Watch ‘The Winchesters’ in Canada – CW Network Guide 2022

Watch ‘The Winchesters’ in Canada – CW Network Guide 2022

The exquisite prequel TV series to hit-series supernatural The Winchesters will be released this October, and supernatural movie fans want to know how to watch The Winchesters in Canada.

The movie is appearing on the CW network but due to content licensing rights, you cannot access The CW network in Canada – but with the help of a VPN, now you can!

The intense, epic story of how John and Mary fell in love and how they risked everything to save not just their relationship but also the planet.

Read on to know more about the plot of the Winchesters, where to watch it in Canada, and when the show will be released on the platform.

How to Watch The Winchesters in Canada – [Quick Steps]

Currently, The Winchesters Canada streaming doesn’t exist. But don’t worry because you can easilywatch The Winchesters in Canada with our easy steps. Check out the following steps:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN – we recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Login to the ExpressVPN app with your details.
  3. Connect to a US server.
  4. Go to CW and start enjoying The Winchesters streaming in Canada.

Now you have the steps to apply, let’s move on to your next query, “where can I watch the Winchesters in Canada?”

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Is there a Trailer for The Winchesters?

Yes, The Winchesters (TV show) trailer is available. The Winchesters, a brand-new series, features the return of the original family of demon hunting from the popular TV series Supernatural.

Where to Watch The Winchesters in Canada?

You can watch The Winchesters TV series on The CW website or The CW app. You need not worry, as the CW network will broadcast every newly released episode of the TV series.

However, this only contains the most recent episodes of most shows (around five), with new episodes available one day after they premiere on CW TV. The current seasons of most TV series, however, have their episodes available for free streaming once it airs.

While it’s completely free to access CW in the United States, you would need to subscribe to a VPN to access the CW network if you’re in Canada. We recommend ExpressVPN as it offers very good VPN service.

What is the Release Date of The Winchesters?

The Winchesters season 1 release date is the 11th of October 2022. The Winchesters feature Jensen Ackles as the responsible eldest brother – Dean Winchester, who also narrates the TV series.

Who is in Cast of The Winchesters 2022?

The Winchesters 2022 cast members and their respective roles in the TV series are given as follows:

Meg Donnelly starring as Mary Campbell
Bianca Kajlich starring as Millie Winchester
Drake Rodger starring as John Winchester
Demetria McKinney starring as Ada Monroe
Jojo Fleites starring as Carlos
Nida Khurshid starring as Latika
Bridget Regan starring as  Roxy
Jensen Ackles starring as Dean Winchester
Billy Slaughter starring as Demon Jack
Lacey Dover starring as Hippie
Veronica Berry starring as Dana

What is The Winchesters Plot?

The Winchesters series plot is about the Winchester parents, John and Mary. The Winchester parents worked closely to slay monsters long before the Winchester brothers did the same.

The Winchesters narrate the tale of how John Winchester (Drake Rodger) and Mary Campbell (Meg Donnelly) started their life together as supernatural slayers from the viewpoint of Dean (Jensen Ackles), who acts as the show’s narrator.

After serving in the Vietnam War, John, whose father vanished 15 years prior, returns home and meets Mary, a 19-year-old demon hunter who is looking for her father. Due to their shared objective, John and Mary quickly work together to uncover the secrets of their families.

Is the Winchesters Supernatural spinoff?

Yes, The Winchesters series is a spinoff of the popular TV series supernatural. The dark fantasy TV series Supernatural, which ran from 2005 until 2020, had several failed spinoff attempts, such as the Bloodlines backdoor pilot and the Wayward Sisters series pitch.

However, The Winchesters will focus on Dean and Sam’s parents before their mother, Mary, passes away. Originally, Matt Cohen and Amy Gumenick played the roles of John and his wife, as young adults – their older equivalents were portrayed by Samantha Smith and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Fans of Supernatural have been highly enthusiastic about the new show and can’t wait for the new episodes to start airing.

Will Jensen Ackles be in The Winchesters?

Yes, Jensen Ackles will be in The Winchesters. Ackles, who has had a significant role in the production, will serve as a narrator for the new series but won’t actively participate in the plot, which takes place years before Supernatural.

As a result, he is the only original cast member to return in the new TV series.

Is Jared Padalecki going to be in The Winchesters?

No, Jared Padalecki will not be in the Supernatural prequel – The Winchesters. Supernatural, the hit mystery-drama series on The CW, featured brothers Dean and Sam Winchester for an incredible 15 seasons, portrayed by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

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Among all the other VPNs, ExpressVPN is a recommended VPN to watch The Winchesters in Canada because it is extremely reliable and incredibly fast. Here is a collection of features for ExpressVPN that you can read:

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Yes, The Winchesters prequel TV series is a prequel to the CW TV series Supernatural.

The director of The Winchesters TV series is Glen Winter.

You can watch The Winchesters TV series on The CW from the 11th of October 2022.


ExpressVPN can help you watch The Winchesters in Canada. It unlocks the geo-restrictions of The CW and helps you stream its content in Canada. All you should do is follow the steps outlined on how to use ExpressVPN to access CW.

We are glad that you stopped by this guide. Hopefully, now you know how and where to stream The Winchesters in Canada without having glitches. Happy streaming!

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