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Disney Plus is one of the best online streaming sites. Although the content you can view may differ from one location to another, it has some of the best shows, including Ms. Marvel, Andor, and Dancing with the Stars. The multiple streaming options make subscribing to the Disney Plus Bundle all that necessary!

The Disney Plus Bundles 2022 enable you to stream Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Hulu. You can enjoy two or three of the best streaming sites without paying the extra cost.

Disney Plus cannot be accessed outside Canada, but no problem. In order to watch your favorite shows on Disney Plus Outside Canada, we recommend using a high-end VPN service, such as ExpressVPN. Here’s everything you need to know about Disney Plus Bundles in Canada:

What is Included in Disney Plus Bundle in Canada?


Switch to the Disney Plus bundle.

Watch countless programs, films, TV shows, sporting events, and much more using the Disney Plus Bundle. With this bundle comes a great deal of streaming sites where you can watch your favorite shows and movies.

From Hulu and ESPN+ to Disney+ and more, there’s a lot you get with the Disney Bundle. Find out how many devices can be logged into Disney Plus account.

Disney Bundle subscriptions feature cheaper memberships to Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ which would relatively cost you more if you were to purchase them individually.

In some regions, you can get Disney Plus Bundle free trial. However, the free trial of Disney Plus is no longer available in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

How Do I Upgrade from Disney Plus to Disney Bundle in Canada?

You can upgrade to Disney Plus Bundle if you currently have a subscription to Disney+, Hulu, or ESPN+.

Hulu, and Disney Plus bundle price is only CA$10.82 ($7.99 per month). If you’re looking to switch from Disney Plus to Disney Bundle, follow the steps below:

  • Enter the Disney Plus login information
  • Go to “Account.”
  • Choose “Switch to Disney Bundle

    You have to select the Switch to Disney Bundle button.

  • Fill in your transaction details.

    Enter the information that is asked.

  • Click “Agree & Subscribe.”

How Much Does the Disney Plus Bundle Cost in Canada?

How much is Disney plus bundle? Disney Plus Bundle cost with ESPN+ and Hulu may vary depending on the plan selected, with Disney Plus Hulu bundle price starting from CA$13.54  ($10 per month).

However, Disney Plus and Hulu can also be purchased separately for much lower prices.

Disney Plus Bundle Billing List:

Disney Bundle Plan Price

Disney+ (ads) and Hulu (ads) (CA$13.54) $10 per month
Disney(ads)+, Hulu(ads), and ESPN+ (CA$17.60) $13 per month
Disney plus bundle Hulu (no ads), and ESPN+ (CA$20.31) $15 per month
Disney+ (no ads), Hulu (no ads), and ESPN+ (CA$27.08) $20 per month

How I Sign Up for the Disney Plus Bundle in Canada?

You can get a Disney Plus Bundle login with Hulu and ESPN+ if you live in Canada by visiting the Disney Plus website and choosing the desired package. However, if you live outside Canada, it’s recommended to use a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

You can easily cancel Disney Plus subscription anytime without paying any extra charges.

Existing Customers May Upgrade to the Disney Bundle

If you’re an existing user of Hulu, ESPN+, or Disney Plus and wish to get Disney Plus Bundle, you can easily make an upgrade. Here are a few steps to follow:

What to Watch on Disney Plus in Canada?


Amazing collection of shows and movies on Disney Plus in Canada.

Would you like to enter the universes of folk tales, enchantment, and childish wistfulness? With its extensive catalog of Disney classics, Disney Plus keeps you entertained.

In addition to classic Disney and Pixar films, Disney Plus also features a number of Disney Plus Exclusive, including Obi-Wan Kenobi and She-Hulk. The much-awaited Hocus Pocus sequel is currently streaming there as well.

That’s not all; you can also watch all 31 episodes of The Simpsons, as well as all the Marvel films in chronological sequence. Even National Geographic has produced documentaries, such as The World According to Jeff Goldberg and Apollo: Missions to the Moon that are worth watching

You can also change the language on Disney Plus. All you need to do is select your preferred language by clicking the Audio & Subtitles navigation icon in the upper right corner. You can even change the Audio language on Disney Plus to watch the content in your preferred language.

What to Watch on Hulu With the Disney Plus Upgrade?

You can watch on-demand TV shows and movies, such as full seasons of exclusive series, TV hits, past seasons, best movies, Hulu Originals, and more on Hulu using the Disney Plus Bundle upgrade.

Hulu is a tressure of streaming options, including some of the best shows like The Handmaid’s Tale along with other Hulu Exclusive including Amanda Seyfried’s Little Fires Everywhere and The Dropout. That’s not all; you can also watch The Patient by Steve Carrel and the most recent Sally Rooney version of Dialogue with Associates.

You can also find many blockbuster movie screenings, like Palm Springs, Spencer, and Tenet. Apart from that, Nine Perfect Strangers, Fire Island, and a new streaming platform featuring the Kardashian clan are all currently accessible to stream.

What to Watch on ESPN Plus with the Disney Plus Bundle?

Disney Plus has everything but sports, which can be a bummer for all sports enthusiasts. That’s when the addition of ESPN+ in the Disney Plus package can make all the difference. Verizon Disney plus bundle has unlimited plans for its audience.

ESPN+ features its own main titles that are only available on the subscription service, in addition to providing live sporting events like the Emirates FA Cup, NHL, college basketball, and UFC live streams (accessibility to premium PPV activities as well.)

These ESPN+ Originals offer an inside look at prominent sports figures and their approach to their respective sports, including Peyton’s Destinations with Peyton Manning, Stephen A’s Universe with Stephen A. Smith, and much more.

Additionally, customers of ESPN+ get full accessibility to the 30 libraries. This includes The Infinite Race, which tells the story of the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico, who invented the craze for barefoot ultrarunning but are currently in wreckage due to drug gangs.


Disney Plus’s price is unbeatable. You can watch the majority of Disney’s back catalog, National Geographic productions, Pixar original films, and sometimes even Disney movies that are still playing in cinemas for just CA$10.82 ($7.99 a month). You won’t regret upgrading to Disney Plus!

The Disney Bundle contains ESPN+, Disney+, and Hulu with ads (ad-supported).

Yes, Disney uses the “purchase 10 months, have two months free” business model for their streaming services. That brings the combined cost of Disney+ CA$94.78 ($69.99/year), Hulu (with ads), and ESPN+ CA$81.24 ($59.99/year) to CA$257.25 ($189.97).

No, all you need to do is simply upgrade it from Disney Plus to Disney Plus Bundle.

Disney+ can be used on four devices simultaneously. Hulu allows for simultaneous streaming on two devices and ESPN+ allows three devices.

Here are a few steps to follow:

  • Use a web browser or a mobile browser to access your User account.
  • Choose Manage Plan from the Your Subscription section.
  • Choose The Disney Bundle with the Hulu plan of your choice under Subscriptions.
  • Opt for Review Changes.
  • Turn on Disney+ and ESPN+, and you’re ready to go!


One of the most well-known streaming services, Disney Plus offers incredible material. Unfortunately, users living outside Canada cannot use this site because of the geo-restriction. You need to have a reliable VPN to bypass geo-limitations in other regions.

In this blog, we talked in detail about Disney Plus Bundle and the costs associated with Hulu and ESPN+. You can enjoy the content of Disney Plus on Xbox or enjoy watching the latest shows on Disney Plus on PS4.

If you have any questions, kindly let us know by leaving your thoughts in the comment section below.

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