in Canada?

ExpressVPN tops the list of the best VPNs for Discovery Plus in Canada for not one but many reasons! Its advanced features make it stand tall like no other VPN in the market, enabling you to watch shows on Discovery+.

These features include:

Let’s proceed to the next headings to learn each of these features in detail.

ByPass Geo-Restriction of Discovery Plus in Canada

As Discovery Plus is a geo-restricted streaming platform, available in only a few regions, you cannot watch shows from its full library from anywhere in Canada.

If you try to do so, you’ll come across the following error message:


Discovery Plus shows a geo-restriction error when you try to access it in Canada!

That’s when ExpressVPN can help by connecting you to a local server. For instance, while attempting to stream Discovery Plus on your device, ExpressVPN connects you to the local US-based server.

The server allocates you an IP address that is recognized by the website. Since you were connected to a local server, the IP address is automatically local. So Discovery Plus will identify you as a native.


In this way, you can easily watch any show you want without coming across geo-blocking errors.

Pro Tip: Install Discovery Plus with Express VPN! To elaborate, we mean installing the Discovery Plus app for better results.

ExpressVPN offers up to Five Concurrent Connections.

Now, this is BIG! ONE single subscription and up to FIVE simultaneous streams? Sounds great, right? This is what Express VPN brings you and makes it a great service.

You can use ExpressVPN on five different devices simultaneously. This feature is of great use when you are holidaying with friends and family but can’t compromise on your TASTE!

This means you can watch Discovery Plus on Chromecast, and get Discovery Plus on Xfinity, and other devices without server disconnections.

You can thus watch your favorite show without being disturbed alongside four other members. This is where ExpressVPN Discovery Plus in Canada steals the show!

ExpressVPN Device Compatibility

Express VPN is extremely flexible. It is compatible with almost all mainstream devices.

If your device doesn’t contain a dedicated VPN client, it can connect to Express VPN using the Smart DNS. This can help you watch Discovery Plus with Express VPN.

You can not only get Discovery Plus on Firestick, but also watch Discovery Plus on Roku, Chromecast, Xfinity, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and other devices without interruptions.

ExpressVPN offers an Unlimited Amount of Bandwidth

This is the feature that contributes a lot to making ExpressVPN the Discovery Plus VPN. An excellent VPN doesn’t depend only on the number of servers available. Considerable bandwidth contributes a lot to its profile.

ExpressVPN offers unlimited bandwidth, which skyrockets its performance. The unlimited bandwidth aids ExpressVPN to support videos in 4K Ultra-HD and HD video quality.

This is a feature that in combination with the good server count, really makes a difference.

ExpressVPN Provides Incredible Speed

The speed of ExpressVPN is the main reason it conceals all other competitors. ExpressVPN Discovery Plus is a hit, thanks to its incredible speed.

ExpressVPN is known for its blazing-fast speed. The 92.25Mbps download and 89.45Mbps upload ensure a great speed, zero buffer, and no server disconnections.

The fastest server connectivity is also happening because of the incredible speed tests of ExpressVPN.

Here’s How to Fix if Discovery Plus Not Working With ExpressVPN in Canada?

Does Discovery Plus block Express VPN? In some cases, it does if it figures out your IP address. However, that’s a very rare case that can be solved by changing your server.

Apart from that, there may be several reasons behind DiscoveryPlus not working with VPN. Here are a few fixes:

  • Delete Cookies
  • Switch to another US-based Server
  • Contact the VPN Support Team
  • Uninstall and Reinstall Your Express VPN App

Note: If Discovery Plus not working with VPN issue continues, try contacting their customer support service as they’re available round the clock!

Can I access Discovery Plus with ExpressVPN from other Countries?

Yes! You can access Discovery Plus with ExpressVPN from other countries. Here you must know something important and interesting.

Discovery Plus is available in many countries. However, each of them has its own content library. However, the Discovery Plus US content library is class-apart. Its content is exclusively restricted.

So if you are trying to approach the US content library in Canada, you must subscribe to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN. Following is the detail of the countries where Discovery Plus is available:

Discovery + Denmark Discovery Plus Netherlands
Discovery + Sweden Discovery Plus India
Discovery Plus Indonesia Discovery Plus Mexico
Discovery Plus Iceland Discovery Plus South Korea
Discovery Plus Spain Discovery Plus Germany
Discovery Plus Singapore Discovery Plus Hong Kong

FAQs – ExpressVPN Discovery Plus

No! Definitely not! It is fine to use ExpressVPN and stream Discovery Plus in Canada online. There is no obligation or liability upon using ExpressVPN Discovery Plus until you’re involved in some sort of law-breaking matter.

You can get Express VPN Discovery Plus in Canada VPN by subscribing to a package of ExpressVPN first. You can unlock Discovery Plus and have fun using this ExpressVPN connection.

Yes! It’s definitely worth it! ExpressVPN helps open a magical content place before you. One subscription and the best content are just a click away from you.

Wrap Up!

Now that you know how ExpressVPN Discovery Plus in Canada is the ultimate duo to watch your favorite shows from anywhere, it’s time to start streaming.

Follow the guide to witness the wonderful pairing we now know as ExpressVPN Discovery Plus — A Combo to Vouch for!

We hope this article was helpful – happy streaming!

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