How to Watch Olympiacos vs Aston Villa Outside UK on Discovery Plus


Get ready for an exhilarating Europa Conference League match as Olympiacos takes on Aston Villa in the second leg of the semi-finals on May 9, 2024. Watch Olympiacos vs Aston Villa outside UK on Discovery Plus UK library, made possible with ExpressVPN.

Soccer fans can easily overcome geo-restrictions with a reliable VPN, ensuring they don’t miss any action. Dive into the intense atmosphere as these two teams compete at the Georgios Karaiskakis stadium in Piraeus, Greece, by finding out how to watch Discovery Plus outside UK.

How to Watch Olympiacos vs Aston Villa Outside UK on Discovery Plus? [Quick Steps]

Here’s how you can seamlessly watch Olympiacos vs Aston Villa outside UK on Discovery Plus:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN to enjoy the game without limits.
  2. Install the VPN (ExpressVPN).
  3. Connect to a UK server (Docklands) for the best connection.
  4. Log in to Discovery Plus and get set for a thrilling match.
  5. Watch Olympiacos vs Aston Villa live without any hiccups!

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Where to Watch Olympiacos vs Aston Villa Outside UK?

You can watch Olympiacos vs Aston Villa outside UK on Discovery Plus UK library via TNT Sports. The platform offers exclusive coverage, making it the ultimate choice for soccer fans.

If you’re outside UK and facing geo-blocks, you can still enjoy the match on Discovery Plus using ExpressVPN. This way, you can bypass restrictions and experience the best Discovery Plus sports outside UK.

ExpressVPN ensures that you have a smooth streaming experience of Aston Villa vs Olympiacos live without any buffering issues. You may also consider streaming on Paramount+, but Discovery Plus offers a unique blend of content and an unmatched viewing experience.

It has a content library that gets updated on a weekly basis so you don’t spend too much time thinking what to watch on Discovery Plus.

When is Olympiacos vs Aston Villa?

The Olympiacos vs Aston Villa date is scheduled for May 9, 2024. For fans outside UK, this exciting match will be a great opportunity to enjoy top-tier football.

To catch all the action, tune in to watch Olympiacos vs Aston Villa outside UK on Discovery Plus and use a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN to overcome any geo-restrictions.

What is Olympiacos vs Aston Villa Start Time Outside UK?

The match between Olympiacos and Aston Villa will start on 10th May 2024 at 00:00:00 (UTC+1). The game will be held at the Georgios Karaiskakis stadium in Piraeus, Greece, and will be broadcast live on Discovery Plus.

To watch the event live online, regional audiences outside UK should use ExpressVPN to access Discovery Plus without any geo-blocks.

Where is Olympiacos vs Aston Villa Going to be Held?

The match will be held at the Georgios Karaiskakis stadium, located in Piraeus city, Greece. This iconic stadium will host the exciting clash between Olympiacos and Aston Villa.

For fans planning to watch Olympiacos vs Aston Villa outside UK on Discovery Plus, use ExpressVPN to stream the match seamlessly on Discovery Plus.

How Much Does TNT Sports via Discovery Plus Cost?

Grab a virtual courtside ticket to the most exciting football matches for just £30.99—always double-check the current exchange rates. TNT Sports on Discovery Plus delivers exclusive access to high-stakes matches.

As a result, you can easily watch Olympiacos vs Aston Villa outside UK on Discovery Plus with the help of ExpressVPN.

Dive into the vast world of sports streaming with the Discovery Plus free trial outside UK. Although TNT Sports requires a paid subscription, the trial period opens up a world of varied content, from gripping documentaries to binge-worthy series.

With TNT Sports, every match is a narrative woven with intense rivalry and tactical prowess. As you immerse yourself in the complete experience of Olympiacos vs Aston Villa, concerns like how to cancel Discovery Plus subscription outside UK will seem insignificant.

What is the Lineup for Olympiacos vs Aston Villa?

For the match, both teams have strong lineups. Fans outside UK can enjoy watching these two formidable teams clash on Discovery Plus, using ExpressVPN to bypass any geo-blocks.

The Olympiacos vs Aston Villa lineups showcase a blend of experience and emerging talent, promising an exciting match.

Olympiacos Lineup

Formation: 4-3-2-1

Position Player Number
Goalkeeper K. Tzolakis 88
Defender F. Ortega 3
Defender D. Carmo 16
Defender P. Retsos 45
Defender Rodinei 23
Midfielder Chiquinho 6
Midfielder K. Fortounis 7
Midfielder V. Iborra 8
Forward S. Hezze 32
Forward D. Podence 56
Forward A. El Kaabi 9

Aston Villa Lineup

Formation: 4-4-1-1

Position Player Number
Goalkeeper R. Olsen 25
Defender D. Carlos 3
Defender E. Konsa 4
Defender P. Torres 14
Defender L. Digne 12
Midfielder L. Bailey 31
Midfielder D. Luiz 6
Midfielder J. McGinn 7
Midfielder M. Rogers 27
Forward M. Diaby 19
Forward O. Watkins 11

What is the Olympiacos vs Aston Villa Head-To-Head Record?

The Olympiacos vs Aston Villa H2H showcases a competitive rivalry. Both teams have faced each other in several matches, each showcasing their strengths and strategies. The matches have often been closely contested, making their encounters highly anticipated.

