How to Watch UniMás in Canada with a VPN In 2022?


Tired of browsing through the whole internet and probably wondering, “Can I watch UniMás in Canada.” Well, it’s no surprise that you are struggling to find any success in particular since UniMás is inaccessible in Canada. But don’t worry because, with ExpressVPN, you can watch UniMás in Canada.

Formally known as TeleFutura, UniMás is a go-to platform for anyone of Hispanic ethnicity looking for nonstop entertainment. UniMás is a Spanish-American entertainment hub airing reality shows, sports, variety shows, serialized dramas, and theatrical films dubbed in Spanish.

Shows like Faisy Nights, Verdictio final, La Reina Del flow, Nosotros Los Guapos, and Major League Soccer just bring excitement and joy to your moods.

UniMás has 26 owned and operated stations and 19 affiliated television stations. It operates via a national cable network feed distributed to cable satellite and Internet TV providers, all of this in the US only.

With so much entertainment being offered by UniMás, it’s unfortunate that only people residing in the US can watch UniMás online. Luckily, this issue can be resolved easily if a premium service is used that will easily undo the geo-blocking restrictions of UniMás.

So get ready to watch UniMás live by simply following this helpful guide on How to watch UniMás online and unlock your gateway to entertainment.

How to Watch UniMás in Canada [Quick Guide]

You can go through the following simple steps to watch UniMás in Canada:

  1. Firstly, Subscribe to a premium VPN service (ExpressVPN recommended).
  2. Get the VPN app downloaded on your device.
  3. Connect to a server in the US. We recommend the New York server.
  4. Hop on to the UniMás website and log in with your information from your cable subscription and enjoy the exciting shows available on the platform.

Note: If, in any case, you don’t have a Cable TV subscription for UniMás, then you can watch it on any of the streaming services like DirecTV, FuboTV, Sling TV, etc., and access the UniMas through it. You can learn more about it through ‘How to watch UniMás in Canada.’

Watch UniMás using ExpressVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Why is a VPN necessary to Watch UniMás in Canada?

UniMás has so much to offer in the form of entertainment, but unfortunately, it is only available to the US audience due to region-specific restrictions. If you have tried accessing UniMás in Canada, you may have stumbled upon the error message every time.

These region-specific sites usually impose restrictions for the audience outside of their region due to the broadcasting and licensing rights. So you cannot access these websites unless you have a premium VPN subscription.

A top-notch VPN service like ExpressVPN will let you bypass all this madness as it hides your local IP address and allows you a different IP address of that particular restricted region, which is the US.

Therefore, you are treated as one a US resident, and you can stream on Hulu or watch your favorite shows on YouTube TV Canada without getting any geo-restriction error message.

Best VPNs to Watch UniMás in Canada?

It definitely is a tough task to figure out the best VPN out of so many VPN services out there. You have to ensure that it not only unblocks streaming sites for you but also provides you with other exciting features of blazing-fast speed, unlimited bandwidth, and much more.

Fortunately, we have conducted extensive research and narrowed down the top 3 best VPN services for you out of more than 20+ VPN services that will help you watch UniMás live. So without wasting time any further, let’s get right into it!

ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch UniMás in Canada

ExpressVPN is one of the leading and most trusted VPNs to watch UniMás in Canada. This VPN service providers worldwide with 3000+ servers in 94+ countries . It provides a blazing-fast speed of 92.26 Mbps on a 100 Mbps contention when tested.

ExpressVPN is our recommended VPN to watch UniMás in Canada, as it currently has servers in 25+ US locations in New York, Dallas, Chicago, etc.

We used the New York server to watch the content of UniMás in Canada and enjoyed bufferless streaming.


With ExpressVPN’s New York server, you can watch UniMás in Canada.

Recommeded Server: New York, Los Angeles

During the speed test, it offered a download speed of 92.26 Mbps and an upload speed of 89.45 Mbps. 


It offered a great streaming experience when tested on a 100 Mbps connection.

ExpressVPN offers foolproof security of your data and identity while streaming, leaving no trace of activity logs. It has features like AES-256 encryption, Network kills Switch, Threat manager, as well as smart DNS protection that helps you unblock UniMás in Canada, and much more.

Apart from all this, ExpressVPN is fully compatible with all the top devices like Apple, Mac, Windows IOS, Kindle fire, etc., along with connection to 5 devices simultaneously.

It also offers 24/7 live chat support for assistance. You can use ExpressVPN servers to watch HBO Max or enjoy the latest series on FOX TV in Canada.

You are offered all this with an amazing price of CA$ 9.14 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan. Although the price is justified, don’t worry because you get 30 days money-back guarantee along with it in case you change your mind.

