How to Watch Claim to Fame in UK

How to Watch Claim to Fame in UK

Claim to Fame is already on your screens. The show was released on July 12 on Hulu and is still airing; only the last two episodes are left. So get Hulu, and we will tell you how to watch Claim to Fame in UK on Hulu in UK via the Best VPN for Hulu.

Hulu will show errors on your screens as it is a US-only OTT Platform, and to access it, we suggest you use a solid VPN like ExpressVPN to watch the show without worry.

Claim to Fame is a show by the famous Jonas brothers. They are giving people the chance to finally step out of others’ shadows and make a name of their own. Also, to get $100,000 prize money. So please fasten your seat belts; we are going on a trip to Fame.

Simple Steps: How to Watch Claim to Fame in UK:

Just follow these five basic steps to unblock and watch Claim to Fame in UK.

  • Subscribe and install VPN. (Our top recommendation is ExpressVPN).
  • Next, add your login details.
  • Connect to a US server.
  • Search for the Hulu website and type your title in the search bar.
  • Now you can watch the show.

Where to Watch Claim to Fame?

You can watch Claim to Fame on ABC, Hulu and Fubo TV. The show is an ABC Original series. Walt Disney Television produces it. The viewers have well received the show; even the first episode has over 2 Million views.

What Kind of Show Claim to Fame is?

Claim to Fame is a reality competition series. The series is hosted and created by Jonas Brothers — Kevin Jones and Frankie Jonas. In this show, 12 celebrity relatives participate and must do several tasks to stay in the competition. If they win, they will get a clue about who’s linked to who.

If they guessed it right, they stayed, but that person is eliminated. If they fail to guess it correctly, they will be eliminated.

How does Claim to Fame Work?

In Claim to Fame, 12 less well-known celebsrelatives are participating as they settle into a home and try to hide their identity from one another. The competitors must complete the given tasks, establish connections, and play Genetic detectives to win the $100,000 prize. Because whoever guesses it correctly will be the winner in the end.

What are the Rules of Claim to Fame?

One exciting rule of this show is that it has incredible interiors with hidden clues about their identities. If the player guesses it right, they are saved from elimination and get immunity and bonus clues.

Who are the Claim to Fame Contestants?

Claim to Fame Contestants are:


Where was Claim to Fame filmed?

Claim to Fame is filmed in the Hollywood Celebrity birth home, Los Angeles. Some sequences are shot in front of a live audience in El Portal Theater. The filming started in late March and was completed just a few days before the premiere.

How many Episodes does Claim to Fame Have?

There will be nine episodes of the show. Claim to Fame’s first episode was aired on July 11 on ABC Network and July 12 on Hulu. The series has a weekly release of episodes, and the show will conclude on September 5, 2022.

Who is the Host of Claim to Fame?

Claim To Fame is hosted by the famous Jonas BrothersKevin and Frankie. Frankie, aka Bonas Jonas, is the youngest of the Jonas brothers, and it is his first TV appearance. They came up with the idea of the show too.

How Much Prize Money Winner of Claim to Fame Going to Get?

The winner of the show Claim to Fame will get prize money of $100,000. But it’s not just the money they will get; they will finally be known by their identity and will be stepping out of their famous relative shadow. So indeed an excellent opportunity for the winner.

Is there a Claim to Fame Trailer?

Yes, there is a Claim to Fame trailer. The show’s first look was released on May 20, 2 months before the show premiered on ABC. You can watch the trailer to take a peek into the show.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Claim to Fame in UK?

 ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Claim to Fame in UK because we know it has the best services as we have tested many offers. Only it checks all the boxes regarding top-tier performances, security, speed, pricing, and safety.

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to watch Claim to Fame in UK:

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Claim to Fame


The show is about making an impact and name for themselves and stepping out of your relative shadows. The show will allow the contestants to have their names.

Yes, Frankie is one of the Jonas Brothers, but he is not well-known like his other brothers. He is the youngest of them. You can watch Claim to Fame on Hulu on July 12, 2022.  

Well, we think you must watch Claim to Fame on Hulu in UK to get your answers, but we will tell you one of Zendaya’s cousins is in the show. So to get your answers, watch the show, and we know you won’t be disappointed.  

Wrap Up

What would you do if all your life you were labeled as your famous cousin’s relative? Will you be okay with it, or do you want to take a chance to Claim Fame? Definitely yes! Right. The show also gives the lesser familiar celebrity a platform to them so they can make a name for themselves. Watch Claim to Fame on Hulu in UK by a VPN like ExpressVPN. VPNs can make your life easier as they spoof your locations so you can access any content anywhere.

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