How to Cancel Netflix Subscription in Canada [Easy Guide]

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription in Canada [Easy Guide]

It can be said without doubt that Netflix offers one of the best content to watch in the United States. You can access the most famous blockbuster hits on Netflix! But, if you have watched a good variety of movies and shows on Netflix, or you want to switch to another streaming service like Hulu or Disney+, wanting to find out how to cancel Netflix in Canada in the most hassle-free way then you are in the right place. Follow this guide to know more!

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Short On Time? Here’s a Short Summary of How to Cancel Netflix in Canada.

To cancel your Netflix subscription in Canada, you have to make sure of whether you have directly subscribed to a plan from the Netflix website or from a third-party service. If you purchased a subscription plan directly, go to the Netflix website and head to your profile, click on My Account. Under the Membership and Billing section, cancel your Netflix. For third-party services, you can cancel through that company app or website.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription On Browser?

You can cancel your Netflix subscription easily through your favorite browser available on your device. It can be performed using a phone or a computer. You can use the following steps to cancel your Netflix plan on any platform using a browser.

  • Open your browser and go to the Netflix website.
  • Log in with your credentials.
  • Once logged in, go to your profile and click on My Account.
  • You will see all the details of your account.
  • Under the section of Membership and Billing, find Cancel Membership and click on it.
  • Netflix will ask to confirm if you want to cancel your membership, click on Finish Cancellation to cancel your Netflix subscription and you’re all done!

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription On iTunes?

If you have signed up for Netflix using a third-party service like iTunes, then it is likely that you won’t be able to see the cancel membership button on your Netflix profile. You cannot cancel your Netflix subscription directly from the website but through that third-party service itself. You’ll need an iPhone or an iPad to cancel your Netflix subscription from iTunes.

  • On your iOS device, go to Settings.
  • Find the “iTunes and App Store” option and tap on it.
  • On the top, tap on your Apple ID and choose the option View Apple ID.
  • You will see Subscriptions in the list, tap on it.
  • In the list of your active subscriptions, navigate Netflix and cancel your subscription plan.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription On Google Play?

You can cancel your Netflix subscription plan from your Android device easily by following this method.

  • On your Android device, go to Google Play Store.
  • Tap on the menu button (ellipses) at the top left corner.
  • Find the option Subscriptions and tap on it.
  • Navigate Netflix from the active subscriptions list and cancel membership.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription On Amazon?

  • Go to Amazon Prime website.
  • Click on Account & Lists.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on Memberships & Subscriptions.
  • Select Active Subscriptions from the View menu.
  • Find Netflix from the list of active subscriptions and cancel your subscription plan.

Can I Reactivate My Netflix Subscription After Canceling It?

It is possible that you want to restart your Netflix subscription after canceling it as you have heard that the Arrow show you dropped watching while on season four is now getting exciting in season five. Well, all you have to do is just log in to your account and restart your subscription. Netflix keeps all of your accounts settings and preferences the way you left them, for a period of 10 months. You can start watching from wherever you left off.

But, if in some cases, you don’t want Netflix to keep your information stored for a period of 10 months of no activity, then simply email using the email account on which your Netflix subscription is linked. To cancel your Netflix subscription with another email address is not possible, it should be the same email address.

Will My Netflix Account Expire Just After Canceling Subscription?

No, it does not work this way. If there is still time left on your Netflix subscription plan, you can still access it until your subscription month expires. Suppose, if you cancel your subscription plan after 14 days of paying for the membership, then you can still access your Netflix until the end of the month. Similarly, if you had any gift card balance still available in your Netflix account then they will remain there.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription in Canada When Accounts Gets Hacked?

It is not a great feeling to find out that your account credentials are modified and someone else now is using your subscription plan. The option for logging in and canceling your subscription plan is eliminated as your email and password won’t work on Netflix.

To recover your account, go to the Netflix login page and click on the Need Help option. Netflix will assist you through your email or phone number by gathering some information about your credentials and payment methods you used before your account was hacked. Providing all the valid information, Netflix Customer Support Team will assist you in canceling your Netflix subscription plan.

5 Best Streaming Platforms to Consider in Canada Other than Netflix.

One of the reasons to cancel your Netflix subscription is that you have watched all or majority of the content and now you want to switch to another platform.


Being one of the biggest competitors of Netflix, Hulu was launched in the 2007-2008 period as a platform to watch ad-supported shows. It has all the shows available with a basic subscription plan of $7.5 CAD a month with ads. For the No-Ads version of Hulu, you have to pay $14.99 CAD with the same movies and show catalog available.


It is the central hub for all the HBO Movies and TV shows. You can find the greatest shows of all time on HBO Max with a subscription plan of $18.70 CAD. HBO Max offers 5 profiles on a single subscription plan with 3 devices playing at the same time.


With a subscription plan of just $9.98 CAD a month, even that with No Ads, Disney+ has achieved a milestone in the pricing race among the other streaming platforms. It has a variety of top-rated franchises available like Marvel and Star Wars. Disney+ lets 4 people watch simultaneously on different devices.

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video offers a 7-day trial for you to try the service for free with no charges deducted from your account. You can set up 6 different accounts on one Amazon Prime Video subscription, with one account being the primary account. It costs $11.22 CAD for a monthly subscription plan, charging you after the 7-day free trial is ended.

Apple TV+

Being new in the streaming world, Apple TV+ has a limited catalog for movies and shows but it offers its service for the all-time lowest cost of $6.23 CAD per month, and that too with no ads. You can try it for the first 7 days for free. Apple TV+ works on all iOS devices, it is also compatible with Samsung TV, Firestick, LG TV, Sony TV, Vizio, and Roku.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

You cannot cancel your Netflix subscription plan if you registered it through a third-party service. It should be done by canceling it from the subscription plans of that third-party service.

No, Netflix keeps the data stored for a period of 10 months in case a user changes its mind and decides to come back. You can watch all your shows from where you have left them off.

You can always downgrade your subscription to the Basic Plan. It offers all the movies and shows from the catalog and costs $11.22 CAD. The limit for screens is that only one person can watch at a time.

If you have already paid for the whole month and cancel the subscription plan in the middle of the month then yes, you can still access all the content on Netflix for the remaining time left for your subscription plan.


Netflix offers the best streaming experience with lots of popular shows available. But as you get tired of it by watching all the content, you should know how to cancel Netflix in Canada easily without any inconvenience. You can also go for other streaming services which offer quality shows on much less pricing plans than Netflix.

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