Watch UniMás using ExpressVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Surfshark: Budget-Friendly VPN to Stream UniMás in Canada

If you are tight on budget and still want to experience a great VPN service, then Surfshark is the answer to streaming UniMás in Canada. Despite being cheap for about CA$ 3.15 /mo (US$ 2.30 /mo ) - 82% Off on 2 Years Plan, it offers some quality features and fast, uninterrupted streaming.

It gives you the luxury of having unlimited devices connected at a time, along with complete data security that cannot be tracked while you are enjoying streaming through the internet.

With more than 3200+ servers in 65+ countries, it has more than 550 + servers in US alone in cities such as New York, Boston, Atlanta, Miami. 

We used the Chicago server to stream UniMás in Canada and enjoyed it without any buffering.


Use Surfshark and unblock the content of UniMás in Canada.

Recommeded Server: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles

It gives us a download speed of 88.48 Mbps and an upload speed of 79.42 Mbps on a 100 Mbps internet connection.


Surfshark promisingly passed the speed test result on a 100 Mbps connection.

Since it is compatible with Windows, Mac, IOS, Apple, and Linux, you can get a UniMás app to enjoy on any of these or you can always unblock Cinemax or  0ther platforms like BabyFirst TV, Ovation, and Paramount Plus in Canada.

It is bulked up with advanced features like AES 256 GCS, Adblocker, and 2-way authentication protecting your data, letting you log in to uncensored and restricted content.

Surfshark comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee policy and 24/7 live chat support.

Watch UniMás using Surfshark30 Days Money Back Guarantee

NordVPN: Largest Server network to Unblock UniMás in Canada

NordVPN is our number 3 top recommended VPN service to unblock UniMás in Canada. Because it has the largest VPN network with ultra-fast servers tallying up to 5543+ servers in 94+ countries, you can easily enjoy your favorite UniMás shows in Canada.

Only in the US, the server count is more than 1900 in 15 different US cities like Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, etc. We used the US server #8044 to watch UniMás live in Canada.


Use NordVPN and watch the latest content of UniMás.

Recommeded Server: US server# 8044

During the speed test, it offered a download speed of 86.49 Mbps and an upload speed of 79.42 Mbps.


It offers fast speed for streaming when tested on a 100 Mbps connection.

NordVPN gives you speed, security, and simplicity through your streaming experience as it contains top-quality features to offer. It gives you a dedicated IP for unlocking blocked content along with a Dark web monitor, Meshnet, Threat Protection, Split tunneling, Strict no log policies, and much more.

With NordVPN, you can unblock streaming platforms like VidAngel, and Peacock TV in Canada. If you want to watch some anime series and movies, then use this VPN to watch Funimation outside Canada.

It can connect up to 6 devices simultaneously, allowing you and your loved ones to stream at a time. It is also compatible with many devices, including Firestick, Apple TV, Smart TV, Roku, PS4, and Xbox One.

The cost of NordVPN is CA$ 4.78 /mo (US$ 3.49 /mo ) - Save 60% on 2 Years Deal. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can use the 24/7 live chat support of this VPN assistance.

Watch UniMás using NordVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

How Do I Sign Up for UniMás in Canada Without Cable?

If you want to enjoy your favorite shows on UniMás but don’t actually have a cable subscription, you don’t need to be sad, as you can still watch UniMás online. You must subscribe to a popular streaming service, DirecTV, FuboTV, Sling TV, etc.

The best way to watch UniMás without cable is through Sling TV. For this, you require a VPN service, as trying to access Sling TV in Canada normally will show you an error message due to the geo-blocking of the platform.

By following the step-by-step guide below, you will be able to unlock UniMás even without a cable subscription from Canada:

  1. Firstly, Subscribe to a premium VPN service (ExpressVPN recommended).
  2. Get the VPN app downloaded on your device.
  3. Connect to a server in the US. We recommend the New York server.
  4. Go to Sling TV’s website
  5. Select the Try us Today button. slingtv-signup-1-canada
  6. Enter your email address and password. slingtv-singup-2-canada
  7. Choose your preferred plan. slingtv-signup3-canada
  8. Enter your billing details. slingtv-signup4-canada
  9. Click on Finish&Submit.
  10. You can now watch UniMás online with your Sling TV account.

Note: To pay for a Sling TV subscription, you need a Valid US credit/ debit card, PayPal, or Digital gift card. You can also ask your Friend or acquaintance in the USA to make a payment on your behalf using their US credit or debit card.

Watch UniMás using ExpressVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

How Much Does It Cost UniMás Through Sling TV?

You can watch UniMás on Sling TV. Three subscription packages are available to Sling TV consumers. This package can add additional channels, like HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime.

Both Sling Blue and Sling Orange can also be bought together for a price of US $50 (CA$68.02/ month). With popular channels like TBS, Comedy Central, BBC America, Discovery Channel, and many more.

