How to Watch ‘The Good Doctor’ Season 6 in UK on ABC


“The Good Doctor” has found a place in the maze of medical dramas on television that appeals to both the intellect and the emotions. Viewers in the UK may have a sense of alienation as Season 6 develops, considering ABC’s strict control over regional broadcasting.

However, where there is a will, there is a way, and that method is via using a VPN’s technological prowess.

You can easily watch The Good Doctor Season 6 in UK on ABC with a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN. The process is really quick! Check out this guide for more information.

The finale of The Good Doctor season 5 took all fans on an emotional rollercoaster after Shaun and Lea’s horrific accident and Nurse Villanueva and Dr. Lim getting stabbed. All these cliffhangers led to a highly anticipated sixth season, which is now available for fans on ABC.

But there’s a small problem. ABC licenses its programming to local pay-TV companies and broadcasters. This means that some of its shows, like The Good Doctor, are unavailable in the United Kingdom. However, the solution is simple: a VPN.

So, without further ado, let’s learn how to stream The Good Doctor season 6 UK on ABC by connecting to a VPN without any hassle.

How to Watch The Good Doctor Season 6 in UK on ABC – Quick Steps

Visit the ABC streaming platform to watch The Good Doctor Season 6 in UK using a VPN. Follow the quick steps:

  1. Choose and get a premium VPN for ABC, like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN app, and sign in.
  3. Connect to a US server to access ABC (preferably a New Jersey server).
  4. Visit the ABC website or app.
  5. Search for The Good Doctor season 6 ABC in UK and start streaming!

Where to Watch The Good Doctor Season 6 in UK?

You can watch The Good Doctor Season 6 on ABC in UK for free. Fans also ask, where can I watch Good Doctor Season 6 UK?  You can also catch up on all seasons of The Good Doctor on Hulu. But, since both of these platforms are geo-restricted, you’ll be required to use ExpressVPN to watch this popular medical drama.

Users also ask, where to watch the good doctor for free UK? Fans can also buy the sixth season of The Good Doctor on Amazon Prime in UK.

When was The Good Doctor Season 6 Released?

The Good Doctor Season 6 streaming made its way on ABC on October 3, 2022, and ended with 22 episodes on May 1, 2023.

Who is in the Cast of The Good Doctor Season 6?

Many main cast members have returned in Season 6 of The Good Doctor. Season 6 of the show stars the following:

Freddie Highmore, starring as Dr. Shaun Murphy
Hill Harper, starring as Dr. Marcus
Richard Schiff, starring as Dr. Aaron Glassman
Christina Chang, starring as Dr. Audrey Lim
Fiona Gubelmann, starring as Dr. Morgan Reznick
Will Yun Lee, starring as Dr. Alex Park
Paige Spara, starring as Lea
Bria Henderson, starring as Dr. Jordan Allen
Noah Galvin, starring as Dr. Asher Wolke

What’s The Good Doctor Season 6 About?

The Good Doctor story is about a surgeon with Autism and Savant Syndrome who overcame self-doubts by using his extraordinary skills to become a practicing health specialist at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.

This season, Dr. Shaun Murphy is dealing with a situation that questions his morals and standing. At St. Bonaventure Hospital, the surgical team handles complex medical problems that test the limits of their training.

The Good Doctor is a medical drama originally released on September 25th, 2017, through the ABC Network. The show was created by David Shore and is based on a South Korean medical drama series of the same name.

How Many Episodes are there in The Good Doctor Season 6?

Wondering, how many episodes in season 6 of the good doctor? The Good Doctor Season 6 has a total of 22 episodes, unlike the previous seasons, which had about 18-20 episodes.

List of The Good Doctor Season 6 Episodes [Episode Guide]

Below, there are each episode’s synopsis and release details of The Good Doctor season 6 on ABC:

