How to Watch Escape Room 2 On Netflix in UK


Are you searching for Escape Room 2 on your Netflix but can’t find it? We have the easiest hack for you in our guide. To watch The Escape room 2 Netflix in UK, you must connect to the South Korean server on a reliable VPN, such as ExpressVPN.

Escape Room 2 is a horror movie written by Bragie F Schut and Maria Melnik and directed by Adam Robitel. It is a thriller-action film in which six strangers fight with each other for a $10,000 prize.

However, as the Netflix content library differs in every country, you cannot watch this movie from every region. This is the reason you don’t even see it in the search results on your Netflix account.

As mentioned above, you can easily enjoy watching this movie while in UK using a VPN as a hack. Let’s see the quick steps on how you can do it!

How to Watch Escape Room 2 on Netflix in UK [Quick Guide]

To watch Escape Room 2 on Netflix in UK, you must virtually change your location to South Korea on the VPN app. Follow these quick steps:

  • Sign up for a high-quality VPN service, such as ExpressVPN.
  • Install the app on the streaming device you want to use.
  • Sign in with your account credentials.
  • From the list of servers, link to the South Korean server.
  • Navigate to your Netflix account and log in.
  • Search The Escape Room 2 on Netflix. You’ll see it in your search results. Enjoy!

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Escape Room 2: Trailer

Let’s enjoy the trailer of Escape Room 2.

Is Escape Room 2 on Netflix?

Wondering if is Escape Room on Netflix? Yes, Escape Room 2 is available on Netflix, but you won’t find it in regional libraries of countries like the US, India, UK, and many others.

If you are wondering when will Escape Room 2 be on Netflix, so yes, it is already there, but in specific libraries. Escape Room 2 Netflix country is South Korea.

Due to the copyright agreements with the content producers, the Netflix library is different in every country.

Where to Watch Escape Room 2 on Netflix?

You can watch Escape Room 2 Netflix’s South Korean library.

For this, you need a VPN to help you replace your IP address with a South Korean IP.

As all VPNs are not strong enough to bypass the restrictions on Netflix, we recommend using only premium VPNs like ExpressVPN.

What’s Escape Room 2 About?

Escape Room 2 is an adventurous film about six strangers (Zoey and Ben with four more) competing and fighting against each other to win a $10,000 prize. During the fight, they realize that it is not just a game but has become a matter of life and death.

Every room is full of puzzling traps where they have to face fearing challenges but still survive. All the characters in the movie are under constant tension, fear, and threat as they fight for their survival and the prize.

Many scenes in the movie will give you goosebumps and keep your eyes stuck on the screen as the fighters struggle for their survival. This movie combines all genres – action, mystery, sci-fi, drama, adventure, and horror.

What is the Cast of Escape Room 2?

Some of the super-talented cast of Escape Room 2 are:

  • Russell Crous
  • Tyler Labine
  • Jay Ellis
  • Taylor Russell
  • Logan Miller
  • Nik Dodani
  • Deborah Ann Woll
  • Caely-Jo Levy
  • Cornelius Geaney Jr.

Why Do You Need A VPN to Watch Escape Room 2 on Netflix in UK?

You need a VPN to watch Escape Room 2 on Netflix in UK, as it will help you change your location to South Korea. This way, Netflix will assume that you are located in South Korea, giving you access to this content.

When you try to search Escape Room 2 on Netflix in UK, without a VPN, you’ll either encounter the error NSES 404 or will see a message on your screen that this content is unavailable in your country.


Escape Room 2 is unavailable on your Netflix library in UK.

A VPN will help you appear on the Netflix site as if you reside in South Korea. If you are wondering how Netflix recognizes your location? It uses an IP tracking tool.

For this reason, we recommend using only premium VPNs that can easily bypass the censorship on Netflix. Free VPNs for Netflix are not recommended, as Netflix quickly identifies them due to heavy server load. The best VPN for Netflix is ExpressVPN.

Using this VPN, you can also watch other shows and movies like The Hangover, Unhinged, and Harry Potter on Netflix in UK.

Why ExpressVPN is a Recommended VPN to Watch Escape Room 2 on Netflix in UK?

