How to Watch Bounce TV in UK in 2022? [Easiest Method]


Wondering how Can you access Bounce TV from overseas? Due to geo-restrictions, watching Bounce TV in UK requires a high-quality VPN company, such as ExpressVPN.

Electronic multichannel TV station Bounce Television is owned and run by Katz Entertainment in the United States. The channel debuted to the public in 2011.

A few months later, on October 2, 2017, Bounce TV and three other Katz Broadcasting networks were purchased by the E. W. Scripps Company. On Bounce TV, you can catch episodes of such hit series as Saints & Sinners, Mann and Wife, Family Time,

With Bounce TV feature shows being produced by different studios, including Warner Bros, its content is region blocked. People reside in UK need a VPN to watch Bounce Television.

How Can You Watch Bounce TV in UK With a VPN? [Quick Steps]

If you want to access Bounce TV in UK, you’ll need an American IP address to make the service believe you’re there. This is how it’s done in four easy steps:

  • Acquire a paid VPN service. We advise ExpressVPN because of its superior unlocking features
  • Get the VPN app on your gadget, then log in with your credentials
  • Link up with a server in the United States. The server located in New York is a Great Choice.
  • Launch a web browser, navigate the Bounce Television site, and get the app. You’ll need to check in using your cable, satellite, or streaming credentials to access some of the shows on the site. You will need to subscribe to third-party service if you do not have access to any of the above options.
  • When you’re not in the United States, you may still watch your most adored Bounce TV shows online.

Note: Remember that you require an account to get Bounce TV in UK. Use a reliable VPN to conceal your IP address as you open your Bounce account today.

Watch Bounce TV with ExpressVPN 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Bounce TV in UK?

Being restricted by your location is frustrating. World license and broadcast corporation prohibits the operation of an American broadcasting company in UK not within their intended market.

The program will prevent you from checking what’s on if you’re traveling, trying to watch regionally specific coverage, or just curious. Tracking IP addresses can identify if you are outside the designated area.

A VPN will trick the blocking software into thinking you are in a different location. Not all VPNs will work to access Bounce TV. The market is flooded with subpar VPN options.

While a VPN’s other features may be helpful, the ability to bypass geographical limitations is a central selling point. Some of the well-known service providers are not effective in bypassing such barriers.

The alert below showed when we tried to access Bounce TV app in UK without a VPN.

“You can see the play button. However, it won’t be workable until you have a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.”


If you want to know what happened to bounce tv 2022 free content and looking for the solution to this error, you’ve found the proper article.

How do I Subscribe to Bounce TV Abroad?

It’s completely free to join. Signing up for Bounce TV while traveling abroad is as simple as following these steps:

  • Acquire a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN and install it on your gadget.
  • Link up with a server in the United States (Recommended – New York) using your virtual private network app.
  • Open your web browser, navigate to Bounce TV’s homepage, and then click the join option.
  • A prompt to sign up for updates appears.
  • Type in your email address.
  • Hit the join button.
  • Your Bounce TV subscription has been activated.

In addition, for USD89.99 a month, you can access Bounce TV and 40+ more channels with a Bounce TV on DirecTV membership.

By taking advantage of the service’s gift cards, get started watching your favorite programs online at an affordable cost today.

By subscribing to ExpressVPN right away, find out what channel is Bounce on DirecTV 2022 as you enjoy a month of access to streaming services and view live events.

Watch Bounce TV with ExpressVPN 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Best VPNs That Work With Bounce TV in UK?

We have analyzed over fifty VPN services to present you with the finest and most dependable VPN services for bypassing location-blocked streaming. To access Bounce TV in UK, one of these three great VPNs is what you need. Let’s go into the specifics.

ExpressVPN: Recommend VPN to Watch Bounce TV in UK

This company is our top choice to live stream Bounce in UK, owing to its blazing-fast server network. During our speed test, we achieved a download rate of 89.42 MB/s and an upload rate of 84.64 MB/s.

In total, there are over 3,000+ servers in 105 countries, with the 25 United States locations. We do not recommend using the Los Angeles server because of the huge traffic.


ExpressVPN unblocked Bounce TV by connecting to a server in New York within seconds!

ExpressVPN’s international customers may watch Bounce for only GB£ 5.23 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free. ExpressVPN offered a super-fast download speed of 89.42 Mbps and an upload speed of 84.64 Mbps.


The New York server provided us with blazing fast speed!

One of ExpressVPN’s principal security features is the use of AES-256, a data encoding technology developed to match military requirements.

The Smart DNS (MediaStreamer) content streamer function enables users to get Bounce TV and Hulu in the UK, including those in regions that do not permit the use of VPN software.

With ExpressVPN’s well-designed and straightforward interface, you may view Bounce TV in the UK on up to five devices at once.

