The 10 Best Movies on Hulu to Watch in UK [2024 Updated]


Hulu has been in the industry for more than a decade now, and over the years, its service has improved amazingly, and its popularity has grown exponentially. Over the years, it has proven itself to be a great competitor of other major streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+.

Hulu has been very popular because of the TV shows available over it, like What We Do in the Shadows, which has been a global hit. Yes, I called it a global hit despite the fact that the service is only available in the USA. That’s because you can still access Hulu in UK by using a Hulu VPN.

On the other hand, its movie library is also pretty well-sized. It has more than 2500 movies in its library, ranging from 90’s classics to the latest box-office releases. So, if you are looking to stream some of the best movies and you cannot find anything on Netflix or Disney+, then Hulu is the place you should crash into.

I have lined up the 10 best movies that you can watch this June on Hulu and fulfill your streaming hunger:

#1: ‘I, Tonya’ (2017)


Director: Craig Gillespie

Produced by: Tom Ackerley, Margot Robbie, Steven Rogers, Bryan Unkeless

Cast:  Margot Robbie, Allison Janney, Sebastian Stan, Julianne Nicholson, Paul Walter Hauser, and Bobby Cannavale

IMDB Rating: 7.5/10

‘I, Tonya’ is based on the true story of Tonya Harding, a figure ice-skater. The plot is flavored with humor, while it focuses on the scandal of Harding’s husband hiring someone to injure Nancy Kerrigan, who was Harding’s rival, just before the 1994 Olympics. Her involvement in this whole fiasco led to her being banned from the sport forever and ruined her career.

The film also focuses on the abuse that Tonya Harding faced throughout her life. After watching the movie you will get to understand why she was the way she was. Margot Robbie has played the role of Tonya Harding so well that she even got an Oscar nomination for this movie.

#2: Crawl (2019)


Director: Alexandre Aja

Produced by: Craig J. Flores, Sam Raimi, Alexandre Aja

Cast: Kaya Scodelario, Barry Pepper

IMDB Rating: 6.1/10

Crawl isn’t just another movie based on disasters and hurricanes, it’s way much more than that. It’s a natural disaster movie combined with reptile action, it is simply thrilling!

The plot of the movie revolves around Haley (Kaya Scodelario), who visits the house of his father with whom she has had a distant relationship, during a hurricane of category 5 in Florida. While trying to rescue her unconscious father and finds out that she is trapped with Alligators. This is where the thrill of the movie begins and it will keep you at the edge of your seat because the tension that builds is just too damn high.

The movie is very well directed and written. The story is something new and it really grabs your attention right from the start till the end.

#3: Palm Springs (2020)


Director: Max Barbakow

Produced by: Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone, Becky Sloviter, Dylan Sellers, Chris Parker

Cast:  Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti, J. K. Simmons, Meredith Hagner, Camila Mendes

IMDB Rating: 7.4/10

Palm Springs is a wonderful romantic comedy with its plot infused with sci-fi. It is a story of two strangers who are trapped in a time loop and they get to live the same day over and over again. Every morning, they wake up at Palm Springs at a wedding. I would not dive into any more details as it would ruin the fun.

This is a Hulu Original movie and it has proved to be one of the best movies to be released last year. The run time of this movie is 90-minutes and I bet you that you will love every minute of it. There’s a reason this movie has won more than 3 critics’ choice awards.

#4: The Painter and the Thief (2020)


Director: Benjamin Ree

Produced by: Ingvil Giske

Cast:  Karl Bertil-Nordland, Barbora Kysilkova, Øystein Stene

IMDB Rating: 7.6/10

The Painter and the Thief is a marvelous story of a young Czech artist and a Norwegian thief. The plot of the movie revolves around the inseparable bond between the painter and the thief who stole her paintings from Galleri Nobel in Oslo’s city center.

The Director of the movie, Benjamin Ree, starts to cover this unusual story after the thief is being invited by Barbora for a portrait. It is an unorthodox movie that covers the fact how one’s demons can connect to someone totally opposite.

#5: Booksmart (2019)


Director: Olivia Wilde

Produced by: Tom Ackerley, Margot Robbie, Steven Rogers, Bryan Unkeless

Cast:  Beanie Feldstein, Kaitlyn Dever, Jessica Williams, Jason Sudeikis, Lisa Kudrow, and Will Forte

IMDB Rating: 7.5/10

Booksmart is a story of two young girls looking for a party to attend the night before their graduation, in order to prove themselves as not boring to their peers. It is a comedy movie that has some great emotional moments that will leave you clinched to the cast. Both of the girls have put on one of the greatest performances you can ask from such young girls.