Episode # Episode Synopsis Release date
The Good Doctor Season 6 E1 Shaun and his team faced multiple challenges while operating an injured co-worker along with the hostage situation. Lim found out that she was paralyzed after surviving the two major surgeries. October 3, 2022
The Good Doctor Season 6 E2 Shaun and Park hit through challenging situations as they had to decide on a controversial xenotransplantation on a shut-in patient. October 10, 2022
The Good Doctor Season 6 E3 In this episode, Shaun and his team tried to save a brain tumor patient, Julianne, but she tragically died during surgery.
Meanwhile, a misdiagnosis of Bipolar disorder made for a patient Katie before Park discovered the right cause of her symptoms and successfully treated her.
October 17, 2022
The Good Doctor Season 6 E4 Doctors attempted to save an amputation of a man’s arm, and they succeeded in reattaching a severed foot. October 24, 2022
The Good Doctor Season 6 E5 A young girl with a liver failure diagnosis, Skylar, discovered the hurtful truth that she was born as a result of her father’s affair with his former roommate, and now she’s her only hope for liver transplantation. October 31, 2022
The Good Doctor Season 6 E6 The hospital staff is busy treating elderly patients during a heatwave after a blackout. Glassman and Lea rushed and restored the power. Over a case, Shaun and Danni’s contradicting opinions created tension and, however, resolved it to save the patient. They also celebrated the 100th birthday of an elderly patient. November 21, 2022
The Good Doctor Season 6 E7 A pregnant woman, Geena Cooper, gave birth to sextuplets and hence faced medical challenges. The overall episode is about fertility, parenthood, and rekindling romance. November 28, 2022
The Good Doctor Season 6 E8 A sexual assault victim arrived at the hospital, and a woman with surgical complications is here to be treated by the doctors while handling personal issues of their own.

Shaun realized that he had hurt Lim a lot and thus tried to reconcile with her and help her recover from her paralysis under Glassman’s observation.

December 5, 2022
The Good Doctor Season 6 E9 Danni and Danny both competed with each other in treating Teddy with Bulimia. Shaun implemented a new rating system while tensions arose between Morgan and Park as they treated Park’s girl with a serious infection. December 12, 2022
The Good Doctor Season 6 E10 This episode covered Lea’s pregnancy complications, Lim’s recovery from paralysis, and Danny’s back to work under certain conditions. Embryo implantation is prepared by Morgan in the assistance of Park. January 23, 2023
The Good Doctor Season 6 E11 Lea becomes emotionally attracted to the dog who was hit by a car during Shaun and her babymoon. Andrews, Jordan, Park, and Morgan treated an immigrant, Lalo, with many spikes in his body. Danni was fired. January 30, 2023
The Good Doctor Season 6 E12 A long-term heart patient has arrived to be treated by the doctors. Another patient with a tumor due to underage sex is here for the doctors. Danny’s addiction worsens. February 6, 2023
The Good Doctor Season 6 E13 Lea and Shaun face challenges in their relationship while Ricky’s life is saved through a difficult procedure. Lim fought for her patient with pneumonia. February 13, 2023
The Good Doctor Season 6 E14 Jordan clashes with Lim over treatment for her grandmother but finds a resolution and begins an online mentorship program. A young boy with Moyamoya disease arrived, and Shaun and Park found a solution to treat him. February 27, 2023
The Good Doctor Season 6 E15 Another difficult case of a pregnant woman is here. Lim, Morgan, and Jordan tried to navigate this case. Shaun is being sued after attempting a malpractice of an unnecessary amputation. March 6, 2023
The Good Doctor Season 6 E16 Shaun won his case with the help of his lawyer with OCD. The Lawyer, Joni, then tells the story of his OCD after his father’s death. March 13, 2023
The Good Doctor Season 6 E17 Doctors treated a little boy with an inverted heart and reconciled his mother with her family. A hidden HIV status patient is surprisingly a doctor’s partner at the hospital. March 20, 2023
The Good Doctor Season 6 E18 Glassman’s brain cancer has reverted, which leads to an emotional discussion regarding fear and loss. Daphne was diagnosed with sleep apnea by Jared and Jorden, who treated her sepsis during dialysis. April 3, 2023
The Good Doctor Season 6 E19 Andrews’s decision to save a man’s lower half and Lim’s disagreements with this lead to a conflict. April 10, 2023
The Good Doctor Season 6 E20 Eddie died from surgical complications after Andrews performed a risky surgery on him. Shaun disapproved of Glassman’s decision to treat a patient with brain surgery. April 17, 2023
The Good Doctor Season 6 E21 Glassman ends up being removed from the case of a patient during surgery. April 24, 2023
The Good Doctor Season 6 E22 In a series of unfortunate events, Danny suffers a multi-vehicle crash and reluctantly accepts pain medication to save his life. Asher faced a heartbreaking situation despite the best efforts of Shaun to save the father, who suffered an unexpected condition. May 1, 2023

Is There a Trailer for The Good Doctor Season 6?