ExpressVPN is a recommended VPN to watch Escape Room 2 Netflix for its high-speed servers and strong capability to bypass the geo-restrictions on Netflix. It also offers quick server connections, unlimited bandwidth for streaming, and superb customer support.

As we discussed before, Netflix is intelligent in identifying VPN or proxy users and blocking them immediately, so using a VPN that is capable of remaining hidden on the streaming site is essential. It will help you watch Escape Room 2 or Dragon Ball Z on Netflix without hassle.

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to Watch Escape Room 2 on Netflix in UK

ExpressVPN offers lightning-fast speed to stream Escape Room 2 on Netflix in UK. It has met all our evaluation criteria during the testing phase of 20-plus VPNs in the market and has been our top recommended VPN.

It offers 3000+ servers in 94+ countries, including one optimized server in South Korea that you’ll need to unblock Escape Room: Tournament of Champions Netflix.


ExpressVPN unblocked Escape Room 2 on Netflix in UK.

We ran a speed test on different VPNs, and ExpressVPN offered us a downloading speed of 92.26 and an uploading speed of 89.45 on a 100 Mbps connection.


We were amazed to see the excellent speed test results of ExpressVPN.

We also used ExpressVPN to watch Marvel movies and A Quiet Place on Netflix in UK. With the help of ExpressVPN, you can also unblock American Netflix from other countries.

Recommended server to watch Escape Room 2: South Korea 2

When connected to ExpressVPN, you don’t need to worry about your digital security. It uses AES 256-bit data technique to encrypt your data, which is a military-level security protocol. The best thing is that ExpressVPN never keeps track of your online activities, which other substandard VPNs usually do.

On one ExpressVPN account, you can connect a maximum of five devices. It has apps compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS. If you want to use its extension apps, you can get it for Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

You’ll be amazed to know that ExpressVPN also has a unique solution for streaming on those devices that do not natively support a VPN. This feature is known as MediaStreamer, which helps you to stream geo-blocked content on Xbox, Smart TVs, or other devices.

The price of ExpressVPN is GB£ 5.39 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan, which might sound a bit costly, but it is definitely worth the purchase. It is a risk-free VPN service, offering a refund policy within 30 days if you aren’t happy with the service.

For any troubleshooting help, you can contact the customer help center via 24/7 live chat or email support.

Watch Escape Room 2 on Netflix30-day money-back gurantee

Can I Use a Free VPN to Watch Escape Room 2 on Netflix?

Yes, there are many free VPNs available in the market that you may use, but there are hardly any chances that you’ll find a free VPN that would unblock Escape Room 2 or other movies like Graveyard on Netflix. It is because Netflix has strong restrictions against VPNs and proxies and quickly identifies them.

Even if you find any free VPN that helps you bypass the geo-blockings on Netflix, we highly discourage you from using them. There are various reasons for this.

Firstly, free VPNs are super slow due to their heavy server load. You’ll face lots of lags and buffers when using them for streaming.

Secondly, as Netflix is clever enough to identify the VPNs and free VPNs are easiest to recognize, you’ll be immediately blocked when it identifies your access to the platform with a VPN.

Thirdly, these VPNs are not safe to use. They track your online information and sell them to third-party companies, including advertisement agencies and the government.

Hence, there is a cost that you pay for using a VPN for free, although they seem tempting to use. We encourage you to use only trustworthy VPNs like ExpressVPN for Escape Room 2 Netflix.


A theatrical version of Escape Room 2 was released with eight minutes longer duration. This version has added some scenes, and much footage has been cut down.

Yes, there are two endings in this movie. In the version which is on streaming services, Zoey discovers another character. Whereas Amanda Harper appears in the theatrical version.

Escape Room 2 is the sequel to Escape Room 1. Both movies are horror featuring puzzling death traps.


Where is Escape Room 2 streaming? It is on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. We hope our guide helped you understand everything you need to know about how to watch Escape Room 2 on Netflix in UK.

You only need to connect to the South Korean server on a reliable VPN with fast speed, like ExpressVPN.

If you ask our opinion, Escape Room 2 is a must-watch if you love watching horror content and want to give yourself some adrenaline rush. Based on 120k+ viewers, its IMDB rating is 6.4/10.

So sign up for a VPN and binge-watch all your favorite Netflix shows and movies in addition to Escape Room 2.

Happy Streaming!

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