The VPN may be used with Windows, macOS, Smart TVs, Linux, Android, Apple TVs, Roku, iOS, Xboxes, and Firesticks, among other platforms and devices.

Get ExpressVPN with no risk with their 30-day cash-back guarantee.

Recommended servers – New Jersey-1, DC5, or NYC

Watch Bounce TV with ExpressVPN 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Surfshark: Budget Friendly Vpn to Unblock Bounce TV in UK

If you enjoy Bounce TV in UK, you can do so for only GB£ 1.95 /mo (US$ 2.49 /mo ) - Save up to 77% with exclusive 2-year plan + 30-day money-back guarantee with Surfshark. It allows for unlimited logins.


Surfshark unblocked Bounce TV by connecting to a server in New York within seconds!

We could view Bounce TV in UK in glorious high definition thanks to its 86.51 Mbps download and 51.86 Mbps upload rates.


The New York server managed to offer us a super fast speed!

There are around 3200+ servers in 100+ countries, including 600+ in the US alone. The Los Angeles server is not recommended because of high traffic.

Choosing the 2-year plan to watch Bounce TV in UK allows you to save 83 percent off the membership fee.

Surfshark employs the military-type data encryption standard known as AES-256. Thanks to this security measure, you won’t have to worry about hackers or snooping governments.

Surfshark works with various platforms, including PlayStation 3, Linux, Wi-Fi routers, Apple Television, Windows, macOS, Android, Chromecast, iOS, and PlayStation 4.

You can have as many simultaneous connections as you like with only one membership. Surfshark is your best bet for connecting with people you already know, such as your friends, neighbors, and family.

If you have a Surfshark subscription, you can watch NBC in UK. You are entitled to a refund if you terminate your membership during the first 45 days.

Recommended servers – New York, Chicago, and Atlanta

Watch Bounce TV with Surfshark 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

NordVPN: Largest Server Network for Bounce TV in UK

This VPN company comes first among its competitors regarding its server network. It offers a user-friendly interface and gives you access to more than 1970 hosts in 15 locations around the US and 6000+ ultra-fast servers in 105 countries.


NordVPN unblocked Bounce TV by connecting to a #8887 server within seconds!

We achieved a high download speed reaching 85.48 MB/s, and the best upload speed, reaching 48.42 MB/s.


The US server managed to offer us a super fast speed!

NordVPN’s monthly fee is only GB£ 1.95 /mo (US$ 2.49 /mo ) - Save up to 77% with exclusive 2-year plan + 30-day money-back guarantee. The Los Angeles server is not recommended because of the high traffic. You can also watch live stream YouTube in UK with this VPN.

Thanks to NordVPN’s military-type AES-256 data encoding function, users can safely unblock Bounce TV in UK without worrying about their personal information falling into the wrong hands.

It’s compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, game consoles, macOS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Chromecast.

A maximum of six connected devices per user account is permitted across all supported platforms.

If you are curious about where can I watch bounce tv without risk, look no further. When you sign up for NordVPN’s services for an entire year, you get Stan in UK and other platforms for 30 days of risk-free trial.

Recommended servers – Dallas, San Francisco, and Miami

Watch Bounce TV with NordVPN 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

How to Choose the Best VPN for Bounce TV in UK

After determining what features you need from a VPN, narrow down your search for the best VPN service by looking for these features in addition to a suitable pricing range:

Security Protocols Supported

Not all security algorithms used by VPNs to encrypt data are strong. There are benefits and drawbacks to using each different protocol.

It would be best if you didn’t use PPTP unless you’re into streaming. It is not a reliable security solution.

Many see L2TP/IPSec as superior to PPTP because of the improvements it introduces. It is vastly superior to its forerunner, although it is noticeably slower.

The IKEv2/IPSec protocol is quick and secure. OpenVPN is the most outstanding all-around protocol since it provides excellent security without sacrificing too much throughput.

Remember that reliable VPN services will provide you the freedom to select from all of these features.

The VPN Must Work on Several Platforms

Check whether your VPN has dedicated apps for Windows and Android if you plan to use them on your computer and mobile device.

The finest VPN services will include clients for several platforms, including mobile and desktop, as well as manual configurations for gaming consoles, routers, Smart TVs, set-top boxes, and other devices that connect to the internet regularly.

The Quantity and Distribution of Servers

Accept nothing less than a comprehensive network of servers located in many different nations. It would help if you aimed for one with hundreds or perhaps thousands of VPN servers in all the major global hubs.

The more servers you have, the more quickly you may bypass geographical restrictions on various types of content.

Concurrent Linkups

Choosing a VPN service that allows for at least ten simultaneous connections is essential. It’s also preferable to have your router support VPN connections. Protect multiple gadgets at once without using up too many of your log-in sessions.

