How to Watch Di Ray season 2 outside UK on ITV [Free Online]


The second season of the UK police drama DI Ray has been renewed. You may watch Di Ray season 2 outside UK on ITV via Britbox on Sunday, 29 October, 2023. ITV is restricted outside UK due to its content licensing. We recommend ExpressVPN to how to watch ITVX outside UK as the ideal choice to break all the geo-restrictions.

The season is one the most anticipated ones as the first season made quite an impact on the audience. Di Ray season 2 episodes starring Parminder Nagra as Detective Rachita Ray will hit the screens soon. To learn about the easiest way to Di Ray season 2 streaming, get some information from the article.

How to watch Di Ray season 2 outside UK on ITV? [5 Simple Steps]

ExpressVPN 5 simple step guide can help you to watch Di Ray season 2 outside UK on ITV;

  1. Subscribe to a swiftly working VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. After successfully signing up, install the app.
  3. Log in with the required info and continue to connect to the Dockland server (UK server).
  4. Sign up on ITV and look for its free account.
  5. Search and watch Di Ray season 2 on ITV.

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Where can I Watch Di Ray season 2 outside UK?

You can sign up to ExpressVPN to watch Di Ray season 2 outside UK on ITV. On May 2, 2022, DI Ray season 1 was released to the world, and you can stream it for free on ITV Britbox – a paid ITV version!

Di Ray season 2 where to watch: After the Di Ray season 2 release date, in the UK you can stream the investigative series on ITV1 Britbox. However, if you are outside UK to access Di Ray itv episodes for free, ensure to choose ITV free trial along with a premium ExpressVPN subscription.

The only reason behind the announcement of Season 2 is the mass appreciation by the fans, which led the production team to produce another crime investigation show, the production of which will kick off in 2023.

What is the Di Ray season 2 about?

Di Ray season 2 will reflect light on Di Ray, a dedicated Leicester-born police officer who is set to investigate a murder mystery of a high criminal profile.

The underlying sensitive issues, when confronted, ignite racial tensions, which adversely affect Rachita’s life – a British Asian woman who simultaneously fulfills her duty as a police officer.

She must conquer this prevailing fight against racial discrimination. Otherwise, the streets of Birmingham will be filled with chaos.

How many Episodes does Di Ray season 2 have?

In Di Ray season 2 episodes, direction from two different directors Nirpal Bhogal (Endeavour) and Nicole Volavka (The Pact), will be seen. In this 6 episode-running series, 4 of the first episodes will be directed by Nirpal Bhogal and the last two will be directed by Nicole Volavka.

Who is the cast of Di Ray season 2?

The cast of Di Ray season 2 is worthy of all the appreciation, who performed exceptionally throughout the season. Uncover their name in the table listed below;

Actors Roles
Patrick Baladi(Line of Duty) DI Patrick Holden
Dinita Gohil (Our House) Anita Choudhry
Witney White (Father Brown) DC Charlene Ellis
Michael Socha (Big Boys Don’t Cry) Dave Chapman
Syreeta Kumar (Apple Tree Yard) Sharan Mochani
Lauren Drummond (Holby City) Suzie Chapman
Taha Rahim (The Serpent) Ravinder ‘Rav’ Mochani.

What is the role of Parminder Nagra in Di Ray Season 2?

Parminder Nagra will return to the Di Ray season 2 as the lead character of the eponymous Detective Inspector Rachita Ray.

Upon her return to the 2nd season, she exclaimed that she was excited to be back and be a part of the dynamic crime investigation series. She further added that behind the exciting plot is the adventurous team.

Is the trailer available for Di Ray season 2?

Yes, we have made available the Di Ray season 2 trailer for you.

So must dig into the trailer before you’re all set to watch Di Ray season 2 outside UK on ITV.

What makes ExpressVPN the Best VPN to watch Di Ray season 2 outside UK on ITV?

ExpressVPN has been regarded as one of the best ITV VPN. You can, therefore, with ease watch Di Ray season 2 outside UK on ITV while making use of ExpressVPN.

This VPN possesses a huge server count, and each server optimizes and unblocks geo-restrictions for a certain location. This ensures users unblock location-based content by connecting to the preferred server for the region.

ExpressVPN exhibits strong encryption that ensures complete security with respect to user-end data. The policy further includes no retaining of logs, which in turn is necessary for greater security. Moreover, this VPN is reputed for having stronger and more reliable connections, which is the key to uninterrupted streaming.

ExpressVPN: The Fastest VPN to watch Di Ray season 2 outside UK on ITV


Watch Di Ray Season 2 outside UK on ITV with ExpressVPN

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How To Get the Best Experience to Watch Di ray Season 2?

With unmatched and unbeatable speed, ExpressVPN is undeniably the top-notch VPN. Whether your purpose is to watch the live streaming or to immerse yourself in an error-free streaming experience, a subscription to ExpressVPN can cater to all your streaming and unblocking requirements.

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To gain access to exclusive features of ITV, such as ad-free streaming, you should pay for ITV premium plan, namely ITVX Britbox.

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FAQs – watch Di Ray season 2 outside UK on ITV

There are two seasons of Di Ray. Season 1 for Di Ray aired with its first episode on 2 May 2022 on ITV. Later, after appreciation of season 1, the announcement came for a second season, which will continue for 6 episodes.

The series is not based on a true story. Characters are fictional. However, the scenarios on which the seasons are based are actually true, and current issues of racial discrimination and ethnic conflict do exist, which has been highlighted in the series.

Maya Sondhi, screenwriter of the project, further explains that the story of Di Ray is very true from her perspective of being a British Asian Brummie woman. Hope this clears your confusion about whether DI Ray is based on a true story or not.

The character of Magnus Tranter, who was involved in the mafia of human trafficking and drug immersion, was the bad guy behind each and every suspicious murder.

In UK, you can simply sign up for a premium ITV subscription, namely ITV Britbox to let you stream Di Ray Season 2. But outside UK, your IP must be masked with the help of an elite VPN like ExpressVPN. You may, in addition, avail the benefit of an ITV free trial to watch Di Ray Season 2 outside UK for Free.

Wrap Up

Say adios to your boring days; with ExpressVPN, you can finally entertain yourself with some intense gripping shows as you watch Di Ray season 2 outside UK on ITV.

No matter whether you decide to binge stream from far-end continents or in the dark blues, with this powerful VPN, you can effortlessly learn the art of unblocking and temporarily masking your IP.

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