How Much Does ESPN+ Cost in UK in 2022 [July Updated]

How Much Does ESPN+ Cost in UK in 2022 [July Updated]

Are you wondering about ESPN+ cost in UK? We have come up with the answer to the most asked question which is how much ESPN PLUS costs in UK and its full price breakdown in 2022.

ESPN Plus provides a large sports library and a budget-friendly membership plan costing 5.90 GBP per month ($6.99) or lets you save 15% on the yearly subscription of ESPN+ for 59.12 GBP ($69.99). It is great value for money, especially if you want to watch a variety of sports with this ESPN Plus price UK.

ESPN Plus is an American streaming platform that can only be accessed in the USA. Thus, a VPN is needed to watch ESPN Plus in UK.

What is the reason for the geo-restricted service? The Walt Disney Company (who owns an 80% stake in ESPN) has imposed a geo-restriction on ESPN Plus, making it inaccessible to anyone in UK.

If you’re from UK, you’ll run into a geo-restriction issue when trying to access ESPN Plus.

So, without further ado, let’s find out ESPN Plus cost for a year and overall ESPN Plus cost in UK!

ESPN+ Cost in UK: How to Get the ESPN Plus Bundle?

Speaking of ESPN+ cost in UK, you can easily get ESPN Plus, Hulu and Disney Plus for 11.82 GBP a month as a bundle, a discount of 6.76 GBP per month over subscribing to each service separately.

You’ll have access to a vault of animations, classic Disney animations, 31 seasons of The Simpsons, Pixar movies, and National Geographic documentaries with your ESPN Plus bundle.

Also, you can get access to the entire Star Wars and Marvel film libraries, as well as originals like Parallels and Nine Perfect Strangers, with Disney Plus.

Last but not least, stop thinking about ESPN Plus cost Hulu if you get this bundle as Hulu features a huge library of original programming, including Castle Rock and The Bold Type. So, if you’re searching for a terrific value streaming package, the ESPN Plus bundle is the way to go.

Are There Any Deals with ESPN Plus in UK?

Yes, ESPN Plus offers deals, so stop worrying about ESPN+ Cost in UK. Those seeking a more comprehensive streaming entertainment package can save even more money. With ESPN, now owned by Disney, the entertainment giant is providing a tempting ESPN Plus package comprising ESPN Plus, Hulu and Disney Plus for a low monthly fee of 11.82 GBP per month.

You may join up for the fantastic deal by visiting Disney Plus’s website.

What is ESPN Plus Best For?

ESPN+ is the best option if you don’t have cable and don’t want to pay for one of the more expensive live TV packages, but still want to watch some live sports programs in UK. It does not broadcast live NFL or NBA events, but it does broadcast MLB and NHL games, as well as soccer and college sports.

You can take a lot advantage of your ESPN+ in UK within a reasonable price and can watch the latest sports events like F1 Grand Prix and PGA The Players Championship


Sling TV is the cheapest option to get ESPN Plus in UK. With YouTube TV, you can get all of the main sports networks, including ESPN, for a low price. For individuals who desire live channels as well as a lot of on-demand entertainment, Hulu + Live TV is the ideal option. Disney+ and ESPN+ are now included in Hulu + Live TV.

Yes, you can buy an ESPN+ subscription for 5.90 GBP ($6.99) per month and can save almost 15% by purchasing an ESPN+ Annual Plan for 59.12 GBP ($69.99) per year.


In our guide on ESPN+ Cost in UK, we looked at how much ESPN+ costs. We’ve also looked at how getting the ESPN Plus bundle can save you money, as well as what amazing shows and sports events you can watch on it.

We hope you found this information beneficial. ESPN+ is a fantastic streaming service, and if you’re in UK you can use the best VPNs for streaming to access this amazing platform in UK

Please feel free to ask us any questions in the comments section below. We are waiting to assist you.


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