Unrestricted Data Transfer

Avoid VPNs that limit your data transfer speed. A reliable VPN will not limit your bandwidth usage in any way. Enjoy the ease of unlimited downloading, streaming, and surfing without worrying about exceeding any limits.

Transfer Rate

The most well-liked VPNs include methods of avoiding slowdowns, so you may have lightning-fast connections at all times, no matter where you happen to be. Consider the case of streaming- and P2P-ready dedicated servers.

Payment Options

Get VPN companies that offer anonymous payment options if you wish to use a VPN to improve your online anonymity or avoid political repression. Excellent VPN services permit anonymous payment via means like gift cards or cryptocurrency.

Guaranteed Refund

Try out the services of any of the best VPNs without any commitment by taking advantage of their respective 7- to 31-day money-back guarantees. A refund is available if you are dissatisfied with the service provided, provided that you request it within the applicable time frame.

Support for Customers Is Available Around the Clock

Live chat, email, and ticketing systems are common forms of VPN customer service. If you’re looking for quick solutions to your VPN questions, we advise going with a service that offers live chat.

Superior Features

A premium VPN will have various security options to keep your information and identity safe. Internet kill button, IPv6 data leak prevention, DNS data leak prevention, and WebRTC data leak insulation are some options available.

A Privacy-Protective Legal System

Reputable VPN service providers have their headquarters in privacy-friendly locations like Switzerland, Hong Kong, or the British Virgin Islands. They will not keep any logs of your VPN activity.

No-Logs-Allowed Policy

If you value your anonymity and privacy on the internet, research and use VPNsan impartial party has tested.

An Interface That Is Easy to Use

You may find the installation and interface of some VPNs to be overly complicated. If you aren’t tech-savvy but still want to use a VPN, look for one with well-designed, user-friendly software.

Which Devices are compatible with Bounce TV in UK?

Listed below are all the non-US-based gadgets that can stream Bounce TV.

Amazon Fire Television Apple Television
Android Television iPhone
Samsung Smart Television Google Chromecast
Android Phone iPad
Windows VIZIO Smart Television

How can I Watch Bounce TV Abroad on my iPhone?

If you’re outside the United States and want to use Bounce TV VPN app on your iPhone, here’s how:

  • Get an ExpressVPN account and connect to New York servers.
  • An iPhone VPN app is available for download and use.
  • Join your gadget to a system in the USA.
  • The Bounce Television application is available on the App Store for download.
  • Enter your Bounce TV username and password to get started.
  • Get Bounce TV streaming on your iPhone when you’re not in the US.

Unblock fuboTV in UK by subscribing to and taking advantage of ExpressVPN‘s strong unblocking capabilities. Cancel your subscription within the first month and get a cash return if you are unsatisfied with the provider.

Watch Bounce TV with ExpressVPN 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What to Watch on Bounce TV in UK in 2022?

Having learned how to access Bounce TV in UK, you may ask what is currently playing on bounce TV? Bounce TV station is a streaming television network that features various programs specifically selected for African-American viewers.

What are the Best Shows on Bounce TV in 2022?


Following are a handful of the most well-liked programs that are available to stream on Bounce TV in UK:

A Different World The Bernie Mac Show
Johnson Family Time
Tamron Hall One on One
Dying to be Famous Don’t Hang Up
A Taste of Italy With Nisha Katona Saints and Sinners

What Movies Are on Bounce TV UK in 2022?


Bounce movies viewers can enjoy:

All Eyes On Me A Man Apart
Blue Streak Death at a Funeral
Bait Riddick
Beauty Shop Angel Eyes
Chaos The Bone Collector


W. Scripps Company’s subsidiary Katz Broadcasting operates the American electronic multichannel TV station Bounce TV. In October of 2017, E. W. Scripps purchased Bounce. The channel airs various original and licensed programming for African Americans aged 25 to 54.

Bounce TV app is available for no cost on Roku. It’s free to download and install on your TV set. The Bounce channel on Roku provides unrestricted streaming of ten different television shows.

Additionally, there are presently four free films to choose from.

If you tried Youtube without luck and were wondering what happened to the bounce channel, note that Bounce Television is not included on YouTube’s Live TeleVision package. On the other hand, you may get Bounce TV with a subscription to DirecTV or Sling TV.

It is entirely lawful to stream Bounce TV in UK using a VPN like ExpressVPN. However, if you genuinely value your anonymity online, you should invest in a paid VPN service rather than a free one. It’s also possible that accessing Bounce TV with a VPN is against the terms of service for the channel.

Wrap Up

African-American streamers have a great resource in Bounce TV. The platform’s unique content appeals to viewers of all demographics. However, outside the United States, you won’t be able to use the streaming service.

However, you may access Bounce TV in UK with a reliable VPN service. Rely on our analysis, and subscribe to a top-tier VPN service so you can watch all your favorite episodes and movies on Bounce TV and other major streaming platforms anytime.

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