Here’s a brief table of Olympiacos vs Aston Villa head-to-head:

Statistic Olympiacos Aston Villa
Matches Played 1 1
Wins 1 0
Draws 0 0
Losses 0 1
Goals Scored 4 2
Goals Scored per Game 4.0 2.0
Goals Conceded per Game 2.2 2.0
Asian Handicap Win % 60.0% 20.0%
Total Goals Over % 100.0% 80.0%
Last 5 Matches Won 3 3
Last 5 Matches Drawn 1 1
Last 5 Matches Lost 1 1

What is the Recent Form of Olympiacos vs Aston Villa?

The recent form of both teams gives insight into their performance levels heading into the match. Analyzing the Aston Villa vs Olympiacos last matches for each team provides fans with an understanding of the team’s momentum and potential strategies for the upcoming game.

Recent Form Table

Date Match Result Olympiacos Aston Villa
5 May ’24 Brighton vs Aston Villa 1 – 0 (L) L
3 May ’24 Aston Villa vs Olympiacos 2 – 4 (W) W L
28 Apr ’24 Olympiacos vs Lamia 4 – 1 (W) W
28 Apr ’24 Aston Villa vs Chelsea 2 – 2 (D) D
24 Apr ’24 Aris Thessaloniki vs Olympiacos 1 – 1 (D) D
21 Apr ’24 Olympiacos vs PAOK 2 – 1 (W) W
21 Apr ’24 Aston Villa vs Bournemouth 3 – 1 (W) W
19 Apr ’24 Fenerbahçe vs Olympiacos 1 – 0 (L) L
18 Apr ’24 Lille vs Aston Villa 2 – 1 (W) W

Additional Olympiacos vs Aston Villa Stats:

  • Olympiacos:
    • Goals Scored (Conceded): 11/6
    • Games Over 2.5 Goals: 3/5
    • Both Teams Scored: 4/5
  • Aston Villa:
    • Goals Scored (Conceded): 8/10
    • Games Over 2.5 Goals: 4/5
    • Both Teams Scored: 4/5

What Are the Standings of Olympiacos vs Aston Villa?

The match between Olympiacos and Aston Villa was a part of the Europa Conference League Standings. The match took place on May 2, 2024, at Villa Park Stadium, Birmingham City, England. The final score was Aston Villa 2, Olympiacos 4.

Here is a brief table on Olympiacos vs Aston Villa standings:

Team Played Won Drawn Lost For Against Goal Difference Points
Aston Villa Standings 6 4 1 1 12 7 +5 13
Olympiacos Standings 6 4 2 0 10 2 +8 14

What are the Predictions for Olympiacos vs Aston Villa?

Based on detailed data analysis of recent performances and player statistics, the most likely outcome for the upcoming Olympiacos vs Aston Villa match is an Olympiacos win, with a probability of 61.6%. A draw has a predicted likelihood of 20.5%, while the chances of an Aston Villa victory are 18.31%.

The most probable scoreline for an Olympiacos win is 2-1, reflecting their strong offensive capabilities and home advantage. This Olympiacos vs Aston Villa prediction supports expectations of a competitive and closely contested match.

What is the Ticket Price of Olympiacos vs Aston Villa?

For the eagerly anticipated match between Olympiacos and Aston Villa on May 9, 2024, part of the UEFA Conference League, ticket prices were set at £28 each. This price also included a compulsory local travel charge of £10.

For those interested in future games and ticket purchases, it is advisable to regularly check the official Aston Villa ticketing website, which can be accessed Ticketing website. This site offers a streamlined process for purchasing tickets.

Olympiacos vs Aston Villa Rematch Heats Up!

The Europa Conference League semi-finals get a dramatic twist with a rematch for the ages! Olympiacos, the Greek powerhouse, stunned Aston Villa in the first leg, leaving the English giants needing a miracle to progress.

Now, the scene shifts to Greece, where a passionate home crowd awaits. Will Olympiacos defend their lead and reach the finals, or can Villa pull off a historic comeback in a hostile environment?

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Olympiacos vs Aston Villa UK on Discovery Plus

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Watch Olympiacos vs Aston Villa Outside UK on Discovery Plus with ExpressVPN!

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Olympiacos vs Aston Villa

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Yes, Aston Villa won the UEFA Champions League in 1982. Their remarkable victory remains a proud moment in the club’s history.

Aston Villa last won a major trophy in 1996 when they claimed the League Cup. This highlights their historical success and resonates with fans globally.

Yes, Olympiacos FC is a highly successful team in Greece, having won numerous league titles and cups. Their impressive track record attracts regional and international fans.

Olympiacos have four stars on their crest, each representing ten league titles they’ve won. This tradition emphasizes their dominance in Greek football.

Yes, you can enjoy Olympiacos vs Aston Villa live stream on Discovery Plus outside UK using a free VPN. However, it’s better to use a reliable service like ExpressVPN to secure your browsing data.

A VPN is needed to watch Olympiacos vs Aston Villa outside UK on Discovery Plus because the event is only available in the platform’s UK library. By using ExpressVPN, you can bypass the geo-restriction and enjoy the match live.

Wrapping Up

To watch Olympiacos vs Aston Villa outside UK on Discovery Plus, the match is happening on May 9, 2024. This highly anticipated Europa Conference League game promises thrilling football action between two competitive teams. With stakes high, fans can look forward to an exciting showdown.

You’ll need ExpressVPN to bypass geo-blocking and enjoy the Olympiacos vs Aston Villa 2024. ExpressVPN provides fast and reliable connections, ensuring you can stream the game seamlessly. By using this VPN, you can easily access Discovery Plus UK library to watch this match and more!

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