#6: Gone Girl (2014)


Director: David Fincher

Produced by: Arnon Milchan; ‎Joshua Donen‎

Cast:  Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, Carrie Coon, and Kim Dickens

IMDB Rating: 8.1/10

If you love suspense, then Gone Girl is the movie that will blow your mind. This star-studded film’s plots focus on the disappearance of Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike), while her husband Nick (Ben Affleck) is accused of murdering her and hiding her body.

Amy is a famous writer and well known among the people, her disappearance causes a great stir and uproar. The media starts to question Nick and his life becomes miserable. I would not spoil the plot anymore and would just say that this is one of the best suspense movies ever made.

#7: Creed II (2018)


(l-r.) Jacob ‘Stitch’ Duran as Stitch-Cutman, Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa,
Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed
and Wood Harris as Tony ‘Little Duke’ Burton in CREED II,
a Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures film.
Credit: Barry Wetcher / Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures / Warner Bros. Pictures
© 2018 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc. and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

Director: Steven Caple Jr.

Produced by: Irwin Winkler, Charles Winkler, William Chartoff, David Winkler, Kevin King-Templeton, Sylvester Stallone

Cast:  Sylvester Stallone, Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson, Phylicia Rashad, Wood Harris, Andre Ward, Florian Munteanu, Dolph Lundgren, Russell Hornsby.

IMDB Rating: 7.2/10

Creed II is the sequel of Creed, which was the sequel of Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky series. The movie packs the exact same emotion and action that Sylvester Stallone has carried out in all of his sports-drama films. The storyline of Creed II takes a much higher emotional drive than its prequel.

Rocky Balboa constantly keeps reminding Creed why he shouldn’t fight Drago’s son in the first place, whereas Creed himself is ready to jump into the ring against him. One thing that I assure you is that if you loved Rocky movies, then you will de

#8: Parasite (2019)


Director: Bong Joon-ho

Produced by: Min Heoi Heo, Bong Joon Ho, Sin-ae Kwak, Miky Lee, Min Chul Park, Moon Yang Kwon, and Jang Young Hwan.

Cast:  Kang-ho Song, Sun-kyun Lee, Yeo-jeong Cho.

IMDB Rating: 8.6/10

The Parasite is a black comedy thriller film alluding to an unemployed family, the Kims, who have been dependent on the Parks for years.

Parasite offers an insight into how the working class struggles to make a living, and how the privileged families, like the Parks, take advantage of their hard work and live a life full of contentment. The movie also questions education, competence, hard work, and persistence providing class mobility.

Luckily, an excellent business opportunity appears and Ki-woo has to present extremely clever proposals to the teenage daughter of the wealthy Park family. Now, the real question is which class will win.

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#9: Support the Girls (2018)


Director: Andrew Bujalski

Produced by: David Bernon, Paul Bernon, Scott Carmel, and Jon Fryd

Cast:  Regina Hall, Haley Lu Richardson, Dylan Gelula, Zoe Graham, and Ann LeuVoy.

IMDB Rating: 6.4/10

Lisa, who happens to be a general manager at Double Whammies (a highway-side sports bar), attends to her customers well and loves doing the work at her bar. She is a very protective mother and does anything for the safety of her girls, and is really concerned about them.

However, her positivity breaks with time as things take over the place. Her bar is famous for selling a huge American fantasy, but watch how things unroll when reality struck.

#10: Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018)


Left to right: Henry Cavill as August Walker and Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT, from Paramount Pictures and Skydance.

Director: Christopher McQuarrie

Produced by: J.J. Abrams, Raphaël Benoliel, Per Henry Borch, and Tom Cruise.

Cast: Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill. Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, and Rebecca Ferguson

IMDB Rating: 7.7/10

The syndicate remains have been reformed into an organization called the Apostles two years after Ethan Hunt had successfully captured the Solomon Lane. John Lark, the religious leader, is said to be trying to push to acquire three plutonium cores. His team is dispatched to arrest the Apostles, but they get the drop on him when Ethan frees them. With the addition of CIA agent August Walker to the team, the players must now locate the plutonium cores in the given time.

Final Words

These are some of the most popular movies available on Hulu, handpicked for you. If you are interested in some other genres, then you can check out our best shows on Hulu in UK guide.

We also have you covered guides for NordVPN Hulu, ExpressVPN Hulu, and Hulu error code p-dev320 fixes are also covered. So, pick your favourite ones, subscribe, and start binge-watching. Any show you choose from this list will thrill you.

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