Frndly TV Plans In UK: Basic, Classic, And Premium [Simple Guide-2022]


Frndly TV is a low-cost streaming service for live television that allows you to watch Dove Channel, Decades, baby first, Circle Network, The Weather, and other channels. You can enjoy all of this with Frndly TV plans, starting from as little as $6.99 per month after a free trial period.

Moreover, Frndly TV offers 40+ streaming channels and it also introduced A&E, The History Channel, Lifetime, Lifetime Movie Network, FYI, and Military History.

Frndly TV is a US-based streaming site that is not accessible outside of the US due to geographical limitations.

Fortunately, Frndly TV can be accessed outside of the US by using any good VPN like ExpressVPN. This VPN is also useful for unblocking streaming services like Pluto TV service, and Sling TV in UK.

When it comes to Frndly TV subscription options, they are classified into three categories: basic, classic, and premium. Continue reading for more information on this fantastic deal.

Frndly TV Plans Explained [Quick Guide]


Let’s discover more details about Frndly TV plans in this quick guide.

1. Basic

The Basic plan, which costs $6.99 a month, is the most economical Frndly TV membership. In addition, customers gain access to a restricted number of live channels. The Basic Frndly TV membership also gives on-demand access to all of the listed networks’ shows and films.

The disadvantages of the Basic plan include the limitation of video quality to standard definition (SD) and you are able to broadcast on only a single device at once.

2. Classic

Frndly TV also has an improved Classic package available for $8.99 every month. This package does not boost the number of channels available, but it does include a cloud DVR for storing content like programs and films. The extra $2 per month also raises the playback quality to HD and expands the number of 2 concurrent broadcasts.

Unfortunately, the cloud DVR has limitations. Therefore, the premium package sorts out this issue.

3. Premium

Generally the Premium version is the most costly Frndly TV plan, charging at $10.99 a month, but it also includes other amazing features like the greatest cloud DVR functionality.

Even though the Classic policy offers members to save an unlimited number of programs and films, they can only be saved for 3 months. The Premium plan, on the other hand, enables storing to be kept for up to nine months.

The Premium subscription also includes the option to watch on up to four devices at once.

How to Choose the Right Frndly TV plan?

Here are the factors to choose the right Frndly TV plan:

  • It’s very simple to select the best membership plan for Frndly TV. The Basic Frndly TV package is ideal for those who wish to stream live TV while avoiding spending extra money each month. Because only one stream is available in the basic plan, this plan is particularly fit for individuals or families where you want to access the stream on a single TV.
  • If the capability to save favorite shows and films is necessary, the Classic or Premium plans will be good alternatives. This is certainly relevant to busy people where you may view on multiple devices at once.
  • The choice between Classic and Premium is ultimately related to how long archives must be kept and how many concurrent streams are needed. Unless you don’t need to save content for a long period and will only be viewing Frndly TV on two devices at one time, the Classic plan should be enough.
  • Alternatively, users should prefer the Premium package.

Note: In fact, it is unimportant which plan is selected when joining up. Because Frndly TV is a no-obligation service, subscribers can renew, downsize, or cancel their membership at any point.

Additionally, given that the most costly package is only $10.99 a month, the expense is not as significant as that of numerous other live-streaming platforms.

Frndly TV plans summary

Frndly TV is a low-cost live TV streaming site, with varying Frndly TV prices from $6.99 to $10.99 monthly for its Basic, Classic, and Premium packages. The key variations between the three paid services packages include the quantity of recording space, the number of devices that may view at one time, and the video playback performance.

Package Cost Performance Number of streams DVR

Basic $6.99 SD 1 No available
Classic $8.99 HD 2 Available
Premium $10.99 HD 4 Available

While Frndly TV is an inexpensive method to watch live TV and on-demand content from several famous broadcasters, the effective parameters are restricted as compared to other live TV.

Therefore, Frndly TV is certainly the best choice for every person and family. Although it is a feasible alternative for a live TV streaming service. The price is low enough that Frndly TV could be a useful method to add stations that aren’t available through a current live Cable package.

What are Frndly TV Channels?


While using Frndly TV, you may view content live whatever you desire. Frndly TV offers 40+ streaming channels. Remember that if you visit outside of the United States, you must use a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions.

ExpressVPN is best for unblocking Frndly TV, but it also works for Popcornflix service and may watch Youtube in UK.

Moreover, Frndly TV also automatically saves content that has been broadcasted as recently as 72 hours ago, ensuring that you never miss any serial. The channels listed below are accessible on all three Frndly TV plans.

FAQs: Frndly TV Plans

There are basically three different plans: Basic, Classic, and Premium plans for Frndly TV.

It totally depends upon which subscription plan you adopt. Although its cost varies from $6.99 to $10.99.

Yes, Frndly TV has annual plans! By choosing an annual package, you may save more than 15%. All three of its plans are available for annual memberships. Visit to begin your 7-day free trial!


In this blog, We discussed Frndly TV plans basic, classic, and premium. In these subscription plans, the cost varies from $6.99 to $10.99. The differences between these plans include the number of concurrent devices, HD quality, and DVR.

But, don’t forget when you travel outside of the US, you have to utilize a VPN to unblock geo-restrictions. ExpressVPN is most suitable to unblock Frndly TV but also Fox TV service, DirectTV stream in UK.

We hope this blog was helpful for you to know Frndly TV packages in detail and you now know how to unblock other services with a VPN just like Peacock TV in UK. Enjoy this service now!

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