For an extra US$6 (CA$8.16/month), you can add genre-specific add-ons to your channel list, like sports extra or lifestyle extra, which is a gateway to more genre-specific content for your taste.


Subscribe to Sling TV to watch UniMás.

Here are more details on Sling TV packages and costs:

Package Cost Channels Number of Streams
Sling Orange $35 (CA$47.61/month) 30+ 1
Sling Blue $35 (CA$47.61/month) 45+ 3
Sling Orange+ Blue $50 (CA$68.02/month) 50+ 4

Compatible Devices with UniMás in Canada

UniMás can be streamed through a cable subscription and popular streaming platforms like FuboTV, DirecTV, and Sling TV through a VPN.

To enjoy UniMás without cable, you may need a suitable device to support streaming on the platforms mentioned above. Following is the list of such devices that support streaming services that let you enjoy UniMás:

iPhone Android
Smart TV PS3/PS4
MAC Windows 10
Apple TV Xbox One
Roku Smart TV

How to Watch UniMás Plus on my Android?

To watch your favorite shows on the UniMás app through your android device, you may need a streaming platform service like Sling TV. You can follow the steps to enjoy unlimited content on UniMás in Canada.

  1. Firstly, Subscribe to a premium VPN service (ExpressVPN recommended).
  2. Get the VPN app downloaded on your device.
  3. Connect to a server in the US. We recommend the New York server.
  4. Make a new Gmail ID with the US as your location.
  5. Open Google Play Store.
  6. Find Sling TV on the search bar and download it.
  7. After installation, sign up and log in to your Sling TV account.
  8. You are now ready to dive into high-quality shows on UniMás through your android device.

Watch UniMás using ExpressVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee


How to Watch UniMás Plus on my iOS?

You can definitely experience UniMás plus app on your IOS device by following the below step-by-step procedure:

  1. Firstly, Subscribe to a premium VPN service (ExpressVPN recommended).
  2. Get the VPN app downloaded on your device.
  3. Connect to a server in the US. We recommend the New York server.
  4. Create a new Apple ID by using a US postal zip code.
  5. After successfully creating the ID, go to the App store and search for Sling TV.
  6. Install the app on your iOS device.
  7. After logging into your Sling TV account, you can watch UniMás shows easily.

Watch UniMás using ExpressVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

What Can I Watch on UniMás in Canada in 2022?

UniMás is filled with outstanding and spectacular shows covering various genres, including comedy, telenovels, sitcoms, sports, reality, music, and other variety shows.

Not only that, popular movies which are dubbed into Spanish can also be watched here, which can take you on a roller coaster of emotions. People looking to enjoy their holidays or to relieve some stress will get intrigued once they get to know the lined-up shows and movies UniMás has to offer in 2022:

Most Popular UniMás Shows in 2022?


Watch your favorite shows on UniMás.

UniMás platform offers a wide variety of shows that are equally exciting & thrilling & will glue you to your seats once you start watching them. There several popular shows that you should look forward to being watching in 2022 on UniMás:

Que te perdone Dios Teresa
Siéntese quién pueda Resistiré
Fuego en la Sangre Quién eres tú

Are good Movies on UniMás Right Now?


Watch your favorite movies on UniMás.

UniMás also offers many popular movies, which are Spanish dubbed for its Hispanic audience, that can be watched easily after getting on UniMás website. Following is the list of some of the most amazing movies available on the platform:

Inception Pirates of The Caribbean
Men in Black IP man
Fast & Furious Mission Impossible

FAQs – Watch UniMás in Canada

You can access UniMás on DirecTV by tuning on to channel number #408 while on Dish Network, UniMás is operating at channel # 271 & 830.

Yes, you can catch up to UniMás shows on Roku at your fingertips for just US $10.99 (CA$14.95/month) after subscribing to the Univision Now app at Roku. Also, watch the latest episodes of running shows just after one day after their television broadcast.

Of course, YouTube TV has UniMás available for you just by subscribing to a base price plan of up to $54.99 (CA$74.81/ month) for the first 3 months and $64.99  (CA$88.41/month) for later, offering up to 85 channels plus 6 accounts to share. Also, they offer a Spanish plan of just $24.99 (CA$34.00/month) with 28 + Spanish channels to enjoy.

Wrapping Up!

UniMás, owned by TelvisaUnivision, is a TV network for Spanish-speaking people who love Spanish content. It is fully loaded with entertaining shows consisting of sitcoms, dramas, and reality. Unfortunately, audiences in Canada can’t get the network experience due to geo-restrictions.

However, people who want to watch UniMás in Canada may need a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN that will help them bypass all the restrictions due to broadcasting laws imposed by the UniMás platform.

Do let us know of your experience using UniMás through our recommended VPN services by commenting below. Now, what are you waiting for?  Tune in to your favorite shows and binge them all!

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