Yes, there’s a trailer for the Good Doctor Season 6, and it’s available on YouTube. If you haven’t started watching the latest season of The Good Doctor online for free now, then you should check out its trailer first:

Is The Good Doctor Over?

No, The Good Doctor is not over yet. ABC renewed for a Good Doctor season 7 in April 2023.

Is The Good Doctor Based On a True Story?

No. The Good Doctor is not based on a true story. However, the medical drama is based on a South Korean TV drama of the same name. In real life, the protagonist, Dr. Shaun Murphy (played by Freddie), does not have autism.

Where Else You Can Watch The Good Doctor Season 6 in UK?

The Good Doctor season 6 is also available to watch in the UK on Now TV. Fans in the United Kingdom can catch up on episodes of The Good Doctor season 6 on Sky Witness.

What channel is the good doctor on UK? Let’s not forget that you can also watch full episodes of The Good Doctor on Disney+. However, if you want to stream the show without subscribing to any streaming platform, then we recommend sticking to ABC, as you’ll be able to watch The Good Doctor free on it.

What’s Worth Watching on ABC in UK in February 2024?

Besides The Good Doctor series 6, there are several worth watching and popular shows available on ABC in February 2024. They are:

Why ExpressVPN is The Best VPN to Watch The Good Doctor Season 6 in UK on ABC?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch The Good Doctor Season 6 in UK on ABC free online because of its huge network server. The VPN boasts over 3 million users globally. Its ability to unfailingly bypass geo-restrictions ensures UK viewers can easily access ABC and other US-based streaming platforms. Read on to learn more about ExpressVPN’s features.

ExpressVPN: Overall, The Best VPN to Watch The Good Doctor Season 6 in UK on ABC

watch the good doctor in uk with expressvpn

Watched The Good Doctor in UK with ExpressVPN

It has over 3,000+ servers available with 105 countries. Servers in New Jersey are among the best, offering top speeds to watch The Good Doctor in UK on ABC. These servers are optimized for streaming, offering high speeds and reliable connections, crucial for uninterrupted streaming of your favorite US-based TV shows and movies.

A Lightway protocol feature also guarantees top speed. It ensures device batteries are not burdened. You can also choose which apps to operate via the VPN using the Split Tunneling Feature.

This speed is sufficient for HD streaming, not just on ABC but also on other geo-restricted platforms like Hulu, Netflix US, and Amazon Prime Video. UK viewers can enjoy a diverse range of content without buffering issues.

The Threat Manager feature also blocks malicious third parties looking to comprise security. The security features of ExpressVPN ensure your online activities stay private and secure, whether you’re streaming ‘The Good Doctor’ or other shows.

The overall streaming experience is made a whole better through MediaStreamer. Using these features, you can now enjoy streaming on devices that do not even support VPNs, like gaming consoles, etc. Also, ExpressVPN ensures no activity logs to secure their customers’ data.

The prices are also friendly, with a monthly cost of GB£ 5.42 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free. However, the prices sharply go down 49% times with a 12-month subscription, with users getting a further 3 extra months.

Overall, ExpressVPN is highly recommended, and users can use this VPN to access many other streaming services, including Disney Plus, Netflix, and Paramount+ in UK, without getting geo-restriction errors.


Viewers can watch The Good Doctor season 6 in UK on Now TV, ABC, Hulu and Apple TV. If the platform is geo-restricted in your region, try using ExpressVPN to bypass the service in UK and enjoy streaming The Good Doctor season 6 in UK.

The Good Doctor season 6 is not on Netflix in US, UK or Canada. You can use a VPN to connect to its Australian server to access and watch The Good Doctor season 1 to 4 on Netflix Australia.

Seth Gordon is the director of The Good Doctor. He is an Executive Producer by profession.

No, luckily, fans will have a new season of The Good Doctor. ABC announced the renewal of Season 7 of The Good Doctor in April 2023.

Yes, The Good Doctor Season 7 is now in production.

No, The Good Doctor hasn’t been canceled and renewed for its seventh season.

There is no real doctor in the Good Doctor series. The drama series is inspired by a similar show from South Korea.


Now with the help of this guide, we hope now you can watch The Good Doctor Season 6 in UK on ABC. We have covered all aspects about the season, from its release date, to where it is available for streaming, the cast members and much more.

The Good Doctor season six is out, and people in the UK need a reliable VPN to watch it on ABC. ExpressVPN is our recommended choice, capable of bypassing the tough geo-blocks of ABC so that all British fans can stream the latest installment of the show without any issues.

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